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New Orleans Magazine July 2005

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Marilyn Monroe and Me

by ERROL LABORDE Marilyn Monroe was making advances toward me, and I was uneasy. I hate it when that happens. Las Vegas is all about fantasy. It’s a surreal place that creates its own reality, a setting where Venice, Paris and New York stand only blocks apart, in some ways as good as the real […]

What’s Green, White and Pastel?

The Beaches of South Walton by ERROL LABORDE Of course I knew how to get to the Beaches of South Walton, I thought to myself when I first drove to the then newly named strip of white sand and green water several years ago. It is common sense. Just go to Fort Walton and head […]

The Endless Summer

New Orleans Magazine’s guide to the best activities for staying cool in the Crescent City If you’re planning to do some surfing in the New Orleans area this summer, we’ve heard stories of waves in Lake Pontchartrain towering as high as 3 feet. (In Bayou Lafourche, the swells may reach 2 feet high, but that’s […]


Places to go, people to see, things to do. by HILLARY GOLDEN Home Front People often wonder what life was like during times of war. On July 23 and 24 at The National D-Day Museum, visitors can get a taste of life during World War II during “Home Front Days.” Speakers will be on hand, […]

Family Values

New Orleans’ musical Jordans by JASON BERRY The centerpiece of the new Louisiana Red Hot Records CD Marlon Jordan Featuring Stephanie Jordan is the introduction of a new singer. Trumpeter Marlon Jordan, who hit the music world hard in the 1990s with three well-praised recordings on the Columbia label, features his sister Stephanie on vocals. […]

It Must’ve Been Something I Ate

Watching out for tainted food by BROBSON LUTZ, M.D. Foodborne illnesses crop up in all settings – neighborhood greasy spoons, catered elegant events, country clubs, and even James Beard-award-wining restaurants. When tainted food is consumed at home, the family gets sick. When something goes wrong in a restaurant, multitudes can suffer. Fortunately, food poisoning from […]

Ready, Set, Sail!

A day in the life of competitive sailing by KRISTEN REMEZA Sailing. It brings to mind images of a young Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – big sunglasses and blowing headscarf – navigating the Greek isles aboard one of Aristotle’s yachts. It’s a pastime I pegged for an entitled upper class, freewheeling aristocrats with romance in their […]

Top Female Achievers

Women’s Day The task of choosing our “top female achievers” gets tougher every year; to make the call we needed to establish some criteria. For our purposes, a top female achiever is defined as “a woman who during the last year did something new and made notable advances in her career.” The key phrases are […]

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