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Thomas Morstead

When I went to interview New Orleans Saint Thomas Morstead I took a look online to get some information about punters, a sometimes-overlooked – but crucial – position on a football team.  The first definition I pulled up had nothing to do with football. It had to do with gambling, with “punter” being slang for […]

CARL LAVIE / Cardiologist

Advising Triathletes About Dangers

Off the Beaten Path

Unusual places; big-name chefs

Don’t You Know It’s Gonna Be All Right

I previewed Restaurant R’evolution (777 Bienville St., 553-2277, RevolutionNola.com) in the May edition of this column, before the partnership between chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto opened in June. Now that I’ve had a chance to check the place out, I thought I’d revisit it briefly. There isn’t enough space here to give you the […]

Southern Style

Quick dishes for the summer

The French Have It Right!

Whatever else you may think of France, the people of that nation have the correct idea for August: They head for the beach or the cooler countryside en masse. I don’t know why the city in the New World entrusted with the heritage of both the monarchy and the republic didn’t adopt this practice. No […]

Best Doctors

579 Doctors in 75 Specialty Areas


NEXT CHAPTER Former prosecutor, aka “Henry L. Mencken1951,” speaks out

Last Call From Death Row

Seeking the truth during a final conversation


Avoid Too Much Medical Care

Garden District Charm

The joy of Laura and Philip Claverie’s Victorian cottage

JANE WEISS / Opthamology

Fixing a Lasik Enhancement

HOWARD WETSMAN / Addiction Medicine

Getting Patients to Understand Addiction

My Toughest Case

Best Doctors

Maria at the Ballpark

Somewhere around the sixth inning, Maria came into our consciousness. The Zephyrs were already ahead 8-0 over the Oklahoma City Redhawks, but that didn’t matter much to Maria, who had other things on her mind in addition to her ancestral preference for Hispanic ballplayers. Her parents and siblings had gone on a popcorn run. Maria […]




The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc., recently awarded Ochsner Clinic Foundation with a three-year accreditation, widely considered to be the gold standard for protection of human participants involved in research. Nearly 300 clinical research trials are being conducted at Ochsner  facilities in Southeast Louisiana; this accreditation is granted to research […]


Explaining the Fall Re: “A Queen Falls: The surrender of New Orleans was a critical moment in the Civil War,” by Ron Chapman. March 2012 issue. Thank you very much for your article “A Queen Falls,” the story about the fall of New Orleans in the “War Between the States,” which appeared in your March […]

The T-P Fiasco, Part 2

Another man-made disaster

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot




Rolling On the River, Revisited

The cruise industry’s newest ships now call on New Orleans as the city grows into a more important cruise hub. But lately, evocative reminders of the riverfront’s past are also visiting New Orleans in the form of paddle wheelers. This spring, the American Queen, once a fixture on the river, resumed cruises from New Orleans […]

Family Doctors Take It On the Chin

“Reform” brings more pain than gain, physicians say.

Tabasco® Leader Lauded for Coastal Commitment

The Tabasco® brand is known across the globe as a symbol of Louisiana food and culture. Now, the leader of the family company that produces the famous hot pepper sauce is being lauded as a symbol of the effort to save Louisiana itself. Paul McIlhenny, chairman and CEO of the McIlhenny Co. (above left), was […]

Bracing for the Digital Future

Downsizing a once-vibrant newspaper

Needed: A Health Wizard

There needs to be a Health Wizard to, once and for all, resolve some questions for us. Here is an example: Recently I saw someone eating from a bag of fried pork rinds. Now I don’t mind an occasional rind myself, about two a year, but that has always been classified in my mind as […]

The Ride to the Rose Parade

A New Orleans marching band program devised to help keep kids on the right course will soon be taking them to the streets for one the most important national events to which marching bands aspire. The Roots of Music is one of a handful of groups invited to participate in this year’s Rose Parade, the […]

Two by Two

Oak Street companies work in tandem

The Dazzling Catherine Russell

Poetic cadence and lush rolls

Grandstanding in Mid-City

Mike and Kathy Hirsch’s backyard stadium

Tails and the City

People who aren’t from New Orleans have a certain opinion about people who are from New Orleans: They think we’re nuts. You ever notice that when you travel? You could be in Timbuktu, but when you say you’re from New Orleans their eyebrows shoot up like you already told them an inappropriate joke. It even […]

Picayune Memories

I can not remember a day in my life without the morning Times-Picayune on the doorstep. Did that influence my decision to become a writer? I don’t know, but two years after I graduated from Newcomb College, I was hired as a city desk reporter at The Times-Picayune. The Times-Picayune, in those days, was located […]

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