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My Toughest Case: Helping a youth with gender dysphoria and depression

From an early age, Dr. Myo Thwin Myint felt compelled to help underserved populations. A native of Myanmar, who moved to the U.S. at age 14, he noticed a “stigma of mental health” and wanted to heal people living with mental illness, particularly those of a younger generation and members of the LGBTQ community. He […]

My Toughest Case: A Malnourished Pregnant Teenager

One of the most important – and most challenging – parts of Dr. Pamela Wiseman’s job as a family physician is to help patients adopt healthier behaviors. For 20 years, she delivered babies; now she works doing prenatal and pediatric care with her family medicine partners and sees patients of all ages. During a particularly […]

My Toughest Case: Delivering Emotional News

As a college student at Yale University, Michael Moses contemplated a career as an architect before ultimately pursuing medicine, specifically plastic surgery. “Plastic surgery has the same dichotomy of form versus function,” he said. “But the stakes are different, and I love people.” Over the course of his 37-year-career, Moses has operated on thousands of […]

The Heat of Summer

My grandkids got a little education before school even started this year. Not that we planned it. What happens is, my daughter Gladiola calls me all excited. She has been volunteering at her school, Celibacy Academy, helping the nuns get ready for fall, and she been chosen to look after their puppy over the weekend. […]

A Fresh Taco Take

What happens when taco appreciation, culinary curiosity and entrepreneurship come together in a new restaurant concept? For Dinner Lab and Ace Hotel alum Brett Jones, the result is Barracuda. Already popular with families, hospitality types and millennials, this blink-and-you-miss-it Tchoupitoulas taco stand looks small from the street but unfolds hacienda-like into a huge backyard. The […]

Epoch Design

“We both like old stuff,” said guitarist/music producer/songwriter Zak Loy of the passion for midcentury modern design he shares with his wife, singer/songwriter/realtor Rachel Vette. “Outside of music, we express ourselves through design and remodeling houses and collecting things.” In the carport is a 1982 Mercedes 240D. In the cupboards are an assortment of Madmen-worthy […]

Cruise Control

Though New Orleans’ history is deeply intertwined with the growth of commerce on the lower Mississippi River, few could have imagined centuries ago that much of today’s industry would involve people and thier entertainment. Cruise ship business at the Port of New Orleans hit a new local record last year when some 590,000 passengers set […]

News From the Kitchen

Levee Baking Co. Levee Baking Co. started as a pop-up before opening on Magazine Street late last month. Baker Christina Balzebre is originally from Miami, and learned her craft working with local operations such as Satsuma Café, the Link Restaurant Group and Willa Jean. Her breads, pastries, cakes and both sweet and savory baked goods […]

A Cool Martini

Of all the months of the year, August has the worst reputation. Other months are beastly hot, crazy humid, and even provide the settings for hurricanes. But August is the month that catches most of the grief for our discomfort and complaining. And that is all the more reason to encourage us to keep it […]

Julia Street with Poydras The Parrot

Dear Julia and Poydras, I have researched high and low and have yet to find: How did Tivoli Circle get its name in the 19th century? Yours, Kelly Wally (New Orleans, LA) You’re talking about the site that is still officially known as Lee Circle. Just a few years after the Lousiana Purchase, surveyor Barthelemy […]

Hello Louis!

August begins with the return of the Satchmo SummerFest to The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the Mint for its 19th edition. The festival is always held over the weekend closest to Louis Armstrong’s birthday (August 4)—this year it falls the 2nd through the 4th. I love this event as it is heavy on two […]

Saints & Sinners

It’s summertime, and while the living might be easy, choosing clean and healthy foods that still satisfy our cravings might not be as simple. What better way to cool down on hot days than with an icy daiquiri, and how can anything other than a poor boy satiate a hankering for classic soul food? It […]

Streetcar: A Fair’s Farewell

On the closing night of the 1984 World’s Fair, Congressmember Lindy Boggs stood on the big amphitheater stage. With the passing ships on the river as the background, Boggs and Seymore D. Fair, the event’s pelican mascot, plus some miscellaneous dancers, performed the fair’s last act as they swayed to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” […]


Backstreet Boys One of the world’s most popular boy bands comes to the Smoothie King Center on August 30 as a part of their DNA World Tour. It will be the biggest arena tour the group has done in 18 years. Information, SmoothieKingCenter.com Lagniappe Classic Dog Show Co-hosted by the Louisiana Kennel Club and Metairie […]

Unpacking “Saratoga Trunk”

“No matter what I say I am – that I am. I shall be what it suits me to be. “ Clio Dulaine, heroine of the 1941 blockbuster novel “Saratoga Trunk,” is the beautiful daughter of a free woman of color and her wealthy white partner. Returning to New Orleans from Paris, she styles herself […]

When New Orleans Said “No” to an Expressway

Fifty years ago, New Orleans saved its historic district, and in doing so, set an example for other American cities. Though some did not heed. Salvation came from an unlikely source, but the one that counted the most. On August 22, 1969, John Volpe, the nation’s Secretary of Transportation under Richard Nixon, concurred that the […]

Surviving the Hot Months

It’s a known fact that tourists avoid New Orleans in the heat of summer. And many who live here try to escape. Hard as I try, my trips lean toward early summer or fall, leaving me to survive the inferno of August. In the midst of sweat and torture, I refuse to turn on an […]

Best Doctors

There is no responsibility that we take more seriously than publishing our annual list of best doctors. We totally want to be right about this and we want you to understand our methodology. How are the selections made? We partner with Best Doctors, Inc.®, a division of Teladoc Health, the global leader in virtual care. […]

Accepting My Age

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve,  which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com It goes so fast. Everyone says it, typically folded in with some “cherish every moment” drivel that I never feel like listening to because “every moment” includes the times I’m chiseling dried puke out of the crevasses of the car seat […]

The Road Less Traveled

It’s not a commuters’ paradise like Mandeville. It doesn’t have that upscale boutique vibe like Covington. If you’re looking for big box stores or movie theaters, try Slidell. It’s not deliberately eccentric like Abita Springs. It doesn’t have pastures and ponies like Folsom. No wooden boats like Madisonville. But it does have its own post […]

Dancing with the Saints

Dance instructor Jesse Hernandez blazed a trail last year by becoming the first male cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints, and one of the first in the NFL. The Maurice, Louisiana native quickly became a sideline favorite for many Saints fans. New Orleans Magazine and Hernandez take a look back at his rookie year, which […]

The Best Antiseptic in Town

This being our annual Best Doctor’s issue brings to mind New Orleans’ first celebrity doctor. He even had his own pitchman singing a song for him on the radio. The doctor was G.H. Tichenor and his publicist went by the name of Cajun Pete. In the early days of New Orleans radio, Pete could be […]

Resources for Home & Health

Home and health are perhaps the two main pillars that support our lives, lifestyles, and families, and whether you’re trying to lose weight and be more active or find retirement living for your next chapter in life, these are decisions that have a large impact on your future. The following resources for improving home and […]

Hospital Buzz

Greater New Orleans is fortunate to be home to a number of hospitals and hospital systems that bring world-class care to the people of the region. As medicine continues to evolve with the latest research and technologies, so do the hospitals as they institute best practices and expand treatment options for patients with all varieties […]

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