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The Vieux Carre Cocktail

Want to make a drink tonight? Try this classic cocktail.

My First NOLA Brewing Tour

The local brewery's Friday tour is becoming a hot spot.

Shuck and Jam

Founder Woody Ruiz talks about the inaugural Freret Oyster Jam happening Jan. 19.

The Woman Behind the Change

Former Gov. Kathleen Blanco gave New Orleans schools a boost.

Hainkel Home Scores Top Marks

The John J. Hainkel, Jr. Home and Rehabilitation Center and Adult Day Health Care received votes of confidence in providing the highest quality of care in the most recent annual surveys conducted by the Department of Health & Hospitals in both the Nursing Home and Adult Day Health Care. As a privately operated, nonprofit center […]

The Migration of Gospel Quartets

Local styles that shaped the idiom we call gospel flowed out of late 19th-century church song books. The music broke into two major tributaries – at least in New Orleans. On one side, the songs from standard hymnals used in black churches and given strong improvisational twists rolled into the repertoire of brass bands playing […]

Grape Expectations

A guide to the wine experience around town


Area private elementary and secondary schools, public and private universities and public charter schools


Traditional & Vegan All-Natural Mardi Gras Treats at Breads on Oak Breads on Oak, 8640 Oak St., 324-8271, BreadsOnOak.com Breads on Oak, the bakery on Oak Street in Uptown which uses traditional French baking techniques, will be offering their all-natural King Cakes and Galette des Rois this coming Mardi Gras. Last year chef Sean O’Mahony […]

Hearty Meat Dishes for the Winter

3 recipes for meat-lovers

Pastry Chef Creations

Local chefs are showing their talent when it comes to sweet treats.

Catering Servers Master the Waiting Game

It’s really been a blessing to me, it kept my wages up,” Bobby Anderson says about his long career as a waiter in New Orleans’ households. “And, it lets me help my church, since I tithe and I give back 10 percent. It’s just a part of my life.” Either working along with a catering […]

Mixing It Up

I still remember the first mix tape I ever got. It was December 1992, I was in seventh grade and I was in serious puppy love with a blond-haired soccer player in my homeroom. Over Christmas break, he looked up my number in the school directory and called me to ask if I wanted to […]

Unspoken Words

I haven’t said a word in four days. It isn’t that I joined the Poor Clare nuns and took a vow of silence. Nothing like that. What happened is, I come down with that virus that’s been going around and my voice box is shut down. I first started feeling bad last week, but I […]

Eric Orgeron – The Edison of Airline Drive

“Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes.” – Henry Kaiser hree things you can assume with certainty about Eric Orgeron as he sits in his office in the tiny blond-red brick building on Airline Drive that used to be headquarters of Troop B of the Louisiana State Police: 1) he won’t be sitting there for […]

Read & Spin

HISTORY Graphic artist Phillip Collier has made a book of New Orleans’ most famous brands in Making New Orleans: Products Past & Present. The book highlights New Orleans companies from the past, like Blue Plate Foods Inc. and Jax Beer, and the present, like Zatarain’s and PJ’s Coffee. The book will make any New Orleanian […]

A Barbecue Success Story

Here is a feel-good story, at least it is to us. For our November issue our cover story was about our search for the best barbecue in town. Sara Roahen, an accomplished food writer, received the assignment to, over a several month period, eat barbecue and tell us her choices. We gave her no list […]

Get Fit This Year

Local workouts to try and stick to in 2014.

In Search of Heroes

Our taxi driver this evening from Newark airport to downtown Manhattan emigrated from Haiti. He was a black man who spoke in that beautiful Caribbean patois, though few of his words were wasted when I asked him if conditions were improving in his country. “Haiti is Haiti,” he mumbled in an inflection that I took not to be an endorsement. Coming from […]

What the Neighbors Think

The New Orleans City Planning Commission defines more than 70 neighborhoods, many of which have more than one neighborhood association. Like many cities across the country, New Orleans is investigating ways to increase opportunities for citizens to give input on projects that affect their communities. A recent study by the National League of Cities, working […]

The Legacy of Al Winters

Part One of Two


Madhwa Raj, Research Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans and its Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center, recently led a study finding a combination of plant nutrients to be effective in killing breast cancer cells. The research team used a cocktail of six chemical nutrients: Curcumin, a substance in turmeric; […]

The Legacy of Dr. Rodney C. Jung

New Orleans owes a lot to this medical expert.

New Orleans Businesses to Watch in 2014

Startups drawing attention

Pottery Hits the Road

The Newcomb Art Gallery at Tulane University has partnered with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) to produce the first traveling exhibition of Newcomb Pottery in 30 years. “Women, Art, and Social Change: The Newcomb Pottery Enterprise” remains at the Newcomb Art Gallery at Tulane University until March 9, after which it will tour […]

Interview with Arthur Hardy

The deadline is approaching for my publication and when I meet Arthur Hardy, and it’s down to the wire for his, too. He tells me he’s been up until 3 o’clock that morning working on his Mardi Gras Guide, the Carnival compendium that’s now in its 38th edition. What began as an unassuming black-and-white pamphlet […]

21 Things To Do in New Orleans in January

                        Daredevil Dancing Pieces by Diavolo Dance Theater resemble a musical set in a stark metropolis in which dancers roam free, using the city’s architecture as a playground. The Los Angeles-based company’s athletic dancers perform on oversized, sometimes moving, structures, infusing an element of […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


City Elections: The Politics of Race

Throughout this month there will be politicking for city elections heading to the voting date on Feb. 1. This quadrennial exercise in democracy can be both entertaining and maddening; uplifting and discouraging. There will be lots of political analysis during the month, but whether the political correctness crowd wants to admit it or not, the elephant in the room that dominates all campaign strategies will […]


Shoo-Shoo and Making Tracks Re: “In Search of a Shoo-Shoo,” Streetcar column by Errol Laborde; and “Rolling Along: New Orleanians and their streetcars,” Chronicles column by Carolyn Kolb. November 2013 issue. I finally got a chance to read the November issue of New Orleans Magazine. In your Streetcar column you discussed the term “shoo-shoo.” When […]

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