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Sound Theory

Music as Elegant Form


FICTION: From the creative mind of award-winning New Orleans native John Gregory Brown, A Thousand Miles From Nowhere is a modern-day tragic hero story of a refugee’s path to self-discovery post-Katrina. After evacuating the city, the story’s protagonist, Henry Garrett, gains asylum in an old motel in Virginia where he finds kindness and inspiration from […]

Guitars and Cornets

Satchmo, Deerhoof and More

Mother’s Load

Life in two different directions

Winning at Weight Watchers

Walking the rocky road

Bumps in the Road

And other maladies

The Shell Game

New Orleanians and their turtles

Meeting Ali

Off the streets; in the ring

Green Tea and Me

When you have a chronic medical issue or something random happens with your health, it’s easy to jump immediately into the big or quick fix. But not every aspect of your life needs a miracle drug. Lately, a new wonder has entered my life. it doesn’t solve the great health issues of my life, but […]

Choosing Wisely

Clinical integration is changing healthcare

Day of the Declaration

Warring with words

Businesses On the Grow

New projects, expansions fuel local business growth

Barbara Motley

Theater Producer

Gay Promenade

Southern Decadence Celebrates the Culture



Cool Drinks for Hot Days

Four locals share their perfect creations

What Is a Racist

We have heard the word “racist” used often this summer, especially in light of the tragedies in Baton Rouge and Dallas. It is a powerful word that can ruin peoples’ lives, careers and reputations. That is why it’s regrettable that so many people don’t know what they’re talking about when they use the word. It […]

Doctors and Whiskey

A friend was having a first-time checkup by a doctor. Running through the routine questions, the doc asked her if she drank alcohol. She replied that she did, but just socially, maybe two or three times a week and mostly wine. The doctor paused, smiled and said, “The rule of thumb is that you’re OK […]

City Heat

I’ll take Manhattan

Churn of the Season

Ice cream made at home

News From the Kitchens

Tal’s Hummus, Caribbean Room & Little Korea BBQ

Steak Three Ways

Rare evolution well done

Booze School

The art of the cocktail

Return of The Chow Chow

To the left was a small container of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers special dipping sauce. In the center was a Cane’s chicken tender. To the right was a bottle of Zatarain’s Chow Chow. Never in the annals of science had there been an experiment like this one, but the thirst for knowledge, if not the […]

Best Doctors

Our Annual Checkup

James McKinnie M.D., MMM, FACC

One of MY TOUGHEST Cases: A Procedure for Heart Rhythm Problems

Tammuella “Tami” Chrisentery Singleton M.D.

One of MY TOUGHEST Cases: Katrina Evacuation and A Personal Loss

Aaron S. Dumont, M.D., F.A.C.S., FAHA, F.A.A.N.S.

One of MY TOUGHEST Cases: The Boy With Two Aneurysms

Ellen “Elly” Zakris M.D.

One of MY TOUGHEST Cases: Discovering A Rare Genetic Condition

Andrew G.S. King M.D., MBChB, FRACS, FACS

One of MY TOUGHEST Cases: Helping A Kid Grow

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