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Park This!

A Quiz About the Area’s Historic Parks

Festive Fashions

A guide to fashionable frolicking

Coming to a Theater Near You

New Orleans Film Society Program Director Clint Bowie talks about filmOrama

Dining Guide

Dining news for April

A Season in Full Bloom

Showers. Love. Paris. Flowers. Fools. Songbirds. Warm. To all of the ideas associated with April in New Orleans we add festivals and holidays – lots of them: French Quarter, Jazz Fest, and this year, Easter. It is a packed calendar, but with our usual aplomb we’ll do it all and will do it well. In April, […]

Favorite Forces

Recipes From Café Reconcile and SoBou

And the Openings Continue

This is yet another Restaurant Insider in which I cover a few places to the exclusion of the half-dozen that have opened recently. This is madness, people. A few restaurants have closed in the last several months, sure, but overall the impression I have is that the market reached saturation sometime in 2012, and whatever […]

New Wave Vietnamese

Expanding the concept

Getting the Sound Down

Music studios in this city have heard it all

Eustis Guillment

Giving voice to his music

Read & Spin

JAZZ New Orleans’ male jazz stars often get the headlines, but the city’s female musicians rack up the accolades, too, including jazz vocalist Cindy Scott. Her new album Historia is a mix of original music and covers, but Scott puts her own flair on each track. DRINKS  New Orleans is typically thought of as a […]

Up From the Soul

Jazz Fest at the Gospel Tent

Basic Training

An explosion in business catering to vegan and raw diets

The Road to Access

We may not have the polar vortex variety of problems, but every Tom, Dick and Boudreaux knows that bad weather in New Orleans is no joke. Therefore, the opening of an all-weather access road on the Lakefront is an announcement that can be hailed with almost as much excitement as the beginning of crawfish season. […]


Baby boomers at high risk for heart attack or those who have stared “the big one” in the face and survived are familiar with aspirin therapy. Dr. William Robinson, principal investigator of the Tulane University Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program, says the data from several small studies shows benefits beyond treatment and prevention of heart […]


The Flashlight Lady Re: “Ask Julia,” February 2011 issue. In the February 2011 issue Julia Street column, a reader asked about the: “tall, stately, no-nonsense woman, with a black bee-hive and a huge flashlight” at The Lakeview Theatre. As memory serves me, as a child I was always at The Popular Theatre, and there were […]

Jazz Fest Sun Protection

What you need to know to protect your skin

John Boutte

I meet John Boutté outside at the Morning Call in City Park on a picturesque spring day. As we talk, he’s prone to laughing in his gravelly yet high-pitched voice over something that pops into his head, or following the band that’s set up outside with some humming or air-playing. Like the narrator in his […]

19 Things To Do in April

Our top picks for this month's events.

Julia Street

Dear Julia, Many years ago, on the corner of Iberville and Chartres streets, across from the Monteleone Hotel, there was a grocery, deli, bakery, cafe that was absolutely wonderful. If there was any product you needed to find, it was likely that Solari’s would have it. Also their prepared foods were quite delicious. They only […]

Jackie Clarkson – A Career On Stage

Jackie Clarkson’s career deserved a better closing act. Clarkson, who served on the city council off and on for a period covering 15 years, plus a term in the state legislature, was set to retire this year because of her Council At-Large seat being term-limited. She was prevailed upon, however, to run for her former district seat after the incumbent Kristen Gisleson Palmer said she would not run […]

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