New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles - Summer 2014

The Results Are In!

You’ve cast your votes, and here are the top picks of your favorite local vendors, shops and home experts.

Summertime Bounty

This year spring came late to South Louisiana; we had temperatures in the 60s well into April, and a late freeze or two played havoc with crawfish. That hasn’t stopped the zucchini, which I am starting to believe will survive…

Backyard Bliss

New Orleans is blessed with many months of nice weather, and New Orleanians absolutely love their outdoor spaces. Most homes have a porch, front or back, or a patio in a yard or courtyard. Pools are perfect for the long…

City Park Chic

Steve and Ellen Frischhertz celebrate the good life in their stylish yet comfortable home along City Park Avenue.

On the Map

Artist Ellen Macomber infuses an easygoing sensibility into map-inspired art.

That's a Wrap!

Forget the bread – let lettuce wrap up this summertime sandwich.

David Halliday

David Halliday is a master of still photography. He is known for his captivating portraiture, his still-lifes of exquisite ripened fruit (some with sexual undertones), his ethereal landscapes and his anthropological renderings of ordinary objects. But within the serene stillness…


    Curve Appeal Admired throughout the world for his designs that exude “Elegance with an Edge,” luxury furniture designer, Christopher Guy channels his inner-Chanel in the “Mademoiselle” collection. He recently introduced more than 100 new products to the celebrated collection like…

Step Outside

My spring cleaning was different than I imagined. For months I’d made sure not to schedule anything the weekend after Jazz Fast. I had every intention of donating clothing I hadn’t worn in a few years, re-arranging some artwork, planting…