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Christmas Dinner at Camp Ramadi

Ed. Note: Baghdad Dispatch is written by two female Marines with local connections; Marine Capt. Mary Noyes, an attorney (right); and Marine Maj. Meredith Brown, an Iraqi Women’s Engagement officer (left). Their respective columns will appear in alternate months. Noyes moved to New Orleans in 2006; Brown is a native of Marrero. As we approached […]

NOLA by the Numbers

381Days of the Montgomery, Ala. Bus Boycott, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Montgomery Improvement Association. 352 U.S. 903Supreme Court case of William A. Gayle v. Aurelia S . Browder, 1956, in which the Court ruled segregation on public buses unconstitutional. 2Years after Gayle v. Browder that the Supreme Court ruled segregation […]

Carnival’s Top 25 Parades

Arranged by category

The Jerusalem Temple

The best part was riding down St. Charles Avenue in the limousines right after the Hermes Parade. That was really fun!” Judy Walshe Whann (Mrs. Robert Whann) remembers of her reign over the youthful Krewe of Apollo on the Friday before Mardi Gras. Her ride up the avenue stopped short of Lee Circle. In those […]

Captial Position

The past year gave many Americans the financial shock of their lives. Though the trouble appeared to erupt from the investment banks of Wall Street, the roots of the problems reached deep into the credit practices of lenders across the country, and it didn’t take long before consumers everywhere felt the pain. As citizens worried […]

Our Entertainment Industry

“In New Orleans, we have our own definition of celebrity.” As New Orleanians, we’re more interested in the Trombone Shortys than we are the Lenny Kravitzes. We define the term celebrity in a different way. This alternate definition creates value for the “traditional celebrity” in that it offers up a sort of privacy they cannot […]

Romance in Advance

As is the nearly yearly case, New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebration will eclipse Valentine’s Day in 2009. Boobs and beads replace birds and bees; “Love Potions” outrank No. 9 by at least 150-proof liquor and romantic endeavors are dropped for excuses such as, “But the Choctaw/Adonis/Pontchartrain/Shangri-La/Caesar/Sparta/Pegasus/Olympia/Mona Lisa and Moon Pie/Gladiators parade is toniiight.” Not to […]

Nature Inspired

fairest of all Facing page: Sterling Silver “Bleeding Heart” necklace with freshwater pearls and garnets from Mignon Faget; pewter fairy set with real butterfly wings from Sabai Jewelers; 18 K white gold, diamond and south sea pearl earrings and matching brooch, both from Adler’s Jewelers. [Featured Bug: Desert Millipedes] gem-ecological balanceThis page: Sterling silver acid-washed […]

Getting into Character

During Carnival, and especially on Mardi Gras day itself, thousands of New Orleanians and playful visitors alike are masked or otherwise adorned in costumes born of fancy and fantasy, history and humor. When it comes time to hit the streets, the effort and creativity put into an individual costume is multiplied many times over by […]

Is Chocolate Good for you?

  One shop doesn’t transform a recovering metropolis into a chocolate city. But last year a small chocolate paradise arose out of the receded flood waters on Canal Boulevard. A few blocks past the cemeteries, located between a Helm Paint Store and a Deluxe Cleaners, is Bittersweet Confections. A stop there may be just as […]

In search of a coin

The recent display of a one-of-a-kind gold coin produced at the Old U.S. Mint in the French Quarter some 165 years ago has sparked the search for its companion piece, and a fat bounty of at least $1 million is on the line. For the last three months, the Louisiana State Museum has displayed a […]

King Zulu 2009

If you happen to be on North Broad Street on a certain weekend in May – the third Sunday to be precise – there’s a good chance that the corner of Orleans Avenue will be bursting with energy: people on the sidewalks and the neutral ground all centered on the black and creamy gold clubhouse […]

Fleur de Lists

4Number of Carnival parade organizations that refer to themselves as Knights rather than Krewe: Babylon, King Arthur, Chaos and Sparta. Top 2Parade triple-header daysSun., Feb. 22: Okeanos, Thoth and Mid-City.Mardi Gras, Feb. 24: Rex, Zulu and truck parades 17Number of significant Carnival-related anniversaries being celebrated this year.Zulu -100thDoubloon -50thAl Johnson’s song "Carnival Time" – 50thKnight […]

Knight Life

“It was the first night parade I saw! It changed my life!” That’s a strong statement from Mardi Gras guru Henri Schindler, but he’s happy to pay that tribute to a longtime Carnival club, the Knights of Babylon. As Schindler explains, “There were no parades during World War II and 1946 was my first Mardi […]

