New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles - May 2009

Artist Profile

As carpenters sort through wood at the lumberyard looking for the truest boards, New Orleans artist Darrin Butler is often right among them, inspecting birch plywood to find sheets with just the right grain pattern.  The wood he selects becomes…

Wine Lust

The New Orleans Wine and Food Experience reminds us that everything looks brighter on the other side of a glass of wine.

Insulate Yourself

Conventional wisdom used to say floors of New Orleans homes shouldn’t be insulated. As people rebuild, conventional wisdom is changing.

Carrollton: Many small neighborhoods

The drive down Carrollton Avenue winds past antebellum homes with graceful columns shoulder to shoulder with a variety of small businesses and a diversity of restaurants, churches and coffee shops all existing peacefully together.It’s a most pleasant ride to take…

Going Bananas

Unexpected ingredients turn an everyday fillet into a surprisingly delicious dish.

Eyes on the Sparrow

Marilyn Yank of Little Sparrow Farm in Mid-City has transformed a vacant lot into a community garden worth watching.

Silver Savers

In the days after Katrina, As You Like It Silver Shop helped restore thousands of pieces of hurricane-damaged silver.

Book 'em

Two local moms have created a uniquely New Orleans baby book to record everything from baby's first beignet to baby's first Saints game.

The sum of its parts

Home and garden accessories round out your décor while letting you emphasize your personal style.

Serenity by design

With her children grown, Neetsy Walker is able to focus her professional design skills on her own home, and she has created a tranquil, elegant retreat with an artful blend of antiques and modern pieces.

Pool Cues

These swanky swimming pools will get you primed for summer.

Timeless Style

Patricia O’Brien’s 1840s cottage showcases classic Creole elements.

The Start of the Season

I am a rare breed of New Orleanian: I love the summers here. Most people who live here live here in spite of the summers –– they put up with the 95 degree days and the 100 percent humidity because…