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New Orleans Magazine February 2005

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Save the Daube

Daube is one of the great winter meals in New Orleans, though it sits high on the list of endangered or lost dishes – those rarely cooked by the young folks or fading from the menus of neighborhood restaurants. Yet it remains a wonderful example of how French and Italian cooking merge in this food […]

My Asian Adventure

Vietnam Dinner with the Ambassador The last time I saw Ray Burghardt, we were ducking into a taxi after a show at the Apollo Theater in New York in the summer of 1965. It was a tense time in New York and the nation, with racial tension and black power exponents/revolutionaries reigning supreme. It was […]

Political Valentines

With this being the month of Valentine’s Day and Louisiana being so political, here’s my take on the top 10 political couples of all time. They are listed in ascending order, so no peeking. 10. William C.C. and Eliza. Life was rough in the 1800s, even for the politically prominent. W.C.C. Claiborne, the first territorial […]

Nashville: Here for the party

Several years ago I took a day trip to an island called Les Roches off the northern coast of Venezuela. The name of this speck in the Caribbean said it all – “the rocks.” The main attraction was snorkeling in a lagoon, but other than that there was nothing. I learned something that day – […]

Planes, trains and boats

AIR TRAVEL Frequent fliers who live in New Orleans may not agree on a favorite destination, but they can agree on one thing: The world is a big place, and for New Orleanians, it seems even bigger. Unless international travel plans include Toronto, Canada, or San Pedro Sula, Honduras, New Orleans globe-trotters can bank on […]

Blue on Blue: Murder, Madness and Betrayal in the NOPD

SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1995. 1:55 A.M. EASTERN NEW ORLEANS Antoinette Frank stood in the cramped kitchen of the Kim Anh restaurant, a 9 mm pistol clutched in her hand. Kneeling on the dirty floor at Frank’s feet were 17-year-old Cuong Vu and his 24-year-old sister, Ha. Cuong was an altar boy at St. Brigid Catholic […]

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