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New Orleans Homes Spring 2014

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Flip a Switch

Light the way with sconces, lamps and chandeliers.

A Sweet, Tart Treat

Life giving you lemons isn’t always a bad thing.

Spring Dreaming

There’s an advantage of editing and producing a seasonal magazine, and it’s not necessarily the feeling of glee upon catching an errant comma or a typo.   The advantage we had throughout this abnormally frigid winter was that we knew in our hearts, as far back as January, that springtime would arrive. It had to […]

Southern Comfort

A heartwarming casserole gets kicked up a notch with a cornbread cap.

Everyday Adventures

Designer Patti Dunn marries style and function in her bag line, Tchoup Industries.

Retailer Spotlight – Abode

Abode is a local, family-owned business with strong roots in New Orleans. It’s a boutique-style home furnishing and accessories store offering sophisticated and unique home furnishings, lighting, artwork, linens, rugs, accessories and gifts.

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