New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles - Winter 2014

Light and Day

An Uptown villa glimmers with sunny interiors and sumptuous surfaces.

Winter Warmth

I’ve joked in the past about wishing I could hibernate when the temperatures drop below 70, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on cozy social gatherings. If you warm up your winter by dining and celebrating with friends and…

Garden Variety

Local experts and aficionados weigh in with tips and share why they love to grow things.

C is for Comfort

Curl up with a bowl of Carrot Coconut Curry soup for a meal that’s sweet and savory.


Rock of Ages Local jewelry designer Ashley Porter’s Mineral collection is inspired by agate, Louisiana’s state mineral. As a child, she collected the semi-precious gemstones in her backyard and now, decades later, enlists them as stunning centerpieces for her bespoke…