New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles - Winter 2010

Mitchell Long

Plein-air artists often chat with passersby interested in their work. But when New Orleans painter Mitchell Long sets up his easel and oils on the leafy neutral ground of Esplanade Avenue, he needs to do a little more explaining than…

Viva Las Veggies

Winter-greens-and-potato casserole makes a hearty (and heart-healthy) meal no matter the season.

The Medium is the Message

For Stephán Wanger, Mardi Gras beads, his medium of choice, are symbolic of New Orleans’ triumphant spirit.

Antiquarian Autumn

After the newness of spring and the busyness of summer, the cooler seasons invite you to settle in with the old.

The Lower Garden District

The Lower Garden District Historic District is characterized by sidewalks bordered with leafy trees shading Greek Revival and Italianate mansions set back from the sidewalk behind ornamental fences of wood or cast iron. There are also plenty of singles, doubles…