New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles - Summer 2012

Surviving Summer

If spring is a time for rebirth and revitalization and fresh starts and cleaning and bursts of productive energy, well, then summer – at least summer in New Orleans – is almost the opposite: a time for rest and popsicles…


Cameo Appearance From the stone objets d’art of ancient Greece to Queen Victoria’s beloved personal collection, the carved relief cameo has remained a timeless classic. In its new fragrance collection, Seda France captures the texture, richness and singular beauty of…

Phil Sandusky

Look down enough side streets around New Orleans, and you’ll eventually spot plein-air painter Phil Sandusky at work. Sometimes he paints stately blocks or landmark buildings, though more often what moves him to break out his easel are quite ordinary…

Eastern Influence

Antique kimonos make beautiful wall-hangings and are wonderful conversation pieces, but they require special care and handling.

On Vinyl

Judy Gamache DiGeorge finds a new purpose for old records.

Backyard Zen

Versatile and stylish furniture and accessories can help you create the perfect oasis close to home.

A house made for Summer

With abundant outdoor space, Chris and Shane Guidry can take full advantage of the warmer seasons.

Ice Up

Iced coffee might be a vice, but it’s the best way to make it through a New Orleans summer.