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New Orleans Homes September 2008

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Retailer Spotlight: Sylvia Berger

“Our clientele, while very diverse, shares a strong sense of pride in their homes,” says Sylvia O’Brien Berger,  who serves as director of design for Georgian Furnishing/ Berger Home. “Most like to entertain family and friends and develop the character of their homes over time.” The business, which has been owned by the Berger family […]


Urban Cowboy Every now and then, even the mostsophisticated style takes a wild ride, and this mahogany occasional chair has done just that. Upholstered in brown-and-white hide, the chair boasts a spontaneous combination of materials that brings both irony and balance into a chic downtown loft or a quaint and cozy cottage. Sofas & Chairs, […]

Editor’s Note

My first September away from New Orleans, I woke up one morning and it was 50 degrees. In September!  I said to my then-boyfriend-now-husband: “Wow. It sure gets cold early here.” And he said, “This is cold?” That didn’t bode well. About a week later, it was 40 degrees. I pulled on the warmest clothes […]

Chocolate Bliss

After our beloved mayor caused an international controversy with his remarks about our “chocolate city,” the word itself became a little touchy. But chocolate is too delicious to really dwell on that for long. In addition to being the go-to comfort food for countless people, dark chocolate has proven health benefits if consumed in moderation. […]


Georgian Furnishing Exclusive Martha Stewart Gallery5400 Jefferson Hwy | 504.733.4141Martha Stewart has a collection of rugs in a broad range of designs. They represent updated classics, abstracted naturals and lively geometrics drawn from the diverse art traditions of Belgium, Tibet, India and beyond. They work well in a casual, formal, contemporary or traditional setting.  Shown […]

Intelligent Design

Among the definitions offered by Webster’s Dictionary for the word “master” are these: “an artist, performer or player of consummate skill” and “an original from which copies can be made.” This month, New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles features the 2008 class of Design Masters, an honor in recognition of locals who are indeed experts in […]

Sleeping Beauties

In talking with the occupants of these bedrooms about their decorating goals, it became clear that everyone had the same ambition: They wanted their bedrooms to be peaceful, soothing retreats, calming places where they could shut out the stresses of the outside world. Despite the common goal, these bedrooms could not look more different. The […]

In With the New

Many important things in New Orleans have happened and continue to happen over cocktails or while chitchatting at parties. The interior design and decoration of Patti Farris’ French Quarter condo was no different. Farris, a dermatologist who had a large home in Old Metairie, sent her kids off to college and was ready for a […]

Bedside Matter

There is a wonderful Russian novel titled Oblomov in which the eponymous main character does not get out of his bed for the first 150 pages. Although published in the 19th century and intended as a satire, there are times –– especially during a typically manic 21st-century day –– when I wonder if Oblomov did […]

Plastic Fantastic

Rachelle Matherne is a Renaissance woman –– an artist, a businesswoman, a mafioso … well, she is the founder of the New Orleans Craft Mafia. (“We’re nice and sweet and harmless,” she says reassuringly. “Unless we’re holding our glue guns.”)Matherne crafts and sells jewelry online and at local markets through her business, greenKangaroo, and her […]

Beyond eBay

When noted American antiques collector Marshall Field V of Chicago decided to sell his American Chippendale birch oxbow chest of drawers (circa 1770 to 1790), he considered some of the top auction houses in the country for the sale. He also called his trusted advisor, Bettine Carroll, formerly with some of the most prestigious art […]

Beautiful Bounty

Based on the heat and the seemingly endless days, you’d never know that summer is drawing to a close. But before you can say the word “gobble,” you’re basting the Thanksgiving turkey and soon thereafter icing gingerbread. Time flies! So take advantage of these last few lazy days by enjoying the best of what the […]

Retailer Spotlight: Danareé Delgado

Fall is here, but the mild New Orleans temperatures allow for outdoor entertaining and swimming while the rest of the country is pulling out their winter clothes. After opening in 1992, Delgado Pools and Supplies has become successful and well-known in the industry. Aiming to provide personalized quality customer service to each person who walks […]

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