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Pain Management

Whether suffering from long-term, chronic pain or dealing with the new, negative effects of a recent injury, the frustrations that accompany pain can change entire lifestyles. Beyond the physical effects of pain, the mental effects also can change a person’s personality and outlook. Knowing where to turn for diagnosis and treatment of pain can be […]

Behind The Lens

Lunch with Lisa Conrad is a lesson in the quick pace of her creative spirit. Moments in, she’s using my scarf to demonstrate at least a half dozen chic Parisian ways to tie it. As a model, Saks Fifth Avenue personal shopper/stylist, jewelry maker and photographer, she has plenty of ways to express her talents. […]

The Coat And The Krewe

We were on the way to Washington for the annual Mystick Krewe of Louisianians Carnival ball via Southwest Airlines through Baltimore. Southwest does not assign seating, so as a person obsessed with elbow room, I always try to develop a seating strategy. My plan this day was to head to the back of the plane. […]

Last Call: New Possibilities

A New Year almost demands an attempt at a new beginning. We don’t start completely from “fresh” but we should make an effort to cast away habits and beliefs that are no longer serving the greater purpose of improving our lives. Resolutions are traditional. This opportunity to “begin anew” is not to be shrugged aside. […]

Chili Ways for Chilly Days

Although Texans live next door, we are miles apart when it comes to cooking. Two ingredients bring us together, however, and they are beans and peppers, usually prepared very differently except for one big dish – chili. With some cooks, even chili has its differences. Louisiana folks love their beans and usually tuck some kidney […]

News From the Kitchen

Molly’s Rise and Shine Molly’s Rise and Shine is the second restaurant by the folks who opened Turkey and the Wolf in 2016. The focus is on breakfast, which you may have gathered from the name, but it’s breakfast through the lens of fine-dining chefs making imaginative, eclectic fare. There’s a take on the McMuffin, […]

Pascal’s Manale

New Orleans’ reputation as a dining destination stems in part from its legacy restaurants, a clutch of national treasures whose roots reach back well over 100 years. One place on this list which is often overlooked is Pascal’s Manale. Now in its fifth generation, its roots reach back to southern Italy. Specifically, the community of […]


COLLEGES   Delgado Community College Top Executive: William S. Wainwright, Ph.D. Address: 501 City Park Ave. Website: DCC.edu Phone: 483-4410 Total enrollment: 20,393 % of applicants admitted: 100% % of students receiving financial aid: 62% Tuition per semester: $2,040 for a full-time student Year founded: 1921 Academic specialties: Nursing, business, criminal justice, health professions Number […]

A Vote For The Voice

Chances are you’ve seen New Orleans singled out in “Places to Visit” lists across the national media landscape recently, culminating with the #1 spot on the New York Times “52 Places to go in 2018.” Messaging like this doesn’t just simply happen, it is the payoff of a long game played by the New Orleans […]

Tops of the Town

A couple of notes: to make the list, a choice had to have a significant number of votes; places without enough votes were eliminated. Categories without enough voters were also removed. Where there was evidence of ballot stuffing (and there wasn’t much) the votes were adjusted accordingly. We know that there are some significant places […]

Bars for Every Reason

We humans are social creatures with a natural instinct to seek out the companionship of others.  As largely insecure, but curious creatures, we are compelled to measure the quality of our lives by meeting new people face to face and comparing our lives to theirs. True, in New Orleans it is perfectly acceptable to strike […]

Changes at the Bar

  Pay attention now, and I will teach you how to make the first cocktail I learned to make as a kid. There was no formal training. This was just from watching adults, usually at some sort of family gathering where the bar might have been the corner of a kitchen table. There was usually […]

Leading A Revival   

An eccentric man of many talents, William Russell was a catalytic presence in the rise of early jazz. Born in 1905 in Canton, Ohio, the classically trained violinist got hip to the groove in 1928 while teaching in New York. Like most seminal jazz producers, he began as an addictive record-collector scouring stores for rare […]

Symphony of Choice

Since returning home to the Orpheum, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra has been on a roll. After taking their first tour earlier last year to play the works of Philip Glass in Carnegie Hall for the celebration of Glass’ 80th birthday, they have settled into an excellent routine of exciting guests, original compositions and old favorites. […]

No New Leaves

Excerpted from Eve Crawford Peyton’s blog, Joie d’Eve, which appears each Friday on MyNewOrleans.com “What’re your new year’s resolutions?” I asked Ruby as we chatted over FaceTime (she was visiting her dad in St. Louis). “I don’t make them anymore,” she said. “I always say it’s going to be to stop biting my nails, but […]


My mother-in-law Ms. Larda says her church bulletin is getting spicy. The St. Expedite Altar Society sisterhood is very upset. Bernetta Longtooth wrote the church bulletin for 40 years, but she can’t do it no more. She got herself a tell-all book contract and got no time for the church activities these days—that’s a whole […]

Sunshine Thunder

As the Louisiana tricentennial has drawn to a close, and Jazz Fest readies for its silver anniversary, it seems a fitting time to celebrate the Song of Louisiana. Er, make that, songs. If you ask most folks in Louisiana what our “official” state song is, they will likely respond: You Are My Sunshine. And they […]

A Blue Ribbon For Lusher

At age 29, when a mere English teacher, Lusher Charter School CEO Kathy Hurstell Riedlinger so impressed Superintendent Everett Williams that he visited her classroom one day and asked a life-changing question: “Well, little girl, what school are you going to apply for?”   It was a strange way to address a nearly six-foot tall […]

Carol Markowitz

When the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute (NOCHI) opens its doors on January 7, the state of the art teaching facility will include training for students from across the region, reception areas, classrooms, wine and spirits labs and so much more. The 90,000 square foot, five-story building, and education system has been led from […]


Justin Timberlake: The Man of the Woods Tour The pop superstar and actor Justin Timberlake, is launching a tour in support of his new album. He will be at the Smoothie King Center on January 15 for what promises to be an unforgettable night for his fans. Information, SmoothieKingCenter.com. Les Miserables The classic musical based […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia and Poydras, On the neutral ground where St. Charles Avenue and South Carrollton Avenue meet, there is a granite monument to Samuel Loewenberg. It is fairly plain and looks as if may have once been a fountain but there is no date on it.  Any information? Carol Janis (New Orleans) Carol, the memorial […]

Carnival’s Forgotten Palace

When the city’s Municipal Auditorium opened in 1930, an unspoken truth about the building was that it, in addition to being intended as a multi-purpose facility, was also designed to provide a better place for carnival balls. From January through Mardi Gras of each year, balls were a big business and the auditorium was the […]

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