New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles - Summer 2013

Editor's Note: Summer Loving

I know it’s not normal to revel in the choking heat and humidity of a New Orleans summer, but I do. I love it. I love the clammy feeling of leaving my air-conditioned house to walk out into a sticky…

Summer Style Ideas for the Home

Red, White and Brut With its trendy, nautical red, white and blue design, Chandon’s Limited Edition American Summer sparkling wine is the perfect addition to any summer soiree. Filled with brut classic, this limited edition bottle is bursting with complex…

Artist Profile: Carlos Zervignon

It was light – and the possibilities of manipulating it – that first led Carlos Zervigon to glass art, though by early 2005 his work had acquired a dark edge. Moved by the plight of the deteriorating Louisiana coast, the…

Baby Back Bliss

Coated in a spicy apple glaze, these barbecued ribs will have you in hog heaven.

On Her Soapbox

With Cake Face Soaping, Kelsey Foreman takes “clean living” to the next level.

A Home's Fast Turnaround

Heidi Schirrmann took her new home from a gutted mess to a masterpiece in just a few short months while never sacrificing her sense of style.

Outdoor Sheds Get a Makeover

The possibilities for outdoor storage sheds have increased tremendously in recent years. From small but functional to lavish and pricey, there are many options to explore.

Berry Good

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy strawberries, in any form.