New Orleans Magazine - January 2017


I have never been too much of a social deviant, but last year I became a bit more of one. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed to mention this in public, but I started drinking my Sazeracs on…

The Problem With Commenters

Newell Normand was angry, and he deserved to be. Addressing a press gathering, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff announced that Ronald Gasser, the admitted shooter in the road rage death of former football player Joe McKnight, had been booked for manslaughter.…

Bacchus Stories

What do you do when your star says he’s freezing? The answer: Whatever he wants. That was the situation on the night of the first Bacchus parade, Feb. 16, 1969. With great fanfare, this new parading organization, to which the title of “Super Krewe” would later be…

The Unifier

Henderson Lewis Jr. One of the most important people in town

Bar Exam

10 specialty cocktails you probably haven’t tried, but should


NON-FICTION: Brought to life in color by the Historic New Orleans Collection, A Life in Jazz by Danny Barker was originally released in 1986. Today, the illustrated edition includes three new passages previously unpublished due to space constraints. The materials…

Guide to Schools

Area public and private universities, private elementary and secondary and charter schools