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New Orleanians who do it right never have to worry about post Christmas letdown. That’s because the day that to most of the world is the twelfth and final day of Christmas is recognized here as Twelfth Night, the first day of the Carnival season. Quite literally, Carnival begins at the moment when Christmas ends. […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Blandness Be Gone!

Nobody ever accused Creole and Cajun food of being light or dietetic. If we’re perfectly honest, we prefer it drenched in creamy sauces, smothered in roux or crusted in fried batter. However, here it is January – which is sort of like Monday – and it’s suddenly time to diet. Healthy and low-cal Crab-stuffed Mushrooms. […]


I thought it might be fun to ask some of our favorite New Orleanians their thoughts on 2006, and maybe even get them to share their New Year’s resolutions for 2007. Antoinette K-Doe – Proprietress, Ernie K-Doe Mother-In-Law LoungeFrank Glaviano – Shell Exploration and Production Co.Johnny Vidacovich – Internationally known musicianLeah Chase – New Orleans […]


Driving down the quite uptown streets, the charming salmon-colored camelback shotgun seems like any other traditional New Orleans house. No one would guess that until recently this place was a “dilapidated and falling down,” according to interior designer Stephanie Lessans Adler, ASID, who also holds a master’s degree in architecture. It was she who saw […]

Deakle-Duggins Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Scott DugginsFor every seamless moment, every spontaneous-looking smile on a bride’s wedding day, there’s a mile of paperwork and decisions leading up to it. Imagine having made all of those decisions – What color flowers? Which dress? Full veil or half? – and having them blown away in an instant. That’s what […]

Daigle-Ferrand Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Brad FerrandJoneé Mae Daigle and Brad David Ferrand were united in marriage on March 18, 2006, in a 1 p.m. ceremony at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, where Reverend Raymond Fitzgerald S.J. officiated the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keith Daigle, of Covington. She is the […]


Adecade of New Year’s Eves have begun since the last day of 1986 when a few of us gathered for lunch. Time’s passage reverberated from the walls around us and was reflected in the few other faces in the room, all with apprehensive expressions. Let alone the end of the year, this was the end […]


Pity the modern, harried, burnt to a frazzle, counseled to a dweeb, medicated into tranquility teenager: juggling home life, juggling school life, juggling a social life, juggling a job. In the end, the perpetual juggling evokes the teenage standby – “Life sucks!” No such problem for Jacob Sherry. This lanky, 18-year-old Algiers native looks forward […]


Early 19th century New Orleans provided a wealth of material for 20th century writers – including Frank Yerby. His historical romances, which he called “costume” novels, regularly graced bestseller lists throughout many decades, beginning in the 1940s. Yerby wrote of valiant heroes and beautiful heroines, used lush settings and none of his Southern-based works were […]


My mother-in-law, Ms. Larda, is back home in Chalmette.Not a minute too soon. She says she can’t never show her face in Folsom again.She had been staying there on the Northshore with my daughter Gumdrop while her house was getting fixed after Katrina. Thank God it’s ready.What happened was, last Wednesday she got up at […]


Donna Cavato, Program Director for the new Edible Schoolyard at the K-8 Green Charter School, gestures across a barren schoolyard covered with a layer of mulch. “It’s perfect. It’s full sun. There’s not a whole lot of concrete that we have to take out,” Cavato says. “This will be the main growing area.” After the […]

ULTIMATE NEW ORLEANS: Chris Rose by a Landslide

He has a gift for dead-on sarcasm, a penchant for potty humor and a heart that breaks for all New Orleans. He was popular before Katrina, but his writing since has made him beloved. Back when the city was becoming one with the lake, and people were realizing that home was not there anymore, Rose’s […]


OUR READERS’ PICKSThere were elections for Congress and on constitutional amendments during the past year, both of which were useful learning exercises for our readers to make their most important decisions – who or what are worthy of the title Ultimate New Orleans. Self-addressed, postage-paid detachable ballots were included in our August and September issues. […]


THE HISTORYImagine a house built with walls three bricks thick, cypress windows, doors and moldings, wide-board pine floors and fireplaces in all the main rooms. This near-perfect 1828 Creole cottage is in the Tremé neighborhood. “It was built by Terence Cousin, a St. Tammany Parish brick-maker who barged his bricks by schooner across Lake Pontchartrain […]

FOOD: Blandness Be Gone!

