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Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award: John Folse

John Folse is a difficult guy to categorize. Is he a chef? Undoubtedly. He made a name for himself with Lafitte’s Landing, an ambitious Cajun restaurant in an out-of-the way spot capable of drawing customers in from far and wide. An author? Sure. His “Encyclopedia of Cajun & Creole Cuisine” is a standard text in […]

Uncommon Ground

. When Fran and Marty Lessans decided to build a house in Uptown New Orleans, with their daughter Stephanie Adler of Adler Design Build as architect, the couple discussed the idea of an arts and crafts style residence. But Stephanie, who initially resisted the idea of designing a new house for her parents at all, […]

John Bel Edwards, Survivor

On the night when John Bel Edwards was first elected governor in 2015, his victory party was at the Monteleone Hotel. Journalist Tyler Bridges would report that later that night, after the crowds had left, Edwards and some old friends from his West Point days went to the hotel’s rooftop deck to puff on victory […]

Groovy Gras

As we move from the holiday season to Carnival season, there are a lot of great things to do around town. As usual, the Radiators will be at Tipitina’s for their annual winter anniversary reunion. This year the shows run over the 16th, 17th and 18th. These shows are a homecoming for both the band […]

A Winter Evening

My go-to dish for winter evenings is a pot roast, with all but the rice in one pot. At one time it could be consumed by my family, but as children went off to college, it began to cover two dinners plus sandwiches for lunch. My pot roast proves that people like simple cooking because […]

News From the Kitchen

The Independent Caveau NOLA The Independent Caveau NOLA is a fairly new wine bar and retail operation that also serves cheese and charcuterie plates, as well as high-end tinned seafood. Operated by Joanne Close and husband Jim Yonkus, it’s a great place to browse for interesting wines and grab a bite to eat in the […]

Bakery Bar Adventures

Looking to take a step off the beaten path? Then Bakery Bar belongs on your list of places to check out. Located in the Lower Garden District just a stone’s throw from the GNO Bridge, this savory/sweet mashup opened back in 2016 when it took over the space occupied by the long-running Italian hideaway Eleven […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

  Dear Julia, I recently saw a vintage picture of an electric bus operating on Magazine Street. I think the picture was from the 50s but I would like to know more about these strange bus-streetcar hybrids and when they were used here. Red Lagrange (Gramercy) The electric vehicle you are remembering was officially known […]

Tops of the Town

OUR READERS PICKS A couple of notes: To make the list, a choice had to have a significant number of votes; places without enough votes were eliminated. Categories without enough voters were also removed. Where there was evidence of ballot stuffing (and there wasn’t much) the votes were adjusted accordingly. We know that there are some […]

Men and Their Boom Box

Let’s wind back the clock. It’s the early 1980s and four street kids from the Treme and the 7th Ward find themselves – as so many of their teenage contemporaries did – consumed by the tectonic shifts in their culture, their music, their art.  They see the movies about people like them, hear music by […]

Silver and Blue Reaching for Gold

As the University of New Orleans approaches its spring 2020 semester, Privateers are sifting through syllabi, ordering books, and eagerly setting goals for the busy months ahead. But administrators and faculty members are also feeling hopeful. At the beginning of the 2019 fall semester, the University of New Orleans (UNO) increased its overall student enrollment […]


College Football Playoff National Championship Get ready for kickoff, sports fans. The 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship will be coming to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Jan. 13. It’s sure to be a exhilerating atmosphere and an exciting game. Information, CollegeFootballPlayoff.com. Wizard World Comic Con Fans of sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, and ingenious costumes will […]

Streetcar: Meyer the Hatter

Several years ago, my wardrobe for spending an afternoon at the French Quarter Fest included a spiffy new Panama hat. Somewhere along the riverfront a fellow fest-goer stopped me and said, “nice hat.” With local pride I replied, “I got it at Meyer the Hatter’s.”  “I know,” the man answered, “I am Meyer.” He sure […]

A KISS to Start a New Year

The long-standing tradition of taking a few moments at the beginning of every year to define areas within our lifestyle where improvements can be made is a laudable exercise. More often than not, shortly after this personal evaluation, those positive-purpose sentiments and best-of-intention actions disappear faster than a just-passed Carnival parade, but we all mean […]

Taking A Leap

Scout runs into a crowd of men with murder on their minds, as she always does in chapter 15 of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and Steven Gamache’s eighth grade students are all into it.  Even on the cusp of a long holiday break, their eyes stay glued to projected textural highlights of Harper Lee’s 1960, […]

In The Mix

New Orleans is a drinking town. After all, this is the birthplace of the cocktail and home of the once bustling Storyville. The city’s history with libations and the fun-loving attitude of the locals create a concoction that’s ripe for good times. Whether you’re looking for a dive bar to enjoy cheap drinks with the […]

Behind the Lens

If you’ve ever been to a Carnival parade (and why wouldn’t you?) you may have seen an intrepid photographer capturing all the fun. Or when news happens, there she is in the thick of things getting just the right shot. Photojournalist Cheryl Gerber is seemingly everywhere at all times. She has spent a career documenting […]

Herbsaint Unscrambled

On the night that the new Sazerac House on Canal Street had its grand opening, I happened to be looking at the exhibit for Herbsaint when Bill Goldring, the chairman of the Sazerac company, passed by. He was showing a special guest the many fine points of the museum. Herbsaint is a native product that […]

Hear Today…

These days, when the Gunches get together at my mother-in-law’s, we watch her like a hawk. If she steps out the room, we skulk around, and  whisper bad words to every lamp and  potted plant and throw pillow. I got to explain. It took Ms. Larda a long time to accept that she needs hearing […]

Pain Management

Developments in pain management are helping people all across the country get back to work and daily life with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement. When living with chronic pain, it can be hard to do anything, from sitting in a chair at work to cooking at the stove or sleeping in bed at […]

Children’s Wellness

There’s a lot of focus on health and wellness at the start of the year, and while we may be planning our own New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves, let’s not forget the importance of wellness in a child’s life. Wellness can take on the look of a nutrient-rich meal or time spent away from […]

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