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Krewsin’ Through the Month

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve,  which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com 1. Cleaning my house. Last week, I spent an hour cleaning my daughters’ room. I also tidied up the living room and cleaned my car. Now all three of those spaces are strewn with stuffed animals and piled with beads. I […]

Defining a Super Krewe

During the 1980s, I was working at Gambit newspaper where one of my duties consisted of writing a weekly column during the Carnival season under the nom de plume, Rex Duke. Rex was a rarity, a Carnival parade critic. No one else at the time was commenting on the quality of float designs or chiding riders […]

Krewe To Do

It seems amazing that Carnival is already here again. It always seems like it’s an eternity away in December and then it pounces upon us all at once.  There are some really great shows coming this month to augment your usual Mardi Gras festivities, starting with the Krewe du Kanaval—one of the youngest Carnival organization. […]

February Events

Vaude d’Gras – Baroquen Circus: A Mardi Gras Spectacular For the 6th year, Vaude d’Gras celebrates Carnival with a Baccanalian display by a troupe of acrobatic, theatrical and dazzling artists set to a live score based on Mozart and Beethovan classics. A true feast for the eyes, the Baroquen Circus features international performance artist LadyBEAST […]

Streetcar: Stirred In New Orleans

A very gracious lady seated next to the ice chest in the back of the bus made me an offer. She asked, as I understood her, if would I like “an old hen?” My reaction, I am afraid, was less gracious as I replied: “hunh?!” I had been invited to take a field trip down […]

Jack Rose Blooms

It’s Carnival time once again. And should you be looking for a restaurant in which to celebrate, consider Jack Rose. With its prime time location in the Pontchartrain Hotel on the St. Charles parade route, Jack Rose also possesses an ethos custom-tailored for the season.  “Jack Rose is meant to be a fun, celebratory restaurant,” […]

Casinos & Resorts

  Whether it’s the stars aligning or a row of sevens on a slot machine, special moments often abound at the region’s numerous options for gaming fun. Casinos offer a thrilling experience that complement the area’s other many attractions, from music and entertainment to outdoor exploration, exquisite cuisine, and Southern hospitality. Casino resorts often go […]

News From the Kitchen

Dab’s Bistro Chef Duke LoCicero, best known for his now-closed French Quarter Italian restaurant, Café Giovanni, has opened Dab’s Bistro, in Metairie. It’s a “New Orleans bistro,” but long-time fans of LoCicero’s cooking will recognize many of the dishes on offer, and Italian cuisine is still front and center. 3401 North Hullen, Metairie; Monday – […]

Munch and Mambo

Munch and Mambo Oh well, it’s Carnival time and everybody’s drinkin’ wine. Al Johnson warbled those words in his classic Mardi Gras song, recorded in 1960 (because after all, you can’t go wrong with a rich cabernet on a chilly parade night). But nowadays, in addition to their preferred wine (boxed, bottled, or canned), revelers […]

Along the Parade

I used to stare at the gorgeous houses on the St. Charles Avenue parade route, and think what I would  give to live there— just for Carnival season. Not no more. I got to explain. My sister-in-law-law Gloriosa has a St. Charles Avenue friend named Bitsi who is going skiing in Switzerland with her husband […]

Half Fast Makes Sixty

“We don’t march.” Benny Harrell insisted. “Or stroll.” Nor do they wander, or meander…and they never rush. They have been doing this annually for 60 years this Mardi Gras “We walk,” Harrell explained.  The speed? “Half Fast.” He admits the original name of the group was Pete Fountain’s Half-Assed Walking Club – but propriety prevailed. […]

Under Three Roofs

When realtor Terrence Davis first got a call about selling a friend’s property, he had no designs on making it his own. But as the friend walked him through the prospective listing, which includes a Victorian shotgun, an early 20th century commercial space that once served as the original location of Hansen’s Sno-bliz, and a […]

Living the Season

In an instant, a city street corner is filled with all manner of people and happenings, is transformed into a place filled with anticipation and promise. The distant wail of a siren draws everyone’s attention. The crowd settles in. The parade is imminently arriving.  This is a scene repeated hundreds of times over the Carnival […]

Fame of Thrones

Rex’s reign this year will mark the 30th anniversary of John Ochsner, Sr. serving as King of Carnival. By all accounts, Ochsner (1927-2018) served his constituents well and events went smoothly. The day could not, however, have deviated more from tradition than his first brush with royalty, 42 years earlier. Feb. 10, 1948  was already […]

The Crown

A few specific years in the modern history of carnival have been recorded as being particularly momentous: the first appearance of the Mistick Krewe of Comus in 1857, the reemergence of Comus in 1866 after the Civil War, the first appearance of Rex in 1872, and more recently, the police strike in 1979 and the first […]

In Pursuit of a Chicken

This is an update to a story I wrote for this magazine back in 2015. Back then it was a memoir, a story of the past. Now it’s my life again. The topic is the Courir de Mardi Gras, perhaps the most overblown and over-written cliché of all matters Mardi Gras. Most anyone of reading […]

Zulu King 2020

New Orleans native Brian M. Sims, a 24-year member of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, will serve as 2020 King Zulu. Throughout his membership, Sims has participated on multiple levels and with many roles within the organization, including float rider and his service on several committees, as a former Coronation Chairman and as […]

Hospital Buzz

Sometimes you know you need surgery—perhaps a knee replacement or sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis—while other times a surprise diagnosis may warrant the need for an operation. Knowing your options and the questions to ask in advance could save you time, money, and stress. While hospitals are known for comprehensive care, they each have their […]

Port Whine

The debate that erupted recently over the docking of a new steamboat on the Mississippi River at the French Quarter held a familiar irony for longtime observers of riverfront issues. Local preservationists were speaking out against New Orleans Steamboat Company’s plan to dock a second passenger riverboat next to its flagship vessel, the Steamboat Natchez, […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia, Is it true that the first plane to fly across the Atlantic visited New Orleans? I have heard this was the case but the person who told me about it did not seem to know the details.  Can you or Poydras tell me if this was true if there was a New Orleans […]

Carnival’s Curative Powers

Carnival season 2020 was only in its first hours and already its curative powers were being proven. The season begins on Twelfth Night, January 6, but many New Orleanians were in a funk as the day began. On the day before, the Saints were bounced out of the playoffs by the Minnesota Vikings, about whom […]

Potato Salad and Parades

I get more compliments for my potato salad than any other dish. It’s a deep South version, I must admit, but that’s not to say I don’t like the creamy New Orleans-style with fewer ingredients. The local spud recipe is mixed hot, more like mashed potatoes, while the key to my mother’s Memphis-style version is […]

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