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New Orleans Small Business Marketing Conference

The Magazine Street Merchants Association along with the New OrleansDistrict of American Society of Interior Designers is planning aMarketing Seminar on March 27th at the Jewish Community Center on St.Charles Avenue at 8AM.  The seminar is aimed at educating local smallbusiness owners to the current marketing conditions available to them,locally, regionally and nationally. New Orleans businessescontinue to suffer locally […]


Nancy Nguyen prepares bread at O’Delice.Street Sweets It is both an understatement and a cliché to state that every block of Magazine Street yields a new surprise. But given the fact that one canshop for both a rubber chicken and a Biedermeier breakfast table within the same block, I’m afraid the understatement stands. Magazine Street’s […]

ST. CHARLES AVE.: To Your Health

This month we will answer a question that a St. Charles Avenue reader sent in. Q: Now that the holidays are over, I am ready to fight something that I have been battling for quite some time. I am ready to get rid of the fat around my waist. How can I feel comfortable putting […]


Keil’s Antiques is known for its variety of English and French antiques. Theshops along historic Royal Street, an enchanted vision of French andSpanish architecture carefully preserved for centuries, have longcaptivated local antique and fine collectible enthusiasts, as well asconnoisseurs from across the globe. This shopping destinationhas garnered quite the reputation for being the spot to […]


Like florists all over town, Nancy Segers was placing orders for Valentine’s Day when most people were still in the throes of the Christmas shopping season. “It’s the one time of year when people who never buy flowers will buy flowers,” says Segers, co-owner  of Tommy’s Flowers, in the French Quarter. “And they all want […]


 PRETTIEST PARADE This category was a real surprise. At a time when krewes would have an excuse for rolling out  mediocre parades they seemed to be prettier than ever. The competition was tight but Hermes stood out with what might have been its most attractive parade lush with colors and shimmying in the right places. My […]


With each new reopening of a business in my neighborhood, Mid-City, I have been anxious to be a customer again, with one exception – Schoen Funeral Home. Schoen is a beautiful building and in its restored state it’s grander than ever. Though its business is not one that elicits joy it’s, at least, part of […]


“It’s like living in the country in the middle of the city,” muses attorney Charles McHale as he considers his family home on Park Island, located just across Bayou St. John from City Park and approached from St. Bernard Avenue. “My wife is from Tennessee; I met her at Tulane. When we were dating we […]

MODINE’S: Making a Statement

Most people in New Orleans have a tradition for Carnival day – circling their ladders on St. Charles Avenue, riding a truck behind the Rex parade or walking from the French Quarter to wherever the parade is. My daughter Gumdrop has a new Carnival tradition. She has babies. She’s done it twice now. Last time, […]

Katrina Up Grade

Hurricane Katrina dumped three feet of water into the Mid-City house Erich and Jennifer Weishaupt had purchased in 2001, leaving the couple with some tough decisions to make. Chief among them was the dilemma similar to that faced by many homeowners in the New Orleans area: Should they take this opportunity to upgrade their home, […]

TRAVEL: Roaming Readers

Beautiful Buenos AiresAt the end of October last year, our daughter and her husband took my wife and me to Buenos Aires for two weeks. It was one of the most interesting and fun trips we’ve ever taken. Buenos Aires is a huge city (about 13 million) but very lovely, with beautiful, wide, tree-lined boulevards, […]


All of us who were born in New Orleans, along with most of us who were admitted later, know there’s only one true dining destination in these United States – and that destination is, well, us. Still, that indisputable, irrefutable fact does not prevent us from eating and drinking our way through every city and […]

Experience La Cuisine De Saint Barth

Cuisine is often shaped by the land, even when the land provides no resources. Sometime the results are surprising. Only a few miles off the Caribbean island of St. Martin is the tinier island of St. Barth. On St. Martin, restaurants will most often serve the standard Caribbean cuisine that might include fish, pork, curry, […]

Understanding Caribbean Dining – No Problem!

Dining in the Caribbean means much more than mere nutrition; it’s part of the whole vacation experience. Your island day can start with a taste of the world’s best coffees and fresh-picked bananas from a nearby tree. Lunch might mean a savory roadside dish in a manner perfected by the Caribbean’s first inhabitants centuries ago. […]

Dance of Fire

We danced in the empty front parlor of his shotgun house in the Irish Channel. Alberto Paz, an Argentine gentleman of my father’s generation, said, “Find your center. Stay grounded. Let go. Be patient. Do not anticipate the direction, but once you have a direction, step with energy. Be relaxed but strong.” Tango instructor Ector […]

HOME: Living with Antiques

THE INSPIRATIONWith a treasure-trove of fine antiques surrounding them in their Garden District home, what four daughters and one son once considered merely old furniture has taken on a new meaning. Now there’s a list of what each one has earmarked for his or her wish list for later years. Meredith, 12; Ashley, 16; Anne, […]

FOOD: With a Nice Chianti …

When the world looks at New Orleans, it sees unique cuisine, Carnival, the home of jazz and a love of antiquity in its buildings and neighborhoods. To live here gives one an inside view that goes much deeper. We know that Friday nights mean crowded seafood restaurants and the shunning of meat, that summers are […]


