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New Orleans Homes Winter 2020

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Ask the Experts | Colorways

Designers have been expressing a lot of excitement over the last year on the reemergence of color in home design, as all white rooms give way to bolder looks. And with all the recent time spent at home, some homeowners are growing tired of sterile environments and are ready to shake things up. This season, […]

Price Mix | Impressed

Chic, sleek and classic, French press coffee makers are coffee connoisseurs’ favorite way to brew their morning, afternoon or post-dinner cup. French press makers do not employ paper filters, thus letting the natural oils and flavors of the coffee bloom in every brew. Plus, no waste means it’s better for the environment. Win-win! Simply place […]

Inspiration Board | Cozy Corner

Jaclyn settee from eclectichome.net   Dark Rose sheepskin pelt from sundayshop.co   Bubblegum Lady in Burgundy from perchneworleans.myshopify.com   Scissor Wall Lamp from eclectichome.net   “Lotus” wallpaper by Farrow & Ball from sprucenola.com   Table by French artist Jean-Pierre Viot with painted ceramic top and wooden legs from katiekochhome.com

Home Renewal | Home Checklist

Owning a house brings with it many responsibilities. Some parts of upkeep and maintenance are easy to remember. For example, if you forget to mow your lawn, you’ll notice it when the grass becomes overgrown. But there are many things homeowners should remember to do on a regular basis that are all too easy to […]

Last Indulgence | Electric Light

Many associate the grandeur of crystal chandeliers with notions of a traditional aesthetic. However, like various timeless trends, chandeliers have evolved into the world of contemporary design. Of course, New Orleans has its share of historic, traditional homes, but mixing in contemporary pieces allows for a perfect balance of design paradigms. Plattsburgh, New York-based Schonbek […]

Borne Again

[gtx_gallery]   Church jokes and references pepper the conversation when Robin and Scott Borne talk about their Mid-City house, which was once a Lutheran church. For instance, the couple affectionately call their residence the “Borne Again Church.” They moved the church’s altar to the existing back house (once the church rectory) where they use it […]

Down to the Wire

[gtx_gallery] When homeowners Kristin and Chris Smith hired their friends Marsha Baker, Stacey Davis and Stacy Johnson of Envy Interiors in Baton Rouge to give the Uptown house they’d recently purchased a ground-floor refresh, they agreed to move out so the designers could move in. “We did the install in a week,” says Baker, noting […]

Trendwatch | Go Bold

Whimsical black and white striped ball pillow, double-sided black and white eye pillows featuring inverted colorways and embroidery stitched Eye of Horus, the ancient Egyptian symbol for royalty, good health and protection, knobby brown Moro Orb Cushion in Jacquard cotton, linen and wool blend, and faux Siberian fox fur throw with velvet lining, available at […]

Masters of Their Craft | Bohemian Dreams

[gtx_gallery] Liz Kamarul is a professional home stager, interior designer and artist. She’s also a blogger with a healthy Instagram following of 126,000 followers. Kamarul gets a lot of inspiration from fellow Instagrammers and describes her style as Bohemian. She says, “I’m a follow-no-rules, go-with-your-gut, designer and stylist.” She’s also a thrift shopper and is […]

Home Grown | Paradise Found

1 What? Known for its stunning tropical flowers, the bird of paradise is a staple in many New Orleans courtyards, backyards and patios. The vibrant flowers nestle among thick green leaves and look as if cranes are delicately perched in the foliage. 2 How? The plant grows slowly in clumps as its underground stem divides. […]

For the Garden | Planting seeds

Krystle Sims-Cameron’s first experience growing food was a plum tree. At age 6, she planted a plum pit in the corner of her yard. “My mom told me that it was pointless to plant it,” she says. “Years later, on a nostalgic whim, I drove past my childhood home. In the same corner that I […]

Ready, Set, Roast.

Dijon Roasted Chicken 1 3-3.5 pound chicken broken down into 8 pieces (or your favorite cuts of chicken) 1 pound Yukon gold potatoes cut into wedges 2 medium red onions, sliced 10-12 whole cloves garlic 1 red bell pepper, julienned 1 bulb fennel, julienned ⅓ cup Dijon mustard zest and juice of 2 lemons ¼ […]

Bon Vivant | Party People

With slightly loosened restrictions and friend and family “pods” (groups of people who have agreed to follow the same safety protocols so they can socialize without social distancing), party people are eager for do’s and don’ts. We are all making it up as we go, but using the mandates set forth by the government and […]

Artist Profile

[gtx_gallery]   In a time when the lower half of the human face is often obscured by a mask, artist and attorney Jeff Pastorek’s work offers a welcome window into the range of emotions faces communicate. His colorful grids of mask-like human and animal visages examine human behavior, illustrate the similarities and differences between creatures, […]

Get Organized | Neat Nook

Even for those who find mornings challenging, a well-organized and well-appointed breakfast nook can be the perfect place to launch one’s busy day, the comfy corner to lazily brunch on the weekend or the oasis to wind down after that busy day with a buttery chardonnay. Let’s face it, a formal dining room can feel […]


  Unusual Containers and Vases Flowers and plants are gifts from nature and they deserve to be showcased in really special vessels. I’m especially keen on bold and whimsical ceramic pieces made by artisans in Italy. Sud, sudneworleans.com   Design Books There is no better way to spend a dreary winter day than to nest […]

Editor’s Note

Cozy, comfortable, warm, homey and snug continue to be my design inspiration words or theme, as we navigate the pandemic. Soft throw blankets and hot chocolate have dominated many of my days and evenings lately and I’m not alone in my pursuits. As I skim through my Instagram feed (follow me at @melaniewarnerspencer), I’m bombarded […]

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