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In a week in which music abounds around town, here’s my list of "Six Top Live Music Peeves." Just to be dramatic, they’re listed in ascending order from No. 6 to No. 1. 6. Performers who introduce one their standards by saying, "This next song goes something like this."We like what Frankie Ford said at the […]


THE WISDOM OF ERNIE K-DOE     This year marks the 10th anniversary since I last saw Ernie K-Doe perform at Jazz Fest.    I’ll begin by conceding that Ernie K-Doe is a subject about which I am hardly impartial. His "T’aint it the Truth" is my all-time favorite New Orleans rhythm and blues-era recording. The song […]


             How Problem Solving Gave the Vieux Carre A FestivalThere are many reasons why festivals are started; an appeasement for ticked off merchants is one of the less romantic explanations. Yet, because of anger that oozed a quarter-century ago, locals were lured to dance in the streets of the Vieux Carre this past weekend.If a […]


             How Problem Solving Gave the Vieux Carre A FestivalThere are many reasons why festivals are started; an appeasement for ticked off merchants is one of the less romantic explanations. Yet, because of anger that oozed a quarter-century ago, locals were lured to dance in the streets of the Vieux Carre this past weekend.If a […]


7 Proposed Speech Lines Mayor Ray Nagin is in China this week reportedly to help promote tourism and trade. Since the trip there can be fatiguing and he may not have had time to work on all his comments, we offer these speech lines: On CrimeY’all’s policemen here in Beijing have some nice uniforms although they are […]


Many Jazz Fest visitors not only know what performers they want to hear, they also know exactly what they want to eat when they go to the Fair Grounds Race Course for a day of hanging out with the best of New Orleans. A lot of people won’t call it a day before they get […]

Much is Done; Much to Do

Ed. Note: This is an occasional column by a native New Orleanian on military duty in Iraq. Because of military regulations, he is not able to use his read name. We can tell you that he is a decorated Navy pilot from a prominent New Orleans family. Ihave just passed the two-thirds point of my […]


Research from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans may provide a new way to fight cancer. Dr. Augusto Ochoa, director of the LSU Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center, along with his brother, Dr. Juan Ochoa of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, discovered cancer and trauma patients quickly lose Arginine, an […]

Performers vs. Anxiety

Fats Domino has classic performance anxiety,” says a local physician who asked to remain nameless. “I have never treated Fats Domino and have never talked to anyone who has. My diagnosis is based on newspaper accounts of Domino’s failure to appear for gigs over the years,” adds the physician who’s attuned to the local music […]

The Legacy of Officer Cotton

She died alone, murdered in broad daylight. Now the body of 24-year-old New Orleans Police Officer Nicola Diane Cotton rests in a stone vault at the corner of Greenwood Cemetery, near City Park at Canal Boulevard. A two-year veteran of the NOPD, earlier this year Cotton became the second female officer slain on-duty and allegedly […]

Singleton Charter

A dozen black angel figurines were the only undamaged items Melrose Biagas found in her office after the levee breaks in 2005. Now those angelic faces watch over her from a new bookcase at James Singleton Charter School, where she directs the education of over 700 students, many still traumatized by the loss of family […]

Fly me to the Moon

For close to a half-century, New Orleans has played a key role in the worldwide drama of space exploration. Today, while the space shuttle-related work – for which the local area is best known – winds toward a close, new missions that will include travel to the moon and Mars promise to keep New Orleans […]

Jump to the Lake

Pelicans are again gliding over Lake Pontchartrain. That is especially good news, because wherever there are pelicans, that means there are fish in the water and wherever there are fish, that means the water is clean enough for them to swim in.It was not long ago when the prospects of any life in or over […]

Read & Spin

Having just graduated from the Thelonious Institute of Jazz at the University of Southern California in 2003, it’s impressive for Dayna Stephens to have his debut album, The Timeless Now, named one of the “Top 10 Jazz Jewels of 2007” by NPR affiliate WDUQ (Pittsburgh).The instrumental arrangements on The Timeless Now range from hip and […]

Meditations on Lush

Lush is one of those words that floats through the collective mental plates as a cloud of many meanings. Consulting the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (50th anniversary edition) reveals that lush can mean “covered with abundant growth,” which is evocative of New Orleans with its sprawling floribunda in green spaces and jungles that now cloak dead houses. […]

Restaurant Insider

I was a little disappointed last month that none of you sent me a birthday present. Apparently the fact that I didn’t mention my March birth date was somehow involved. Frankly, I expected more from you people. Don’t let it happen again. I take a medium in snowshoes, by the way.  MiLa, (Renaissance Pere Marquette […]

Meats with a South American Flavor

While a person doesn’t really need an excuse to tackle a good steak, the South American-style steakhouses peppering the New Orleans area offer many delicious rationalizations. These range from unusual cuts of meat to the pomp and spectacle of an upscale Brazilian churrascaria. And among just the three places covered here, you’ll find a wide […]


Gearing up for Trade The national economy may be inspiring gloomy thoughts among policy makers, researchers and investors across the land, but New Orleanians looking for some good news in the financial world need only take a peek over the Mississippi River levee. The river – the city’s, and state’s, historic economic powerhouse – has been […]

Persona: Chris Thomas King

For many, life doesn’t take them far from home. For others, their journey is more like Odysseus’ in The Odyssey: Not easy – but even upon the return, it has been ultimately rewarding – or one hopes. Homer, author of The Odyssey, was among the many who chronicled such stories, a tradition which continued through […]


 DEAR JOAN, Here I am in New Orleans. This weekend I spent all my time at the French Quarter Festival. I had a great time – only I danced so much I developed a pull in my back. This is a picture with Louis, a guy I met, who says he’s studying to be a […]

