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Health Beat

Tulane Cancer Center has been chosen as the first U.S. site for a clinical drug test of Alpharadin, a drug designed to target Stage III prostate cancer. Dr. Oliver Sartor, above, of the Tulane Cancer Center, recognized as an international prostate cancer expert, will be at the helm of the experimental treatments. Sartor is one […]

Tops of the Town

Our readers’ picks of the area’s best

Carnival's Confections


Dining Features

Andrea’s 25thThis month, Andrea’s Restaurant & Catering is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Tia Summerville, public relations for Andreas, comments on upgrades that Andrea’s has made over the years. Summerville says, “Improvements made on the land and the building with bigger banquet rooms, after 20 something years we added a premier piano lounge called Capri Blu. […]

GNO Cyclery: Bikes and More

GNO Cyclery: Bikes and MoreOne of the advantages of living in New Orleans is that it’s almost always a decent enough temperature to be outside. Jessica Forrester, a sales associate of GNO Cyclery says the store, which is owned by Billy Ruddy, is prepared to meet all bikers’ needs, whether they’re experienced or beginners. The […]

Nola by #'s

12Years of The Great Upheaval, aka Le Grande Derangement.   15,000Approximate number of Acadians in Nova Scotia in 1755. 7,500Approximate number of Acadians in Nova Scotia in 1756. 300Approximate number of settlers referred to as the “first families” of Acadia.  14,000Approximate number of Acadians exiled during the expulsion. 406Years since the first European colony in […]

Last Call

Brandy Milk Punch


Dave Dixon still breaks out in a laugh every time he tells the story that happened 42 years ago. Dixon, now 86 and as spry as ever, has plenty of reasons to smile these days. For all the hero worship and accolades showered on men dressed in black and gold, at some point there needs […]

Un tocco di Venezia a New Orleans

A historic CBD building becomes a Venetian retreat

Kenny Armond

Coming back – one step at a time


Tales of Longshoremen’s Local 3000


In the waning weeks of 2009, Albert “Comet” Mims Jr. held a familiar protest sign outside of a funeral for another murdered child in the New Orleans area. The message on the colorful canvas was grim but clear: “No Child Should Be Next.” Mims pointed to images of two teary-eyed boys – one black, the […]


With Mardi Gras near, people in the local hospitality industry must be gleefully rubbing their hands together. Their growing anticipation of the city’s signature annual celebration surely is working them into a frenzy, right? To a degree, yes. Carnival season is a highly anticipated time of year among New Orleans-area hotel, restaurant and entertainment managers. […]


When the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors voted to allow the University of New Orleans to pursue dropping from Division I to Division III sports, the vote, with only one dissent, must have been delightful for the supervisors. The LSU Board had long ago established its willingness to diminish UNO whenever it can. As […]

Righteous referrals

Thanks to a pair of related programs from the McFarland Institute, a New Orleans-based division of Baptist Community Ministries, more churches around the metro area now count health ministries among the services they offer their members. Both the Church Nurse program and the Lay Health Advocate program are volunteer-run, church-led initiatives created to get needy […]

Read and Spin

Do not be scared: take the Plunge into jazz with this second project by New Orleans artists Tim Green on sax, Mark McGrain on trombone and James Singleton on bass. Dancing on Thin Ice includes 11 tracks composed by McGrain that create your own Snug Harbor wherever you are. The trio is certainly worthy of […]


Benny Spellman’s romantic touch

Channeling flood responsibility

While the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet was officially closed last year, lawsuits and legal rulings around the controversial, manmade waterway continue to rage. Most recently, U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval Jr. ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers mismanaged the channel and thus was directly responsible for flood damages in St. Bernard Parish and the Lower […]


Ralph Brennan’s restaurant group began operating the Courtyard Café at the New Orleans Museum of Art, right, in mid-November. The 72-seat café serves breakfast, lunch and snack items on Wednesdays from noon to 8 p.m. and Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The menu includes dishes such as Turtle Soup from Ralph’s […]


With the opening of the central/southern Italian trattoria a Mano in November, chef Adolfo Garcia has increased his portfolio to partnership in three holdings, rounded out by Rio Mar and La Boca. And while the cuisines served at each are disparate (Italian, Spanish and Argentine, respectively), they are all united by Garcia’s essential philosophy: unadulterated, […]


Coming off a rec-ession, we might want to cook as our forebears did and save a few pennies at the grocery store. Pot cooking was the technique by which our 19th- and 20th-century ancestors fed many mouths from one pot. Instead of two pieces of chicken per person, as we might eat today, one piece […]

Brown pelican: on the flag, off the list

As Louisiana’s state bird, the brown pelican’s image appears on the state flag and is stenciled on state vehicles. It also perches atop state letterhead and it’s carved, etched and painted into every possible nook of the state capitol. Recently, however, there’s reason to cheer for the one place the bird won’t be found any […]


What do the Arctic Circle, the mounds at Poverty Point and New Orleans tourism have in common? J. Stephen Perry, the President/CEO of New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. Since August 2002, Perry has been the head of this private corporation that globally promotes the New Orleans area as a great place to […]


Our top picks of the month's events


I remember back when we used to talk in words. Now we talk in initials. Especially if “we” are younger than me. It snuck up on us, when we started using “OK,” for “yes” and “TV” for “teevee” and “D-cup” for “got a whole lot of dates in high school.”  Then things got out of […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia, I lived at 621 Jefferson Ave. My grandmother Louisa Sophie Weiket Hill inherited this home around 1926. She then deeded it to my brother Edward T. Hill Jr. and me, Sarah L. Hill. I was told this house was built before the Civil War. Can you tell when it was built? Also, we […]

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