Ed note: The names of the two patients and the physician mentioned in this article are pseudonyms, but all the case histories are real. Nell Hightower, a diabetic with hypertension and arthritis, rolled into the emergency room several years ago with bilateral pneumonia. Dr. Morer, her regular physician, was not on the hospital staff and […]

BIZ: Getting Businesses Back

Entrepreneurs, by nature, are a tenacious lot. That is fortunate for New Orleans because starting and growing a business in the current economic environment requires a special brand of moxie. Anyone who launches a business takes a certain leap of faith that it will succeed but many enterprising folks in the local area must overcome […]


Looking at some of the global coverage of New Orleans’ recovery reminds me of the story of the men who had never seen an elephant. Each was blindfolded, given a chance to touch the beast and then asked what they thought an elephant might look like. One felt the trunk and said an elephant was […]

NEWS BEAT: Local girl lands on the silver screen

A class of New Orleans second-graders was treated to a unique sneak preview of an upcoming Hollywood thriller thanks to a show-and-tell presentation with a dose of Tinseltown. That was the day eight-year-old Sabrina Aurora Junius brought her photo album to school with shots from the set of The Reaping, a Warner Bros. film in […]

MUSIC: Strings the Thing

In 1934, the soulful gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt – could anyone besides Sean Penn adequately portray him on screen? – was playing in the cafés of Paris when the leader of the Hot Club of France invited him to join an all-string group. Reinhardt became the blues-stretching alter ego to the grand violinist, Stephane Grapelli, […]

NEWS BEAT: Group lobbies for “8-29 Commission”

The nonprofit, grassroots group Levees.org is calling on Congress for an investigation of the Hurricane Katrina levee disaster in New Orleans akin to the one that followed the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2005.  The group is asking Congress to create what it calls the “8-29 Commission,” a reference to the date of Aug. 29, […]


THE TACO TRAIL It seems there are a never-ending number of taco trucks, stands and taquerias all over New Orleans. Raves are rampant for El Gato Negro in the French Quarter and I can’t go one week without a stop into Tacos at San Miguel (Elysian Fields at Claiborne avenues) for a plate of tacos […]


Brunch is a curious meal when you think about it. It warps genres, breaking meals down into their constituent parts then rearranging them in enticing new combinations. Want a couple poached eggs atop your filet mignon? Brunch has that. Or would you prefer some turtle soup with your bread pudding French toast? Brunch shall provide. […]

NEWS BEAT: Latest USS New Orleans sets sail

A train called the City of New Orleans carries passengers across the nation’s heartland between the Crescent City and Chicago, but a new warship named for the same city and built nearby will soon carry hundreds of Marines across the oceans to wherever they’re needed. On March 10, the Navy will officially commission the USS […]


There’s a Michael Lewis, or should I say a Michael Lewis book, for almost every generation. For those who entered the work force in the late 1980s – especially if you lived in New York City (like I did) – his first book, Liar’s Poker was what you found on your stockbroker boyfriend’s nightstand. A […]

PACE: March

STANDING AT THE ALTARThat the basket in the foreground contains American dollars rather than euros says much about the preservation of cultures. The Sicilian tradition of building food altars to honor St. Joseph survives better in New Orleans than in Palermo. The pattern is not unusual: Immigrants bring traditions to a new land and preserve […]

Couvillion’s Couchon De Lait

Join and Master of Ceremonies, Heath Allen of WDSU for a fundraiser to rebuildthe library at Our Lady of Prompt Succor School. A casual, fun-filled evening for the entire family featuringan authentic pig roast, creole classics and live entertainmentby The Bruce Daigrepont Band. Saturday, March 3, 20076 to 10pm3316 Bayou Road • St. Bernard, LA$20 […]


Dear Julia,My son recently did a research paper on New Orleans Statues. He gathered information on many of our beautiful landmarks, however he had difficulty obtaining any information on P.T.G. Beauregard who graces the entrance to City Park. I’m sure Poydras has flown over and rested on this brilliant sculpture. Can you please share information […]


Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, March 28-April 1For the Love of LiteratureNow in its 21st year, the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival (March 28-Apr. 1) honors the legacy of a playwright who referred to New Orleans as his “spiritual home.” The five-day festival offers classes, panel discussions and celebrity interviews to provoke thought and creativity. […]


 Saturday,  Feb. 17, Border’s, 11am to 1 at Borders 3131 Veterans Blvd.Sunday, Feb, 25, Barnes & Noble, Noon to 2, 3721 VeteransBooks can be ordered via e-mail at gdkrewe@aol.com or 895-2266 Halloween and our Mardi Gras share more in common than just masquerade. Both are eves of Christian holidays that concern death. Both have pagan […]


Errol Laborde will have a book signing tomorrow night, Tuesday, Feb. 13 from 6pm to 7:30 at Octavia Books, 513 Octavia St. (Corner of Laurel.) There will be a brief lecture beginning at 6:20. Saturday,  Feb. 17, Laborde will host a book signing from 11am to 1 at Borders 3131 Veterans Blvd. Books can be […]


My book and the city’s founders had one thing in common- they all arrived from Canada. But while the LeMoyne bothers, Iberville and Bienville, lifted anchor from the Canadian Atlantic shore, the book was shipped from a printer in the country’s center, Manitoba. Entitled Krewe: The Early New Orleans Carnival- Comus to Zulu the book […]

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