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Paul McIlhenny and the Back of Antoine’s

Almost at the very back of Antoine’s restaurant there’s a small dining room next to the wine cellar. Officially the area has been known as the “1940 Last Room,” but then there was the day that Paul McIlhenny nailed a sign to the door that proclaimed the room to be the “Chez Team Tabasco” room. […]

Across the Ages: Having Kids Five Years Apart

Most of the time, I barely even think about the large age gap between my two daughters – it just is what it is. Earlier this week, though, I found myself in the office hooked up to a breast pump to ensure that Georgia would have enough food for the next day while simultaneously making […]

Touring While Jogging: A Morning with New Orleans Jogging Tours

I had heard of running tours in other cities, so I figured there must be something similar in New Orleans. Thanks to Google I found New Orleans Jogging Tours in seconds, and booked my first tour for a sunny day in February. As someone who likes to stay active, a running tour has always seemed […]

Shopping in the French Quarter

After a weekend visit to the French Quarter, I’m here to tell you that there are possibly more places to shop there than there are restaurants – and knowing how much we like to eat, that’s saying something. Whether you’re looking for clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, accessories or a piece of New Orleans’ past, the […]

Bar Hopping in the French Quarter

Each French Quarter bar off the tourist-beaten path has a distinct personality, but it changes rapidly over the course of a night (or day) depending, of course, on the crowds. Part of the fun of rolling into one of these casual bars is mingling with its eclectic denizens and creating your own environment. Bring friends […]

Live Music

If the sun were visible, it would have been starting to set on Mardi Gras while Chegadao played at the Balcony Music Club (BMC). The location, at the corner of Decatur Street and Esplanade Avenue has been The Mint, The Matador and even a short-lived club owned by comedian/magician Harry Anderson, and it has become […]

Bar Dining in the French Quarter

This romp around the French Quarter focuses on full course meals at bars in restaurants within the boundaries of our beloved Vieux Carré. It begins with a revolution, a new restaurant named R’evolution spawned out of a three-way with Louisiana Chef John Folse, Chef Rick Tramonto and Royal Sonesta Hotel owners, or management, or some […]

Exploring the French Quarter

Just when you thought you've seen all there is to see...

Cocktail Recipe: Nostalgia Updated and Savored

One of the most popular features of this magazine, besides this one, of course, is the Julia Street column where questions are asked and answers are provided about all matters New Orleans. Those of us madly in love with this town, or at any given moment just mad at it, are happy to know about […]

Crafty Crawfish Fare

There’s no reason to throw away leftovers.

Link’s Latest, Vega’s Sizzles and What's New on Freret

I have been writing this column long enough that I’m starting to run out of ideas for clever opening sentences tied to a specific month. What is that you say? I have never had a clever idea for an opening sentence yet, so why break the streak, and also I’m ugly and I smell of […]

Jazz Fest Restaurants

For many festivalgoers, Jazz Fest is as much about food as it is about music. No trip to the Fair Grounds is complete without the ritual of hunting and foraging for something new to share whilst your friends hold down the fort or a patch of grass, as it were. Like what happens backstage at […]

Pax Inter Brennans

There were two events that occurred in the middle of March in which new sovereigns were declared within their own universe. In Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis; and in New Orleans Ted Brennan became the sole business owner of Brennan’s Restaurant. Of the two, Bergoglio probably had the easier time because he only […]

To Hover or Not To Hover?

In this country we got Republicans and Democrats, Catholics and atheists, Saints and Falcons – and we got sitters and hoverers. (If you happen to be a man, you might not want to read no further. Maybe go watch some baseball. This is kind of between us ladies.) Ladies, you know how when you got to […]

Steering a Future for Ferries

Boats have shuttled people across the Mississippi River since the very founding of New Orleans, and they play a role in the metro area’s modern transportation network. Now, however, local officials are looking for new ways to fund these ferries to keep the service alive. There is concern that ending ferry service would shift more […]

Ray Nagin: The Examples He Set

Twenty-two citizens served on the grand jury that deliberated the fate of former New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin. Only one, the grand jury foreman, now stands before U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle Jr. The foreman is an older, white-haired man, wearing a short-sleeved shirt. He is unassuming, perhaps retired. Because grand jury proceedings are secret, […]

Health Beat

The John Ochsner Heart & Vascular Institute (JOHVI) at Ochsner Medical Center performed the Gulf South region’s first Total Artificial Heart implant. This device is the world’s first and only FDA-approved device. In an Ochsner-generated press release, Hector Ventura M.D., Section Head, Heart Failure and Transplantation, Ochsner Medical Center, said, “We are extremely proud to […]

Overeating in the Big Easy

Misunderstanding what breaks our diets

Jindal’s Got Some Explainin’ To Do

Could Gov. Bobby Jindal’s educational policies hurt his possible presidential run?

New Urbanism: Overcoming an Overpass

The freeway overpass on North Claiborne Avenue has dominated the downtown landscape for so long it’s hard for some people to imagine the area without it, much less remember how that part of the city functioned before it was built. But as the idea of removing the aging overpass continues to make the rounds among […]

As Mobile Games Soar, New Orleans Becomes a Player

The year is 2088, and your spaceship has just landed on the planet Mochwoi, which has an atmosphere similar to Earth’s but no intelligent life forms. The mission assigned to you by Galaxy Patrol: Investigate and colonize the planet. As you accept your new responsibilities you join a cadre of individuals who have come to […]

Wheels Turning for Bike Share Network

Driving in downtown New Orleans during the Super Bowl was certainly inconvenient, but the mega-event also provided an apt backdrop for a project that could make getting around the city easier than ever in the long run. Boosters for better bicycling in New Orleans used the run-up to the game to demonstrate a bike share […]

The Marquee: April 2013

Our Top Picks of the Month's Events in New Orleans

Julia Street with the Poydras Parrot

The Pursuit to Answer Eternal Questions

Three Decades for a Quarter

French Quarter Festival’s anniversary

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