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Newsbeat: Market Pioneer Named “Hero of the New South”

The basic idea behind the Crescent City Farmers Market seems straightforward enough: Create a venue where New Orleanians can buy fresh food directly from the people who harvested it. For his efforts to make it happen, Farmers Market executive director Richard McCarthy recently won a “Heroes of the New South Award” from Southern Living magazine. […]

Newsbeat: Sweet ReLeaf

One recent milestone of Hurricane Katrina recovery has been a long time coming, but it’s also one that should pay dividends to the community for generations.   This winter, Parkway Partners, a nonprofit dedicated to beautifying New Orleans public spaces, planted its 10,000th tree since Katrina as part of its program to restore the city’s […]

Inside: Fusions

Consider the cochon de lait poor boy. Geographically this should not be. Cochon de lait, the name of which derives from a suckling pig, is, when roasted, a delicacy mostly of rural central Louisiana. There is even an annual Cochon de Lait Festival held in the Avoyelles Parish town of Mansura, almost exactly in the […]

Spinning the Quarter: Searching for a Sense of Place

Jazz has long been associated with the French Quarter, but the music for much of the century since its birth was a stepchild to the rowdy strip joints of Bourbon Street. In the 1940s the neighborhood was down at the heels, a neighborhood so rough that blacks referred to upper Burgundy Street as “Burma Road.” […]

Education: Evaluating Teachers

Trying to find an effective way

Fêtes for All

May might bring flowers but April is showered with festivals.

Last Call: Up the River

... and down the hatch

Newsbeat: Rejazzing South Rampart Street

Recalling the day, decades past, when the childhood home of Louis Armstrong was demolished still makes Bobby McIntyre wince. Then, there’s the much fresher example of the home of early New Orleans jazz great Sidney Bechet, torn down in a post-Hurricane Katrina anti-blight push. “These places go, and nobody knows any better because nobody seemingly […]

Chronicles: Swingin’ In the Stacks

A treasure trove at Tulane’s Jazz Archive

The Scoop: Words of War

Military history comes into play this month

Music: Interpretations of Facts

Camile Baudoin’s bayou blues

Cast of Characters: Sugar’s Legacy

David Lauricella’s life as a mission

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


Speaking Out

What to Do With the World Trade Center

Streetcar: Tropical Landings

As the plane climbed from Queen Juliana airport on the island of St. Maarten (also known as St. Martin), the pilot announced that the total flight time would be 10 minutes. “Ten minutes!” I thought to myself, “Why so long?” Though, had I wanted to, I could’ve just leaned from my seat into the cockpit […]

Table Talk: Bywater Plays Hard to Get

Drawing attention despite a laid-back approach

Food: Produce – Quick and Simple

The reward of the springtime’s riches

Read + Spin

CD The Oak Ridge Boys have joined forces with the Dukes of Dixieland – along with a slew of guest singers – on When Country Meets Dixie. The old-timey mash-up takes peppy and dolorous turns, wending its way through classic numbers and jumpy solos. Among others, the bands and new voices hybridize “Are You From […]

Restaurant Insider: Up and Coming

On Thursday, April 19, StarChefs.com will host Rising Stars New Orleans, one of four such events the industry publication will hold across the country this year. The event recognizes up-and-coming chefs and culinary professionals in a city, and awards are given in numerous categories, including chefs, pastry chefs, hotel chef, restaurateur, mixologist and sommelier. The […]

New Orleans Biz: Spiffing Up – Hospitality

Hospitality industry prepares for busy times

New Orleans Persona: Meschiya Lake

Meschiya Lake is funny, wise and, Ultimately, businesslike, as she had to take a phone call from a booking agent in England during our conversation. I was tempted to observe a musician switch from the role that I usually see them in into something I perceive as being a total opposite of their public persona. […]

The French Quarter: What the Doctor Ordered

A personal guide to the Vieux Carré by those who experience it

MARQUEE: April 2012


The French Quarter: The Allure Goes Deeper

Newcomers to New Orleans – tourists or the visiting business type with a dangerously tempting gap between meetings – they’re forever talking about “getting lost” in the French Quarter, of wandering its dizzying streets and alleys until they can’t tell up from down, never mind lakeside from riverside. People, listen: the neighborhood is built on […]


Nicolas Bazan MD, Ph.D, Boyd Professor and Director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans, recently found that a synthetic molecule protects the brain in a model of experimental stroke. Dr. Bazan was issued a patent on the molecule, called LAU-0901, a low-molecular weight drug that crosses […]

Try This: Booze Tastings

Double – Nay, Triple Fisting

Home: Net Gain

Ace gardening and a love for the game are on serve at this River Ridge home.

Modine's New Orleans: Fish Tales

Around here, when you say “fish,” people lick their chops. Fish are for frying unless they got shells, in which case, they belong in a big pot of water with crab boil – unless they’re oysters, and then they belong in a poor boy sandwich. That is how we think in New Orleans. My little granddaughter […]

The French Quarter: A Driver’s Perspective

I say these words at least 10 times a day as tourists walk by. As a carriage driver in the French Quarter you get used to giving the automated response. “Is that a donkey or a horse?” they ask. “Both,” I reply. “Daddy’s a donkey and mommy’s a horse and, yes, they’re all mules.” When […]

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