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New Orleans Magazine August 2013

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Libations from the High End

When price is not an object

Reading, Writing and Uniforms

New Orleanians reminisce about the school uniforms of yesteryear.

The Grapefruit Solution

National Award Winner “Streetcar” by Errol Laborde, 1st Place Winner, Columns Category City & Regional Magazine Association 2013 This was the year I had to come to terms with what to do with too many grapefruit. The simple answer, I once thought, was to give them away. That, as I had already learned from the […]

Into the World of Improv

It was my first improv class at The New Movement theater, and I was terrified. My nerves began to dissipate when our instructor – Tami Nelson who, along with Chris Trew, runs the theater – led us through our first warm-up. “This is your space to get real dumb,” she said. For that day’s warm-up – the […]

Fish Dishes of a Different Kind

New Orleans chefs are reaching new scales.

Hot Spots for Foodies

These three new restaurants are worth a visit.

Pepping Up Peppers

Recipes that will stuff you up

Cool Off with a Cocktail

Try this Lavender Margarita from Whiskey Blue.


Coup De Chef at Creole Grille Jeff’s Creole Grille, 5241 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, 889-7992 Jeff Smith, chef for three years at The Creole Grille & Bar on Veterans Boulevard, has just bought the restaurant with his family. As well as a name change to “Jeff’s Creole Grille,” he has also introduced a range of promotions. […]

Moms in the Kitchen

There are plenty of things I’m not any good at. Volleyball. Singing. Financial planning. One thing I am excellent at, though, is finding silly things to worry about. And so it was that I woke up at about 3 a.m. the other night to feed the baby and suddenly I got all worried that I […]

The Mind as Healer of the Body

Exploring the mental impact on physical health

Best Doctors: Sangeeta B. Shah

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Best Doctors: George Michael Fuhrman

General Surgery; Surgical Oncology

The Best Doctors in New Orleans

599 Doctors in 78 Specialties in the Greater New Orleans Area

Who Runs the Hospitals

During the time that we have been the time that we have been working on this, our annual Best Doctors Issue, a news story happened that’s a harbinger of health care and doctoring in the future. The Jefferson Parish council unanimously approved action that will allow the council (bypassing the need for a public vote) […]

Enhancing the Derrière

In August, everybody should wear just muumuus – and that’s it. Well, maybe underpants, in case a stiff wind whips up or we step on a sidewalk grate like Marilyn Monroe. But nothing else; it’s too hot. My mother-in-law, Ms. Larda, says if I’m complaining now, I should’ve grown up before air conditioning. She says that […]

Rick Delaup is Bringing Back Burlesque

Way back when, during the late 1950s and early ’60s, there were those all too infrequent nighttime forays through the French Quarter when you were curled up in the back seat of the family car, heading for chocolate milk and beignets at the French Market. What your dad and mom and your geeky sister sitting […]

Read & Spin

JAZZ Harry Connick Jr., one of New Orleans’ most famous natives, released album No. 30 earlier this summer with Every Man Should Know. Some of the 12 original tracks stick with the smooth jazz style the three-time Grammy Award winner is famous for, while others are a variation on Connick’s signature sound. Local fans will […]

Davell Crawford’s Gift

Jason Berry shares his thoughts from the musician's latest album, "My Gift To You."

It's Showtime!

Our Guide to New Orleans’ 2013-2014 Performance Season

Oyster Shells for the Coast

Whether they’re served on trays of ice or chargrilled, the shells from the oysters you have for dinner at select New Orleans restaurants may soon end up serving a new role along the Louisiana coast. This fall, the nonprofit Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is set to begin its Oyster Shell Recycling and Reef Restoration […]

The Turmoil of Prison Reform in New Orleans

What's next for OPP and the NOPD?

Putting Students in the Director’s Chair

The film industry is big business in New Orleans these days, bringing top directors, famous actors and big-budget productions to the city. But quietly, and well behind the scenes, more local students are developing their own skills in filmmaking and storytelling through some innovative new programs reaching into New Orleans public schools. “Film is a […]


Sunstar Americas and RDH magazine have awarded LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Dentistry assistant professor Jennifer Hew a Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction. Hew, a registered dental hygienist, is one of eight recipients nationally. At the LSUHSC School of Dentistry, Hew launched a program that integrates care for special needs adults and children […]

Sleep Disorders and Health

How to find your snooze control

Hard Times for Higher Education

Calculating the big picture in Louisiana

Starting a Business in New Orleans? Start Here

Small business development centers offer professional help for free.

Coming Soon: South Market District

When Saints fans pour into downtown New Orleans this season, they may notice something new along erstwhile empty blocks near the Mercedes-Benz Superdome: progress. Namely, it’s the opening salvo of the ambitious South Market District retail and residential project. The New Orleans-based developer Domain Companies began construction over the summer for the first phase of […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


Save New Orleans’ World Trade Center

If the local World Trade Center had as many tenants as there have been failed plans to redevelop it, there would be no current controversy about what to do with the building. Its capacity would be full. Unfortunately, the building, which is located at what is often referred to as being the most valuable plot of land in the state, stands closed. The once-glorious visions […]

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