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Rise and Shine

In a town where boozy brunches tend to hog the morning spotlight, breakfast often gets short-stacked. That focus is shifting, however, as a growing number of restaurants around town pay closer attention to the first meal of the day. Whether your idea of morning glory is poached eggs on a white tablecloth or hash browns […]

Dress for Fests

Ombre fringe wrap skirt and feather headdress adorned with beads, gems and tassels, made by local artist Ellen Macomber, ellenmacomber.com “STL Nylon Matte Brindle to Crystal” sunglasses, Krewe, krewe.com  “Roma Chelsea” rain boots in Matte Mustard, Feet First, feetfirststores.com. Rainbow striped scarf, Miss Smarty Pants, misssmartypantsnola.com Gold bangles, Feet First, feetfirststores.com.     Goorin Brothers […]

April Grooves

The music scene in April is dominated by French Quarter Fest and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest. This year French Quarter Fest has shifted to the week before Jazz Fest due to the NCAA Women’s Final Four Tournament. This change places FQF April 16-19 and Jazz Fest April 23-May 3, so get ready […]

In Search of Pain Perdu

 “Lost Bread” was a common home-cooked breakfast when I was a school kid, though I often stumbled at pronouncing it. My parents, who came from French Louisiana, used the native words, “pain perdu” which translates roughly to “lost bread.” Now the bread was not really lost. What it really meant in that context was “stale,” […]


Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic New Orleans’ preeminent fitness event is back. The Crescent City Classic will take place on April 11. It will start at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and finish at City Park, where participants can enjoy RaceFest. Even if you’re not up to running, you can still enjoy the food, live music […]

News From the Kitchen

Nola Caye  Newly-opened Nola Caye adds a Caribbean-influenced restaurant to the dining options near Lee Circle. While the menu reads a bit more Mexican/Central American than Caribbean – there are a half dozen tacos on offer as well as guacamole and jalapeno-cheese dip – there’s also jerk chicken, and the coconut shrimp are fried in […]

Big Shot

Chinese-American cuisine strikes a resonant chord. Equal parts nostalgia, comfort and flavor, it has a particularly broad appeal. So what happens when you get a couple of guys with Link Group-experience  who decide to do their own take on it? The answer is Blue Giant, a new restaurant in the Lower Garden District that serves […]

The Choctaw Club at Home

The Choctaw Club, a Democratic political organization, began after the end of the Civil War, during Reconstruction. Until 1877, the city of New Orleans was still under federal rule, and Orleanians were anxious to run their city themselves. Local voters (at that time, all men) could join the Republican Party (comprised of Northern supporters and […]

Loving Life in LA

David Rubin, a.k.a. Rockin’ Dopsie, Jr., and his band the Zydeco Twisters have been cooking up music for a local, national and international audience for decades. The master of the washboard, Dopsie loves his fans just as much as they love him, and playing for local audiences is always a highlight for this veteran performer. […]


Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve,  which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com I had the week off, but it wasn’t the same. When I was in high school, “spring break” was something I watched on MTV but never experienced. Whether it was by design, I still don’t know – the rumor was that […]

Filé Jumbo

When your great uncle was known as “Blind Willie,” and when the tools of his trade, which are still in use, are 116 years old, you have to figure there is a story there. And there is. Baton Rouge resident Lionel Key, Jr. is the heir to that story as once told while showing his […]

Feels of Dreams

It’s that time of year, springtime in the city, April showers and May flowers, Sunday boils, second line parades, music festivals and church fairs. And baseball. I love baseball. Watching it, reading about it, talking about it, writing about it. (What sport lends itself more to overwrought metaphors and purple prose than baseball, right?) But […]

Package Deal

For years, attorney Bernie Lee recalls admiring a Midcentury modern house on the corner of Canal Boulevard and Harrison Avenue.  “I always had a thing for houses like this,” she said. “But I never thought I’d actually own one.” That house was torn down, but when an opportunity to buy another classic Mid-Century house at […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia, I was recently at an estate sale in Kenner and found a bin of collectible spoons from around the world. I found one that depicts a New Orleans streetcar and says “Last Streetcar New Orleans.” Any idea what this could be referring to? Thanks, Jananne Lankard (Kenner, LA) Your spoon was made for […]

Festival Guide

April 11 Crescent City Classic 10k and Post Race Festival, Downtown and City Park. An Easter weekend tradition for the past 40 years, the Crescent City Classic 10k run takes participants through the French Quarter, along Esplanade and into City Park, where runners, walkers, strollers and family and friends gather to enjoy post-race food and […]

Oh Me Oh My

Just after our seafood industry was threatened by the openings of the Mississippi River spillway, we get the good news of a crawfish abundance and lower prices. That’s manna from heaven for the backyard cooks. Backyards are not the only place the mudbug reaches culinary heights. There are many ways to bring them to the […]

Someplace to Hide

Other versions for the reason of the name may swirl about, but the new Double Dealer bar, located in a basement directly below the Orpheum Theatre (yes, a basement) actually derives its name from a 1920’s era regional literary magazine.  The space may have actually served as a “speak easy” bar during Prohibition, which is […]

Thinking Deeper

While enjoying the view of bustling commerce on the Mississippi River from various vantage points in New Orleans, it’s easy to conclude that the city has been merely fortunate: Mother Nature put the river there, and for 300 years New Orleans has benefited from the exceptional access to inland and overseas trading routes that the […]

State of the Union

 As the presidential primary system winds down, and heads towards the November federal election date, now seemed like a good time to look at the city and the way that various presidencies have been touched by it. For the Bush family, New Orleans has represented highs and lows in their presidencies. The Dad became his […]

Holding Up

Never did I think I would show up on “People of Walmart.”  My mother-in-law, Ms. Larda says it is my own fault.  I got to explain. I bought a bralette— you know, a little elastic bra with no hooks or nothing. Slips over your head like a t-shirt. They are supposed to be very comfortable. […]

Hearing & Eye Care

Our five senses define how we experience the world around us, and when any one sense is compromised, it can make daily life challenging and set off a chain reaction of other problems. When issues occur with eyesight or hearing, navigating basic communications can become overwhelming and difficult, leading to frustration and isolation. Advancements in […]

Stroke Awareness

From knowing what to do if someone is having a stroke to knowing where to turn for rehabilitative help, information is key for survival and recovery from stroke. When a stroke occurs, every second saved offers a better outcome for the patient, which is why getting help quickly is of the utmost importance. Area hospitals […]

Real Estate

Homes in New Orleans and even more broadly across the South are known for their charm and warmth, whether defined by historic architecture—like a New Orleans shotgun house—or by its interior style and décor. Making a home your own is one of the great joys of home ownership, and there are plenty of ways to […]

Festivals & Events

Enjoying April is all about welcoming the weather and the entertainment that follows. Spring is a busy time of year, not just for budding flowers, but also for budding artists and entertainers and the throngs of people who enjoy their work. Spring brings countless events to the New Orleans area and surrounding region, and whether […]

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