New Orleans Bride - Winter-Spring 2011

Countdown to the Big Day

I’m still more than a year from my wedding date, and yet I’m already feeling the fluttery feelings in my stomach associated with excitement and panic. I’m counting on feeling those butterflies as I walk down the aisle, waiting to…


With all the inevitable stress that goes into planning a wedding, brides can sometimes lose sight of what a joyful time it should be. The weight of decisions and the pressure of fulfilling a lifetime of expectations can seem insurmountable;…


If there’s only one day in a woman’s life when she wants to look her very best, there really is no question: It’s her wedding day. While style, hair and makeup decisions will be crucial on the big day, every…


After months of planning and preparing, the big day arrives. The final touches for your perfect wedding look are some of the most important: hair and makeup. You will want to look flawless, but you’ll also want to look like…


ask the experts: wedding planners


All of your wedding etiquette questions answered – no matter how awkward.

power planning

9 tips – from shots to shoes – to check off before your “I Dos.”


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