Condos with brand identity

Prominent New Orleans brand names are increasingly remerging in real estate listings as more of the historic buildings and sites affiliated with them are converted into residential developments. The latest locally important commercial name to join the likes of Falstaff, Krauss and Crystal Hot Sauce in the new apartment and condo boom is Blue Plate […]

Restaurant Insider

The Italian Barrel (430 Barracks St.) is less than a year old, and I feel a bit foolish that I’d never heard of it until recently. It is the realization of a dream for owner Samantha Castagnetti, a native of Verona, Italy. While in Italy, she operated a wine bar, but always wanted a more […]

Last Call

Carnival season in New Orleans is every great celebration, every one of life’s memorable moments and every good thing that happens to us mortals, all wrapped up in one huge bow. It is New Orleans’ gift to the world. The celebration of this season sets the tempo of our area for the rest of the […]

The Big Chief

The “new suit” of Big Chief Theodore “Bo” Dollis of The Wild Magnolias ain’t so new any more. Still, the rumpled but magnificent creation of feathers and beads and satins painstakingly created for Mardi Gras 2008 is carefully laid out on a landing near the door to Dollis’ apartment and calls to him every morning; […]

Julia Street

Dear Julia,While driving through lower Mid-City, I happened to notice a large stucco home at 219 South Miro St. It is both distinctive and gigantic, quite unlike the rest of this Victorian neighborhood. Can you tell me if anybody well-known was associated with this magnificent home?Arnold JekinsMid-City This villa-like 1920s residence was once home to […]

Crusading Against Sin

Like my mother-in-law Ms. Larda always says, God don’t open a window without shutting the door. Easy for her to say, being as her insurance paid off and she is back in a nice renovated house right where her old one was. My house is an oily spot in the Chalmette swamp. But to give […]

Dining Features

A new chef at The Grill RoomDrew Dzejak has been introduced as the new executive chef of the Windsor Court Hotel’s Grill Room. Dzejak most recently worked at the Charleston Place (a property of the Orient-Express chain) in South Carolina, where he was critically acclaimed. The Grill Room, notes publicist Cary Alden, is popular for […]


Newsweek reports some ‘Katrina kids’ are amongst the sickest children in the U.S. In Newsweek, Children’s Health Fund president and Columbia University professor Irwin Redlener described children who spent extended periods of time in Baton Rouge FEMA trailer parks as “the sickest I have ever seen in the U.S.” The Columbia/CHR study of 261 of […]

Read and Spin

The beats are “dirty-dirty” New Orleans, with lyrics to match, on Troubled the Water, the debut album from Blackkoldmadina (aka Kim Rivers Roberts). Roberts’ Katrina footage was recently turned into a film, Trouble the Water, which won a grand jury prize at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. (And “Trouble the Water,” in Dec. ’08, was […]

Carnival Time!

The song comes at you like a smiling freight train, bravura saxophones and the lyrics a sweet roar by the “Carnival Time” man himself, Al Johnson: The Green Room is smokingAnd the Plaza’s burning downThrow my baby out the windowLet those joints burn downAll because – It’s Carnival time! This month marks the 50th anniversary […]

Stella! Meets Stanley

Scott Boswell gilds the lily in the same way that Fabergé did with his jeweled eggs: with panâche and an over-the-top style. The dishes at his flagship restaurant Stella! typically feature ornate arrangements of luxurious and unusual ingredients, many seldom seen elsewhere in the city, making a visit a special occasion. And now that his […]

Recipes for Romance

Our Februarys are jammed with Carnival events, so we sometimes forget how many important days actually occur in this short month.


Fleurs for FebruaryIt is no secret that New Orleans is an inspiration for the artistic. Fleur D’Orléans owners Thomas Laird and Jann Fenner have been consistently awed by the art, architecture and heritage of the city. Monthly, the pair introduces new products, based on treasures they’ve spotted on the streets and inside a variety of […]

When the Bishop is Wrong

Carnival season usually begins with festive Twelfth Night celebrations. This year there was also something else: a raid by police, initiated by the archdiocese, of people praying in their church. What happened on Twelfth Night as the archdiocese moved to squelch attempts to save two churches – Our Lady of Good Counsel and St. Henry […]

When Zulu Saved Mardi Gras

During the bad days shortly after Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Ray Nagin went to Atlanta where he met with a group of black displaced New Orleanians. The crowd had the concerns that might be expected with their lives uprooted and the city’s future uncertain. Nagin tried to answer as best as he could. But what the […]

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