Julia Street

Greetings Julia and Poydras,What happened to the tableau that portrayed General Andrew Jackson making arrangements for help from Pirate Jean Lafitte for the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812? When I visited New Orleans in June 1951, the tableau was presented in a small building next door to the Old Absinthe House […]


Friends, Food & Fun: It Must be Jazz Fest! We seem to have it all, especially this month as the weather gets warmer and spring is finally here. Jazz Fest has even added an extra day this year, which means that we’ll get seven days of music, food, crafts and more at the New Orleans […]

White Suits – The Longest Season

Men’s fashion is a topic that I hardly ever write about, except when circumstances require urgent notice. Such a situation has occurred. This year Easter was the earliest it will ever be in our lifetimes and that means that the season for wearing white linen suits is the longest we’ll ever experience. By tradition, white […]

Newell Schindler and the Korean

Newell Schindler and his old friend, the beautiful and curvaceous Young Chang, are together once again after a long, Katrina–induced separation and, just like old times, Schindler and the long-legged Korean are making beautiful music together. For now, suffice it to say that music and the 80-year-old Schindler, who grew up in Gentilly practicing the […]

A Legacy of Piano Players

There is something special about a piano bar. First, as music historian Jack Stewart notes, the piano really gets the patron’s attention. “The piano is the entertainment – they turn off the television.” New Orleans has always been a good town for piano bars (several are available today, including the revolving Carousel Bar at the […]

Over the Top

I am standing in the produce section of the Wal-Mart at 4 a.m. in the morning, looking in all directions at once to be sure nobody walks up while my sister-in-law Gloriosa does what she has to do. She is weighing her bosoms, one at a time, on the produce scale.She says, “Two-pound-10 …” and […]

Last Call

Getting startedLet’s not kid ourselves, New Orleans isn’t renowned as a start-the-day-early-with-lots-of- energy kind of town. Left to our own devices, we simply aren’t “morning people.” At no point during the day or night is our laid back culture more at ease than in the morning. Still, the sun is up and we’re supposed to […]

Nola by the Numbers

2Number of April fools it takes to screw in a light bulb (one to hold the bulb and one to turn the ladder). 9Louisiana’s current number of Electoral College votes. 40,000Number of objects in the permanent collection at the New Orleans Museum of Art. (Estimate) 28Greek Orthodox Easter date (April 2008). 450Height (in feet) of […]

30˚90˚ Dining Features

Delicacies at Dominique’s Dominique’s Restaurant at the Maison Dupuy Hotel is known for its soothing evening dining experience. Walter Bertot, who manages the restaurant, is joined by Chef Dominique Macquet who creates contemporary French cuisine in an elegant and contemporary atmosphere. Says Christine Sory, director of sales for the Maison Dupuy, “Candlelight and orchids adorn […]

30˚90˚ Dining

7 on Fulton 701 Fulton St., 525-7555, CBD/Warehouse. B, L, D daily. Chef Justin Pittenger takes over the reins at this upscale and contemporary dining destination in the Warehouse District. $$$ 9 Roses 1100 Stephen St., 366-7665, Gretna. L, D Sun-Tues, Thurs-Sat. The extensive Vietnamese menu specializes in hot pots, noodles and dishes big enough […]

Festivals All Around

No other state in the union celebrates anything and everything like Louisiana, and this month the merry-making really starts to roll. We’ve got more festivals on the horizon than a crawfish boil has runaway crustaceans, so consider the following merely an introduction, organized by region, to help sort out who’s celebrating what and where they’re […]

The Rest of the Fests

Inside: April’s Event Calender A Milk Punch Named Desire

Our Aging Parents

It may come as some surprise that over the past 100 years, life expectancy in the U.S. has increased by three decades. People are living longer and with aging comes a host of issues that must be addressed, often by the adult children of aging parents.  Here in New Orleans a number of products, services […]

Stroke and Neurology

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Stroke Association (ASA) are working to together to raise awareness about the warning signs of stroke and the importance of getting to the emergency department fast with a campaign called “Give Me 5: Walk, Talk, Reach, See, Feel.”    […]

Art & Antiques

Anne PrattAnne Pratt is known for her award winning jewelry designs 18k gold and/or sterling silver necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings set with pearls diamonds and semi-precious stones. In addition, her Magazine Street shop offers a variety of iron and glass tables, sconces and decorative accessories. Photo of oval hand carved wood framed mirror with […]

Men & Women of Fashion

Gail Barnes-McConduit and Richard Bachmann Rickie Nutik and Alexandra Stafford Arthur Sterbcow, Sandra Chaisson and Vincent Palumbo Shaney Halter Cefalu and George H. Massey, Jr. Christie Mintz, Women of Fashion President and R.K. Hoddinott, III, Men of Fashion President Eugene Priestley, Sandy Rosenthal and Sonda Nagy Douglas Brent Wood, Margo DuBos and Siddharth K. Bhansali, […]

Color Me Spring

Sheer navy blue and yellow floral print empire tunic from Ropa; White woven cuff shorts and Gucci chain belt, both from Saks; White and gold dangle earrings and double strand necklace, both from Francesca’s Collections; canary yellow and white bangles from The Red Carpet. Silk, apple green dress with sweetheart neckline and flounced-hem by Oscar […]

JAZZ ALL-STARS: Coming of Age

If our annual Jazz All-Stars feature were a person, it would now be eligible to vote. This is our 18th year of honoring the city’s best Jazz musicians. From the beginning our mission has been to draw attention to those musicians who live and work in the New Orleans area. In its 18th year the […]

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