New Orleans Magazine - July 2016

Jesmyn Ward

Author; Associate Professor of English, Tulane University

Why the NRA is Dead Wrong About Assault Weapons

On the day after the shootings in Orlando, The New York Daily News ran a full page front cover that was headed with the announcement: “50 Dead in Orlando Club Massacre.” Alongside a picture of the murderer, Omar Mateen, was…

Carney Anne Nasser

Senior Counsel for Wildlife and Regulatory Affairs, Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Right Job

Our cover story is “Cool Jobs,” a topic that reminds me of a job offer I once had that might not have been cool, but certainly, at intervals, would have been frigid. I had just graduated from college with the…

Brandy Christian

Chief Operating Officer and Future President/CEO, Port of New Orleans


HISTORY: In Lift Your Spirits: A Celebratory History of Cocktail Culture in New Orleans, by Elizabeth M. Williams and Chris McMillian, the authors lead readers through New Orleans’ storied relationship with the bottle, glass, mug and – well, you get…

Braking the Tag

A friend was rejoicing that when she went to get a New Orleans brake tag she was given the option of getting a tag for two years rather than one. Two years cost more but sure make life more convenient.…

Nicole Webre

Owner, Webre Consulting; Real Estate Developer; Zoning and Permitting Consultant

Top Female Achievers 2016

      Honoring Top Female Achievers is one of our more established traditions. It is also a practice that’s both easy and complex. The easy part is finding worthy candidates, for the list is long. The complex part is…