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Health Beat

• According to a study published in Applied Nursing Research, nurses and health care providers only complied with hand hygiene guidelines – such as hand-washing – before medical procedures less than half of the time. Hand-washing compliance showed a much better rate (72 percent) for post-procedure hygiene; however, such measures primarily protect the health and […]

Covering Katrina

Getting the Story While Trying to Survive at The Times-Picayune.

Dining Features

Willie Mae’s: It’s about the chicken                 Restaurant manager Kerry Ceaton doesn’t have to brag about the quality of Willie Mae’s fried chicken – the restaurant’s numerous awards and recognition speak for themselves. Willie Mae’s Scotch House has received rave reviews from locals and tourists alike, and has been featured on the Food Network and the […]

Following the Champs



Beaches say, “Y’all come!”

Nola by #'s

78.8 millionThe number of people – from preschool to college students – enrolled in schools in a year. 7.1 billionThe average amount of money spent on back-to-school clothes in August; only sales during the holiday shopping season are higher. 15The percentage of college students who are 35 years old and older. 1812The year the first […]

Last Call

The complications of simplicity: making a true daiquiri


Scott Ferguson, our company’s financial officer, was sitting behind a desk in a small room located toward the back of a Port Allen printing company office. In those early days after Hurricane Katrina, while New Orleans was still legally off limits, the West Baton Rouge Parish town was the headquarters of our operations. As we […]


Cal Kingsmill’s decoys

Set in New Orleans

Channeling early TV series


On the surface, Angela Daliet could look like a typical mother of multiple children: stressed, sleep deprived and edgy. Mother of three boys 13 and under, she deals with school buses arriving at dawn, homework and sporting events scheduled 200 miles away, just like all parents who juggle work and parental responsibilities. But Daliet’s brand […]

NOPD’s CompStat for Pelicans

They are worlds apart; in fact, it’s a 2.5-hour drive and a 15-minute boat ride from the white-shirted commanders of the New Orleans Police Department meeting at 118 City Park Ave., to the oil-injured brown pelicans struggling to fly at Queen Bess Island off Grand Isle. “[The island] is the worst-hit area in the state […]

Putting a Value on the Saints

Let us talk appreciation. No, not that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when somebody does something nice for you. I am talking about dollars growing into bigger dollars – like when your house (you hope) appreciates in value from year to year. But we’re not really interested in your house. Let us talk about the […]


Since this magazine began offering editorials in 1989 we have always provided our own commentary. On this, the occasion of the Katrina disaster’s fifth anniversary, we break from practice and present these dramatic words as seen from the street. This sign, created through the efforts of the property owner and Levees.Org, stands on Bellaire Drive […]

Sanctioned Physicians

A list no doctor wants to make

From rubble to reefs

Motorists hurried over the old Interstate 10 Twin Span Bridge for years on their commutes and travels. But now some anglers are taking their time over the same bridge, or at least its crumbled debris. Through a plan advocated by the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana (CCA), the state is now repurposing large portions of […]

Read and Spin

The lovely Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue soothe and please us with Set Two; it’s a toe-tapping album with 13 tracks, two of which were penned by the Gal (Vanessa Niemann) and Honky Tonkers Dave Brouillette and Dave James. The gang does country rockabilly the right way – with soul and whiskey. Set […]

Summertime and A Need For Danny Barker

To loyal readers of this column I must confide that my soundtrack has turned to Danny Barker since the beginning of the disaster in thg Gulf. Everyone needs an uplifting moment in this heat with threatening ecological dread. The balladeer who did a peerless version of “My Indian Red” – the first Mardi Gras Indian […]

Galatoire’s sets tables for charity

When the landmark restaurant Galatoire’s was purchased by new owners late last year, the new investors took pains to assure their clientele they had no intention of changing anything. But one significant change in how Galatoire’s does business was already well underway by the time of the purchase, and these new owners, led by local […]


In some parts of the U.S., August represents the tail end of the summer heat. Not here, of course, where we can expect high temperatures and humidity for a couple of months to come. What is a man to do? Sweat, mainly, and go out to eat. At least that’s my solution. A branch of […]

3 in lakeview

Lakeview was one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the levee breaks, and commercial establishments were relatively slow to return. For a long time, homeowners rebuilding there were akin to homesteaders, having little in the way of supporting infrastructure. The neighborhood has been recovering one slow step at a time, and now that balance has […]

Comfort foods – southern style

I spent my early years in Memphis where we didn’t have fresh shrimp, crabs or oysters. That is why I loved nothing better than visiting my grandmother, who lived 20 miles from New Orleans. One night at her house we went to bed, leaving a basket of live crabs in the kitchen to cook the […]

The economics of regional survival

As the tally of losses from the BP oil disaster keeps running – and as the related lawsuits and insurance claims continue to mount – one group has released a unique new study that seeks to fix a monetary value to the entire ecosystem of coastal Louisiana now under such dire threat. The Washington, D.C.-based […]


For someone who just retired, former New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister is a busy man. While imminently accessible (I have his cell phone number; no, you can’t have it), it was ironically difficult trying to pin down a day and time to interview him. I figured it might be because I was so […]


Our top picks of the month’s events

Ain’t What It Used to Be

August ain’t what it used to be. It used to be hot and boring. It ain’t boring no more; it’s the exciting climax of hurricane season. My mother-in-law Ms. Larda decides to buy a GPS for her car, so if Bob Breck and them weatherologists tell us to leave, she’ll know which way to run. […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


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