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Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine’s J. Christian Winters has won the 2009 Teaching Award from the American Urological Association. Winters, also the director of the LSUHSC/Ochsner Urology Residency Program, was nominated by his chief residents Scott Delacroix and Eric Laborde, and former department chair Harold Fuselier. “Dr. Winters was […]

What ever happened to Ronnie Virgets?

A former New Orleans journalist, and poet, ponders life after False River.

Top Doctors 2009


Featured Doctors

Saving SkinWILLIAM PATRICK COLEMAN lll (photo left)DERMATOLOGY New Orleans is a very alluring place,” acknowledges Dr. William Coleman III, in regards to his decision to reside and practice here. “I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world as a guest lecturer at various medical meetings and I can assure you, there is no […]

Non-stop: Mexico City’s Micheleda

What beverage can we enjoy to combat the heat and the humidity? Now that there are non-stop flights between New Orleans and Mexico City, we look there for inspiration. The Michelada is a combination of Spanish words derived from the Mexico City slang term for beer, and the word for frozen. Mi chela helada is […]

NOLA by the Numbers

6,000Pounds of cargo carried by the C-47 airplane hanging in the National World War II Museum. 3,000Square footage of the National World War II Museum’s “June 1944: One Month in the War that Changed the World” exhibit. 20,000Pilots graduated from the U.S. Army Air Force pilot training program between 1939 and ’45. 2,000,000Approximate number of […]


Kiki: Shopping like you mean it For a summer head start on the best accessories for fall, visit Kiki at the custom-designed Baton Rouge or Lafayette locations, or check out the equally well-stocked online store. Owned by Kiki Frayard and partnered by her daughter Kate, Kiki sells high-end accessories and showcases both established and up-and-coming […]

Dining Features

Sizzling Summer Specials at Pascal’s ManaleThis month, owner and manager of Pascal’s Manale Sandy Defelice assures diners “sizzling hot summer specials” from executive chef Mark Defelice. Family-owned since 1913, Pascal’s takes credit for the invention of the original barbecued shrimp dish, and since its inception has become an Uptown staple. Both in-the-know out-of-towners and devoted […]

The big chill

5 delicious ways to beat the heat

Rear view

This Metairie home incorporates the back yard into the living space

Stacey Nichols – Oil wrestler

“Five fights, huh? Rocky Marciano’s got 40 fights and he’s a millionaire…”– Inmate Randal P. McMurphy in the movie,  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, rationalizing his propensity for brawling to the prison psychiatrist. The big guy was tanked up on Jack Daniels and trying to be a wise-ass when he pulled Stacey Nichols’ dress […]

Houses on the move

Before the mid-20th century, people valued their built houses more,” says Patty Gay, executive director of the Preservation Resource Center. Attachment to a building was perhaps the best reason that many New Orleans families actually moved their houses with them – or bought a house at one location and moved it to another. For various […]

Into the woods

It is brutal out there – hot, humid, a typical day in South Louisiana in the height of summer – but 13 New Orleans students attending an artsy environmental camp don’t care. Donning insect repellant, sunscreen, hats and everything else adults deem important, they await their journey into the forest. Before heading out to measure […]

Keep a stiff upper lip

Advice to tourism businesses

Angels in the sun

Manuel Curry – The life of a good cop

Don't mess with the Master Plan

One of the great political moments in recent times came last year when voters approved a plan that would finally create a procedure for a rational, well-thought out Master Plan to guide the city’s growth. During the past session of the legislature, a dreadful bill came damn close to in effect killing the Master Plan. […]

Electric wheelchairs

The good and the bad

The young and politically restless

It isn’t hard to get New Orleans people to sound off about what their beloved-but-troubled city should do differently, especially in the realm of city government. A new local nonprofit is harnessing that expressive impulse for a project ultimately aimed at getting more young professionals actively involved in next year’s city elections. Through its “If […]

Read and Spin

Trumpeter and composer Terence Blanchard’s new album, Choices, due for release Aug. 18, juxtaposes his last album, A Tale of God’s Will (A Requiem for Katrina), with music stemming from survival rather than destruction. The album was recorded in the 120-year-old building that now houses the Patrick F. Taylor Library at the Ogden Museum of […]

What Satchmo wrote

Genius in artistry is a fine mystery regardless of its practitioner. Why do Duke Ellington’s compositions and Jane Austen’s novels have such staying power, whereas countless of their creative peers left works long forgotten? At the risk of putting myself on a thin limb some reader will hack off in a letter to the editor, […]

Stories from the neighborhoods

Students entering the eighth grade this year at Pierre Capdau-UNO Charter School have some big pages to fill, never mind the shoes. That’s because last year, an eighth grade language arts class at the Gentilly charter school left behind a lasting record of their experiences through a book titled In That We Wrote So Much […]

Restaurant Insider

Fiesta Latina now has three locations in New Orleans, the newest being 133 N. Carrollton Ave., near Canal Street, which opened about six months ago. Fiesta Latina’s menu at the new location tends towards food that’s more familiar to those of us who grew up eating at Cuco’s – nachos, fajitas and burritos, for example […]

Neighborhood pride

When I saw restaurants reviewed in a recent issue of Consumer Reports it made me sad. While I read this magazine to get reliability ratings on, say, a Toyota Yaris, I feel that some things lend themselves better to empirical testing than others. Restaurants, in my opinion, should fall outside the purview of these sorts […]

Sipping cool while August roars

For us, August packs a double whammy: unbearable heat and the threat of hurricanes. I try to schedule vacations then, but it doesn’t always work out. This year, save for one week in Monroe (just as hot), I’ll be sweating it out with everyone else who decided to stay at home. Air conditioning, cool pools […]

New plan to pump up coastal restoration

Stemming the destruction of Louisiana’s coastline is a colossal challenge, but recently the state has found a new way to bring the vast power of the Mississippi River itself to bear on the struggle. Sediment pipeline projects now underway are tapping the natural land-building dynamics of the mighty river’s flow, mimicking the way sediment was […]

Gregg Williams

The New Orleans Saints’ new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is a man with a mission. A very organized mission. His office at the New Orleans Saints’ headquarters in Metairie is filled with multicolored magic marker strategies – all written in very legible, concise print. It makes sense – as Williams is known throughout the National […]


Our top picks of the month’s events

Foot fault

My daughter Gladiola informs me, in the same tone she would use to tell me that I got wretched body odor, that my toenails need polishing. I thought my toenails were my private business – not like my private parts; don’t get me wrong, I ain’t no foot fetishist – but not the parts that […]

Julia Street


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