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WEST END Pelicans never blink. At least they never seemed to as they sat perched on a post protruding from the water outside of Bruning’s Restaurant at West End. In West End’s glory days New Orleanians would stand in long restaurant lines, especially when Catholics could not eat meat on Fridays. The devout would do […]

Crazy Over Katrina

I evacuated all over — Fort Walton, Knoxville, San Diego twice and Baton Rouge. My home on State Street Drive flooded. After returning in late September, I housesat on St. Louis Street and then moved to a condo on St. Peter Street. I had always wanted to live in the Quarter, but never like this. […]

Prepping for the Future

Area schools storm back erhaps the most moving testament to what New Orleans’ private schools mean to the community occurred on Nov. 19 at St. Louis Cathedral. Forty-five of 89 seniors from St. Mary’s Academy in eastern New Orleans attended their long-postponed ring Mass, some coming in from Florida, Texas and Ohio. Even though St. […]

Blaze & Glory

Downed by water, wind and fire, the Southern Yacht Club charts its future Only a few events in the 157-year history of the Southern Yacht Club, among them wars and hurricanes, have managed to put a temporary stop to its definitive purpose – sailing. Pleasure yachting disappeared from the local scene during the Civil War […]

Bartender of the Year

Bartender of the Year: Marvin Allen The holiday season in the French Quarter had arrived quietly, but in keeping with the festive spirit of the season, Carousel Bar bartender Marvin Allen was at work serving drinks. Not that Allen doesn’t serve drinks most every other day of the year, but instead of pouring the usual […]

Honor Roll

HONOR ROLL: BRENNAN’S (Ed. note: As of press time, Brennan’s Restaurant was closed for hurricane repairs but is scheduled to reopen in spring 2006.) The beauty of a meal at Brennan’s is the consistency: You can go a while between visits, but your next visit will meet all of your expectations. That may be because […]

Best Sous Chef

Best Sous Chef: Amy Mockovac If a restaurant kitchen has a secret weapon, it’s the garde manger, someone who is versatile and inventive enough to create cold dishes – salads, hors d’oeuvres and garnishes – that hold their own without upstaging the main event. Amy Mockovac does it and then some. An eight-year veteran of […]


Katrina be dammed – it’s time to eat! Our picks for some hot new spots Alberta. Famed local caterer Alberta Pate has opened a homey, neighborhood restaurant on Magazine Street. Daughter and executive chef Melody Pate and her culinary staff kick out hearty, satisfying foods, plated prettily, not fussily. Their wine list is smart with […]

Best New Restaurant

BEST NEW RESTAURANT: One Restaurant & Lounge The strategy seems so obvious, so foolproof, it’s a wonder more places don’t try it: Put together a menu that’s adventurous but grounded, assemble a team that can translate it into good food and serve it in an attractive space at equally attractive prices. Obvious, perhaps, but not […]

Best New Chef

BEST NEW CHEF: David English Chef David English was master of the kitchen at Cobalt restaurant. Today that is no more because Cobalt is no more. In moving forward, he is hanging back – staying in New Orleans regardless of what happens to the city. His desire to remain here is that fervent. He has […]

Cookin’ up a storm

Chef of the Year: Scott Boswell Did you notice that as businesses began reopening after Katrina, the ones we heard the most about were restaurants? Accounting firms, doctors’ offices, law practices and shops all opened too, but nothing seemed to measure the return factor like restaurant reopenings. n In this, our annual Best of Dining […]

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