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New Orleans Magazine February 2013

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Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


Marching Orders: Mardi Gras and the Military

If you had to keep the peace, this was the way to do it. In 1979 there were no Carnival parades in New Orleans because of a police strike. But the Teamsters Union, which was behind the strike, couldn’t erase Mardi Gras from the calendar, so on that day, revelers gathered in the French Quarter, […]

Restaurant Updates: Premiere Places

By the time this magazine reaches you, Dickie Brennan’s newest venture, Tableau, should be open for business. The restaurant is housed next to Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré on Jackson Square and has dining rooms and bars spread over three floors, all connected by a grand staircase. Chef de cuisine Ben Thibodeaux will head […]

Visions of Early Rampart Street

The photographs of Florestine Perrault Collins

Endymion Thinks Big

Myths and realities of super krewes

The Return of Fat Harry's

Uptown's Favorite Carnival Hangout

Shades of Gray

From oyster pearls to platinum, pewter and metallic sheen – no matter your fantasy (or pleasure), shades of gray can turn you on to this season’s unexpected trend.

Atrial Fibrillation & New Orleans’ Top Hospitals

Getting the irregular problem regular: A Q&A with cardiologist Dr. James McKinnie


French Master Chef Reopens at Renaissance Hotel 700 Tchoupitoulas St., 613-2350 When Bistro René in the Pere Marquette closed several years ago, hearts sank throughout the city. Chef René Bajeux was always a front-runner in the now trendy “local is best” style of cooking, of which he became a devotee when he was just a […]

Carnival Cocktail Recipe

In all the world there’s nothing like Carnival season in New Orleans. This month, streets in every part of the metro area become stages for a celebration that’s widespread but personal and enthusiastic. It is the annual party we throw for ourselves and invite anyone from anywhere to join in. Occupying a key plot of […]

Recipes for a Cold Day

Hearty dishes to warm you up

Mardi Gras Walking Clubs

Carnival’s feet on the street

Sousaphones Versus the Suburbs


Coastal Carnival – Why It Ain’t Right

Some things should stay where God put them. They just don’t do so good transplanted. Like polar bears. And banana trees. And Mardi Gras. I am not talking about the Mardi Gras like in Rio, because that’s a whole other thing. From what I can tell, them Rio people parade around naked as jaybirds – and they […]


CD She has been called the Macy Gray of New Orleans, and when you hear her EP “OnlyElon,” you’ll understand why Elon Hornsby deserves the comparison. The Houma native and graduate of the Agnes Scott College in Atlanta writes all of her own music, which has already impressed some famous friends; Better Than Ezra’s Tom […]

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday resonates in New Orleans more than in most places because of the way we live the day before. There would be less purpose in saying “farewell to flesh” were we not previously so consumed by flesh of all forms. The simplicity of an ash spot on foreheads is a counterpoint to vividly painted […]

Carnival Post Super Bowl

And now the parades continue

Help a Mardi Gras First-Timer

If you’ve lived in New Orleans long enough that you say “Carnival” instead of “Mardi Gras,” you know how to navigate New Orleans’ favorite season. But if you’ve invited a friend who has never celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans before, chances are your out-of-towner is going to need some guidance. Here are a few […]

Leah Chase: The Foundation

In her long and extraordinary career, Leah Chase has racked up many of the honors that chefs and restaurateurs covet from the culinary world. But the accolades have reached much farther than that, reflecting her contributions to civil rights, education, art and community-building. Now, a new charitable foundation has been established to continue her legacy. […]

‘‘If You Really Knew Me …”

Students reveal their inner selves.


Ochsner Medical Center-Kenner is, as of press time, the only hospital in Louisiana to be equipped with the Nanoknife. The surgical device – which is not actually a knife – is used to eliminate malignant tumors. The tool uses high electric voltage, dispensed in fractions of a second, at very low currents to destroy tumors. […]

New Orleans’ Schools at the Top of the Class

Yes, it’s true – New Orleans has become the model for school reform.

New Orleans’ Theater Boom Means More Than Popcorn

There is a renaissance afoot in downtown New Orleans for historic theaters. But as marquees snap back to light, their return promises more than just new entertainment options. They could prove important new anchors for the area’s long-term revitalization goals.  “It’s playing a critical role,” says Kurt Weigle, executive director of the Downtown Development District. […]

Mercedes-Benz Superdome is Aging Gracefully

The Superdome shows that youth isn’t everything.

Reborn on the Bayou

Bayou St. John played a crucial role in the founding and growth of New Orleans, providing faster access for early settlers and traders to the nascent city. It served as a commercial waterway for many generations thereafter, and today it’s a scenic, recreational and sometimes even spiritual resource for a string of neighborhoods along its […]


Our Top Picks of the Month's Events

Carnival’s Most Irresponsible Act

Recently there was an active email discussion between Carnival krewe captains and the police about a proposal by one captain to put a float in parades designed as a target for spectators to throw beads. This reasoning was not to exercise arms but to try to exorcise harm. A growing concern among parade krewes has been the […]

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