Nobody ever accused Creole and Cajun food of being light or dietetic. If we’re perfectly honest, we prefer it drenched in creamy sauces, smothered in roux or crusted in fried batter. However, here it is January – which is sort of like Monday – and it’s suddenly time to diet. Healthy and low-cal Crab-stuffed Mushrooms. […]


Swollen lower legs and underlying cardiovascular disease are common cousins. Swollen ankles are more common with advancing age even in the absence of any significant heart disease. A typical situation is to awake with normal sized ankles that swell with dependent edema as the day progresses. Persistent swelling of an extremity is about as welcomed […]


Hope and optimism may be staples of personal recovery from disaster, but making a comeback in business requires more. The decision to pick up the pieces of a business and begin anew generally arises not from emotions or nostalgia, but from a cold analysis of facts. A series of perspective drawings contained within the Neighborhoods […]


On the night that William Jefferson was reelected to Congress, a television anchor asked an analyst head what people in Des Moines, IA,  will think about New Orleans sending  a man who has been under criminal investigation back to Congress. The analyst gave a vague answer, but what he should have said was “nothing,” because […]

NEWS BEAT: Documenting the New Orleans that Was

As New Orleans struggles to define its future after Hurricane Katrina, a new project is asking residents to share memories, stories, photographs and other materials from the city’s past. Called “Do You Know What It Means?” the project is a Web-based effort to help the public understand the unique culture, traditions and ways of life […]

NEWS BEAT: Local Lawyer, White House Fellow

Local attorney Bedouin Joseph didn’t need to spend much time in Washington, DC before he discovered the power of federal government purse strings when yielded by the Office of Management and Budget. The OMB, as it’s called, is the White House office responsible for devising the president’s annual budget proposal to Congress and it’s also […]


Madeleine Peyroux has a voice of silk and honey with echoes of Billie Holiday that make you catch your breath. She spent a stretch in New Orleans with a band several years ago, and her set at the pre-Katrina Jazz Fest was a showstopper – one to bestir the masses to visit the nearest Starbucks, where […]

NEWS BEAT: Return of the Red Streetcars

Like homes and businesses along much of their route, the Canal streetcars that were flooded in their Mid-City den after Hurricane Katrina are now undergoing major repairs to bring them back to like-new condition. With the arrival of an influx of cash from FEMA, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has begun what officials […]


I’ve started the New Year hungrier than ever and with this resolution: to enjoy as many of New Orleans’ restaurants as possible in the coming year. There’s always time for exercise … later. SMOKIN’! To me, a good weekend breakfast has always meant smoked fish (whiting, sturgeon, nova, etc.) on a fresh bagel smeared with […]


I’ve always regarded steakhouses as the dinosaurs of the culinary world: lumbering behemoths with primitive menus whose appeal lay more in brute strength than in careful refinement. But could it be that these restaurants are more variegated and complex than I thought? To investigate this question, I explored a sampling of downtown steakhouses – enthusiastically, […]

PERSONA: Fr. William F. Maestri

Can a nice Presbyterian girl like me have a crush on a nice Catholic priest? If the priest in question is Fr. William Maestri, I would have to say “yes.” Fr. Maestri first came to my attention when I was channel surfing one night and came upon the WLAE 32 TV show, “Issues & Faith,” […]


As political leaders go, the Marquis de Vaudreuil was not known for his integrity, but he sure enjoyed pomp – under any circumstance. Vaudreuil, who served as French Louisiana’s governor from 1743-‘53, saw himself as the extension of his boss – King Louis XIV – in the new world. New Orleans, a mucky, grimy frontier […]


Dear Juila,I’ve been driving past my pre-Katrina grocery, Canal Blvd. Supermarket, lamenting its absence for the past few months and observing its gutting. I noticed after the façade was stripped of its outer veneer, that earlier incarnations of the building were revealed. “Azalea” and “Tony’s Cafe” are painted over the same space with “dining room” […]


The 73rd Sugar Bowl Football Classic, LSU vs. Notre Dame, Jan. 3 Sugar BowlThe 73rd Sugar Bowl Football Classic will be held this year Jan. 3, at 7 p.m in the Superdome. Though tickets have sold out, you can still watch LSU vs. Notre Dame on TV and support your favorite neighborhood restaurant/bar at the […]


2 Local Traditions That Won’t Be Around This Year•The drive through at Celebration in the Oaks. (At least you can still do the walk.)• Ice Tunnel decoration in the Fairmont lobby. (We’ve got the Blue Room blues.) 5 Dishes to Prepare Other that the Traditional Turkey• Chisesi’s ham. (Local company took a beating from Katrina […]


Local politics has gotten more difficult to predict largely because the electorate is so displaced. While Jefferson’s victory was a mild surprise, the size of his win was shocking. A successful election is the product of many factors, including these: LOOKING CONGRESSIONALJefferson can give thanks to one miracle: The showdown vote on the crucial offshore […]

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