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A Home in Tremé

Linda Phillips’ Tremé home is on a quiet street above North Claiborne Avenue. “Yes, I realize this isn’t a fashionable neighborhood but it’s truly a good place to live since many of the homes are owner occupied and there is a lot of watching out for each other’s property,” she says. The colorful single shotgun […]

Cold Day; Hot Soup

Before Louisiana became my home, a soup meal almost always meant vegetable. Vegetable soup still rates high with me although New Orleans drew me quickly to soup meals from the sea and bayous.  I was born lucky enough to grow up eating fresh vegetables from my parents’ own garden or from farmers’ markets or grocery […]

The Cost of Learning

Given its long history of embracing private religious education, the New Orleans area is something of a natural environment for non-public schools. The Archdiocese of New Orleans is one of the oldest archdioceses in the U.S., and the origins of many local Catholic schools date back more than a century.  Some local schools affiliated with […]

Tatooed Hearts

The heart is the only body organ popular with tattoo enthusiasts. You never see a tattoo of a kidney or a liver. Hearts, of course, are embedded with Valentine’s Day but our February day of love is not as much of a boon for local tattoo shops as are some other holidays.  “Around Valentine’s Day, […]

Perspectives from the bench

Two weeks before retiring as Chief Judge of New Orleans Criminal District Court, the Honorable Calvin Johnson, 61, looks down from the bench at the shackled prisoner in an orange jumpsuit. Christian Lawless has pleaded guilty to attempted simple burglary. Judge Johnson informs him that the maximum sentence for his offense is 12 years in […]

Charter Schools

The philosophy behind the charter school movement is pure Darwinism – only the strong survive. As the theory goes, “strong” means “successful” and successful means standardized test scores that show school children – poor as well as rich – can read, write and compute at least at a basic level. That would be good news […]

Coffee Break

Ed. Note: This is one of a series of columns written by a New Orleanian stationed in Baghdad. Because of military regulations he cannot be identified. We can say that he is a Navy pilot and that he is from a prominent New Orleans family. Iraq’s Ministry of Interior is home to a number of […]

Speaking Out: Thank you Mr. Stern

David Stern, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association, has good reasons not to be pleased with New Orleans. He wasn’t happy when the Hornets moved here from Charlotte, N.C., and he once, justifiably, blocked a movement by a rogue faction to move the Minnesota Timberwolves to this town. When big league sports commissioners look […]

Music: Billie Holiday Live

When Billie Holiday began recording in 1933, she brought a mellow voice filled with poetic intonations that achieved her own tone in the national soundtrack from the Great Depression through World War II. She recorded until the week before her death in 1959, but the voice that brought such magic to the swing orchestras of […]

Restaurant Insider

As February has arrived, and the weather starts to warm up intermittently, I’ve begun to fear that I’ll never be able to use the snowshoes I received as a Christmas gift last year. I console myself with food; speaking of which … Hoshun (1601 St. Charles Ave.) is a pan-Asian restaurant with an eclectic menu […]

Table Talk: A romantic state of mind

Few holidays put more pressure on restaurants than Valentine’s Day. Places chosen for this night shoulder burdens heavier than just a well-executed risotto. Namely, romance. Consequently, chefs often have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. They like the business but dread the heightened expectations. Yet the simple truth is that whatever romance is found at […]


For those of us who played competitive sports, there were two types of coaches: those who inspired contempt and those who continued to inspire their players long after they left the sport. The young men who have played – and play – for Tulane University, Green Wave, Baseball Coach Rick Jones would agree that he […]

Julia Street

Dear Julia and Poydras,  Born and raised in New Orleans, but now living in Fort Worth, Texas, I still keep in touch with family and friends and get back to visit occasionally. Recently in a conversation with friends about streetcars, I mentioned the old Cemeteries streetcar that ran alongside the New Basin Canal from Metairie […]


Bouncin’ into the CityJust a couple weeks after Mardi Gras comes to an end, the city will experience another big boom in tourism as basketball fans from around the globe will flock to the New Orleans Arena on Feb. 17, for the NBA 57th annual All-Star Game. The New Orleans Arena will be hopping as […]

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