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Worldwide Worries

There ain’t no Modine Gunch porn site on the Internet. And if there is one, it has nothing to do with me. And if it does have something to do with me, I didn’t do it on purpose. I got to explain. I ain’t no computer genius like them hackers you hear about. But this […]

A Medjugorje story

Lunch was about to take a bizarre turn. Lent brings to mind spirituality and spirituality reminds me of Medjugorje. During the 1980s through the ’90s the town, located in the former Yugoslavia, became an oft-visited destination for Christians who were drawn there by reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. Medjugorje was especially popular among New […]

Bruce the Whistler

It may be Sunday. It may be Tuesday. The only safe bet is that it’s some time between dawn and dusk. All is a blur in a semi-conscious state of post-operative recovery. The guy with the newly rebuilt heart who’s being wheeled on the gurney into the intensive care recovery unit is just about as […]

Jill Jackson’s Salad Days

Jill Jackson is a native who began her career in New Orleans. She was the first female sportscaster in America, a Hollywood gossip columnist in 1,700 weekly newspapers to this day and she boasts a namesake salad on the menu at Brennan’s – you just can’t get much more famous than that. On New Orleans […]

Making the Catch

It don’t matter what they say on national TV; everybody from New Orleans knows that flashing your bosoms for beads is not an old New Orleans tradition. We got way too many Catholic schools for that. Some sin-and-skin magazine made that up and convinced a whole lot of naïve young girls from Up North that […]

Last Call

Tiki TimeBack in the simpler days of the 1950’s, when beginning-to-retire-now Baby Boomers were focused on Howdy Doody, slip-n-slides, hula hoops and Elvis, their parents were heading out the door to the kitsch-iest, wackiest place in town – the Tiki Bar. Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic’s and New Orleans’ own, Bali Hai at Pontchartrain Beach, […]


11Date in Feb. 1990 that anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela was freed after a 27-year political imprisonment. 496Year, A.D., that Pope Gelasius set aside Feb. 14 to honor St. Valentine. 4552Weight, in carats, of the Hope Diamond (housed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.). 120 Number of single men in their […]

Dining Features

A Bistro on Metairie RoadThough it has relocated from Kenner to Metairie Road, Chateau Du Lac Bistro is still serving customers its famous French cuisine and French wine. Owned by Executive Chef Jacques Saleun and his wife, Paige Amundson-Saleun, the restaurant appeals to patrons who “like four star French food and wine in a casual […]

Embrace the Passion

Nothing warms her soul and wins her over like the desires of her heart. Open your heart and express your undying love through a beautiful piece of jewelry she can wear, and through it remember your love, for the rest of her life. Tower of Loving Surprises  18 K white gold, 6.73 ct pink sapphire […]

Charting a course

Abramson Science & Technology Charter School. Abramson follows the Harmony School model, a college prep program connected to a group of schools clustered mostly in Texas. Harmony schools focus on integrating technology into the classroom, teacher subject specialization after the fourth grade, family visits and cross-disciplinary learning.  A science project is required of every student […]

Big Score

New Orleans City Council President Arnold “Arnie” Fielkow is 6-foot-3 and smiles easily. A former top executive for the New Orleans Saints, Fielkow exudes a mix of a Midwesterner’s optimism and enthusiasm for reforming local government that is blandly reassuring. On this day, former City Councilman Oliver Thomas has reported to a federal prison to […]

Ultimate New Orleans: Favorite Poor Boy

Jay Nix, owner of Parkway Bakery & Tavern lets out a gleeful yelp when he finds out his shop has been voted No. 1 for poor boy sandwiches. His contagious excitement and passion for the industry are perhaps key ingredients to the restaurant’s success and popularity over the years. The Mid-City based Parkway, with a […]

Ultimate New Orleans: Favorite Hotel Bar

The lights inside are dimming and the scene along Royal Street seems to be whirling by, not quickly, but enough that makes you wonder how strong that cocktail is that you’re drinking – or how long you’ve been sitting at the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone. For the uninitiated, this bar moves in a circle, […]

Ultimate New Orleans: Favorite Restaurant Worth the Drive

“Here at Middendorf’s, we’re with you through thick and thin,” greets the voicemail of this beloved restaurant, owned by husband and wife Horst and Karen Pfeifer. If you’ve never been to this “Favorite Restaurant Worth the Drive,” (located off the Manchac Exit off Interstate 55) let me let you in on the joke: Middendorf’s Thin-Fried […]

Ultimate New Orleans: Dining

Dining Favorite place to buy King Cakes: Manny Randazzo King Cakes. Chalmette culinary tradition comes to Mardi Gras with Randazzo’s victory. Haydel’s and Gambino’s bring two other great baking traditions to the front. National chains keep away.2) Haydel’s Bakery3) Gambino’s Bakery Favorite takeout: Copeland’s of New Orleans. Besting Five Happiness for the first time, and with […]

Ultimate New Orleans: Favorite Hornets Player

Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets is quickly becoming a household name. Though he’s not yet 23, the 6-foot tall guard, who played college ball at Wake Forest (in his hometown), is being lauded for his grace on the court. “He’s is already a top player in the league,” Coach Mark Iavaroni of the […]

Ultimate New Orleans: Favorite Local Band

The Bucktown All-stars, based in Metairie, La., is a nine-man band specializing in brass, funk and soul; just the kind of music Louisiana loves. If you’ve seen them play, it was probably at Rock ‘n’ Bowl in Mid-City, where they’re known for playing sassy brass and well-known cover tunes. Band manager (and former member) Stephen […]

Ultimate New Orleans: Favorite Jazz Club

Back during my college years, my friends and I would go to Snug Harbor because we didn’t have to wait in line to get a good cheeseburger and a Monsoon, like we had to at Port of Call. Eventually, we ended up bypassing Port and going straight to Snug because it also had something Port […]

And the winners are…

This being a leap year, it’s also a federal election year. To help prepare our readers for the challenging task of selecting our next president as well as members of Congress, we have provided the equivalent of spring training with our Ultimate New Orleans ballot. Self-addressed, postage-paid detachable ballots were included in our October and […]

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