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New Orleans Homes November 2004

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Gayle Terrell

Retailing has taken on a life of its own for Gayle Terrell, owner of the Lazybug stores. From the greeting at the front of the store to the gift-wrapping, Terrell believes in customer service and the image that she and the store portray. “I treat customers the way they want to be treated when they […]

Permanent Cool

If one were to design the perfect bachelor pad conventional wisdom dictates furniture with beer stains, poorly-placed, big-screen TVs and deep kitchen sinks to accommodate lots of dirty dishes. While that holds up nicely in sitcoms and college towns, Jon Sherman had a better idea. Sherman, 36, bought a 120-year old Treme shotgun double that […]

A City With (Almost) No Limits

For an easy getaway to the best of all worlds, consider a weekend jaunt to Austin, Texas. The laid-back capital of the Lone Star State is a progressive, cosmopolitan city where New Age meets Old West in unhurried harmony. The University of Texas complements this Sun Belt-sophistication with concerts, lectures and fine museums. Outdoor activities […]

Lighter apple bread pudding

Butter for greasing baking dish and sauteing apples 2 cups soy milk 3 cups half & half Butter 1 tsp. ground cinnamon 3 apples, chopped into 1-inch cubes 4 large eggs 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1 loaf hearty seeded or whole-wheat bread cut into 1-inch cubes Maple syrup Grease pie […]

Thanksgiving leftovers get a healthy makeover

Coming from the rural South as I do, there are certain “white-trash” recipes bound to cross my—and your—table at one point. My mother tends to be a fan of very simple recipes and will often call me to pass one along. She often says that although the dish is easy to make and humble in […]

Marda Burton

There’s a story behind each piece of furniture, each piece of art, and every object a person purchases. Don’t believe it? Visit Marda Burton. Her home is filled with vignettes. Or maybe it’s writer Burton who likes to tell a story. All inanimates in her second-floor Royal Street condominium are not simply wood, canvas or […]

Paper Trail

In a city that loves a good convention, Renee deVille was pleased to see a significant gathering of some of the 100,000 species of mold, which ruin some of our oldest and most treasured belongings in New Orleans. OK—it wasn’t so much that she was pleased as determined to get her hands dirty fighting them. […]

Clear Cut

Joe Lewis defended his heavyweight title for the 23rd time, while movie marquis nationwide promoted “The Best Years of our Lives.” Dr. Spock emerged as the baby czar and the No. 1 song nationwide was “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.” The year was 1946, and while America celebrated post-war frenzy, Isidore Cohn, a New Orleans boy completing medical school […]

Nature’s Way

Fair or not, it’s difficult to separate organic gardening from its hippie connotations. Think organic, and you’re likely to picture something virtuous, sure, but also a little ragged and unruly—a gardening strategy that all but sacrifices order to the obstreperous glory of nature. That’s not the case at all in Cathy Pierson’s garden, a well-manicured […]

Monique Sobrino

It always made sense for Monique Sobrino to own a business, so when the opportunity to purchase her grandmother’s Little Miss Muffin Hallmark store came about in 1992, Sobrino took it and reopened Little Miss Muffin in a new location and renovated it into a modern gift and clothes store. Sobrino, raised around family-owned businesses […]

On the Surface

Traditional Elegance General Contractor: Bill Pierce, Colby Construction Designer: John Fernandez for Hurwitz Mintz Interiors Tub, toilet and shower supplier/installer: Bienvenu Brothers Plumbing Marble supplier and installer: Pieri Tile & Marble This custom-designed bathroom by Hurwitz Mintz has a stately, traditional elegance reminiscent of something you might see in a plush Park Avenue hotel. In […]

Bathroom Confidential

1. How much do I need to spend? How much am I prepared to spend? In order to minimize costs and structural concerns when renovating your bathroom, you’ll want to try to keep major plumbing outlets in the same position or nearby. Jo Castillion, consultant with Southland Plumbing Supply, emphasizes that homeowners can get the […]

November Style

Bedding Down Your precious four-legged friends deserve a cozy place to rest, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love of style. Available in three sizes, the rectangular Hound Lounge beds have a hypoallergenic fiber-fill and a cotton slipcover, shown here in “Barcode,” that can be removed and washed. The Pampered Pug, 8630 […]

Turn up the Heat

Kitchen Confidential Renovating your kitchen is usually the most cost-effective upgrade you can do to your home, but it can also be the most expensive. Here are the five key questions that you might want to ask the experts. 1. It’s going to cost how much? There are ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. […]

Kitchen Redos

Balancing Act General Contractors: Jimmy Higginbotham, F.J. Brassette Designer: L. Craig Smith Homeowners: Louise Partello and Phil Gardner For a serious cook like Louise Partello, a highly functional kitchen was in demand. It was also overdue for a renovation, since nothing had ever been done to overhaul its historic interior. Sticking with the same basic […]

Family Flair

Walking into decorator Melissa Rufty’s house, one would never guess that she has three girls—Olivia, Lilly and Adair—under the age of 10, until one of them comes riding up on her bike with training wheels at a pretty fast pace. Adair, age 2 1/2, screeches to a halt behind her mother who is dressed casually […]

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