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The Christmas List

A music writer’s gift picks

Best of Dining

Our Annual Buffet of Top People and Places

Animal Magnetism

The Magic of Pets as CareGivers

Christmas 1911: Downtown Was Jamming, the Season Was Expanding

(but for a different reason than you might think)


ANTOINE’S REVEILLON ANTOINE’S, 713 Rue Saint Louis 70130, 581-4422, Antoines.com In December Antoine’s is offering prix fixe réveillon menu offered for lunch and dinner for groups of 15 or less, with some dates excluded. Special holiday drinks and desserts will also be offered. Established in 1840, Antoine’s Restaurant is the country’s oldest family-run restaurant and […]

The List, Twice Checked

A holiday checklist: Snow, jingle bells, sleighs, Yule log, sleds and chestnuts roasting by an open fire. Those are items we’re almost guaranteed will not be part of our seasonal celebrations. Having snow is a remote possibility, but certainly not the norm (remember 2004 and ’08). But New Orleans has December traditions and holiday icons: […]

Sweet Dreams

Baking for the holidays

So, What Exactly is a Womelette?

Shane Pritchett recently opened Fat Hen Grocery and Deli at 7457 St. Charles Ave. Like the original Fat Hen Grill, Fat Hen Grocery is principally a diner-style restaurant, but in keeping with the “grocery” in its name there’s a small, eclectic mix of items on sale in the rear of the restaurant. The most interesting […]

Pop-Ups: A Trend in Three Acts

The setting is the same, but the story changes.

Wake Up, Work Out

It is no secret that New Orleans is a nocturnal city and, more often than not, if you see a sunrise here, you’re at the wrong end of a long night. (But at least you’re still seeing straight.) Even though our nightlife is the stuff of legends, the Big Easy’s diurnal residents can still get […]

Harry Tompson at the Altar

No one said a Christmas Eve Midnight Mass like Harry Tompson did.

With Whipped Cream on Top

New Orleans was a hot town for ice cream sodas.

A Hostage to Fortune

I don’t think anyone who knows me would be surprised to find out that I’m an extremely superstitious person. I compulsively knock on wood. I throw salt over my left shoulder on a daily basis because I’m never quite sure of exactly what qualifies as “spilling” it, so I just err on the side of […]

A Gunch Culinary Christmas

My mother-in-law Ms. Larda’s cooking is to die for. People probably already have, with smiles on their faces and blockages in their arteries. But it was worth it. Still, her own daughter, my sister-in-law Gloriosa, cooks only healthy food. Healthy – but revolting. Now, Gloriosa, whose mission in life is to be better than anybody […]

Avoiding Cat-astrophe

Tulane’s College of Cats

Read & Spin

CD  What does a British actor who plays a New Jersey physician know about New Orleans music? Maybe nothing, but of his detractors, Hugh Laurie would just say, Let Them Talk. Laurie rasps through more than a dozen classic Big Easy ballads with contributions from Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint and Dr. John. He performs without […]

Buy the Book

Locally owned bookstores have stories as interesting as any novel.

Packing the Park

Each year around this time, New Orleanians by the thousands pour into City Park for Celebration in the Oaks, a rite of the holiday season now marking its 25th anniversary. But as the park itself presses ahead with its Hurricane Katrina recovery and capital improvement plan, its leaders are adding more features and attractions that […]

The Commander

Learning From a Life

NOLA Becoming a Latino “Gateway”

Louisiana doesn’t share a border with our Latin American neighbors to  the south, but it looks   like New Orleans is increasingly becoming a “gateway” for Latino immigrants. From 2000 to ’10 the Latino population in the New Orleans metro area surged by 57 percent, according to an analysis of Census findings by the Greater New […]


Dr. Vivien Chen at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans was recently awarded a grant by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a system to collect and report pediatric cancer cases. In an LSU-generated press release, Chen said it will be a “valuable tool for local, state and national researchers […]

Heartworms in Dogs

Lives of their own

Education Reform

Remembering Past Governors

Will the Gulf Ever be the Same?

Anxious oil industry wonders

Energy: Efficiency Along the Energy Coast

Louisiana is one of the biggest energy-producing states in the nation, thanks primarily to the massive volumes of oil and natural gas brought in from the Gulf along what some have dubbed “America’s Energy Coast.” But according to a recent study, the state ranks  near the bottom for how      efficiently it uses energy overall. The […]

Ana Zorrilla

New Orleans is a city of animal lovers. but like any other area of the world – be it urban or rural – pet overpopulation and animal cruelty are a definite reality. We would like to think that people are advocates for animals, their pets; yet there are many who are not. Ana Zorrilla’s enthusiasm […]





Un Noël Français

Season’s grandeur in Metairie Club Gardens

Encouraging Signs Amidst a Tough Year for NOPD

If failure was strictly measured by the number of dismal headlines that an entity generates, than 2011 was truly a dreary year for the New Orleans Police Department. Fortunately there were a few that were less sensational than encouraging. If weighted fairly, they give us a reason to be reassured. Those stories that were bad […]

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