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RECIPE OF THE WEEK – Shrimp Salad – Stuffed Avocados

This week’s recipe comes from the pages of our current issue of New Orleans Magazine. It is a perfect dish for the dog days of August. For more great summer time recipes pick up a copy of our current issue subscribe on line by clicking here SHRIMP SALAD-STUFFED AVOCADOS 4 ripe avocados 2 pounds boiled […]

NEWSBEAT: Shrimp boots to the rescue

Those white rubber boots so ubiquitous around Louisiana’s fishing docks have been turned into a publicity tool in a new campaign to help local shrimpers establish new markets for their product around the country. A group of Louisiana shrimpers calling themselves the White Boot Brigade have been on the move, stomping around in their white […]


This weeks recipe is from our sister publication Louisiana Life. Dr. John Beyt’s Courtbouillon 1 (5-to-6 pound) gaspergoo, dressed, with head on 3 quarts water 1 tablespoon salt 1 cup vegetable oil 1 cup flour 2 cups onions, chopped 1 cup bell pepper, chopped 3 stalks celery, chopped 2 10-ounce cans Ro-Tel tomatoes Salt and […]


Dear Julia, Near Orange Street are two tall structures that I have called the Orange Street Silos. I have been curious of their history for years. Please tell me about them. Bianca A. Fuentes New Orleans Those aren’t silos, they’re smoke stacks and, although they are near Orange Street, they actually soar above Market Street. […]


A story that might prove to be one of the year’s most important has not gotten the attention it deserves. We’re talking about the proposal to redevelop the area in the vicinity of the Superdome into a Jazz district and park. That part of town has been the target of ambitious planning before. The current […]

MODINE’s NEW ORLEANS – “A Move to the Country for Gumdrop”

All her life, my daughter Gumdrop has lived in a normal house where the mail dropped through a slot in the door. Not no more. Now her mailbox will set out by the road, and have one of them little red flags on it. Gumdrop is moving to the country. This ain’t good news, being […]


The late Melvin Springer retold the story of “that Heisman run night” many times outside Mary’s Tavern, that infamous bucket o’ blood on Magazine Street in the Irish Channel. “Me and a coupl’a buddies had been in Mary’s all night drinkin’‚” Springer recalled often over beers. “When I stepped out into the night, there was […]

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – Our readers respond

The following comments were submitted via our e-mail news letter subscribers. If you have a comment you would like to submit about this news letter or anything in our magazine please e-mail Errol Laborde at elaborde@neworleansmagazine.com. Informed Subscriber Thanks for keeping us informed, with my parents (my dad has emphysema and Alzheimers) I have not […]


Ron Kotteman, alias “The Roman Candy Man”, is still hitting the streets of New Orleans selling his Roman Candy. Ron reminisces about his grandfather who started the business and the adversities he had to overcome. Ron also talks about his mule, Patsy, and her upcoming return to the neighborhoods of New Orleans. Click Here to […]

NEWSBEAT: Head of the International

Two Jefferson Parish public high schools will join the ranks of a prestigious international education program known for academic rigor and intercultural understanding this coming school year. John Ehret High School in Marrero and Riverdale High School in Jefferson will offer diploma programs from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Across the nation, only 624 other […]


Almost every conversation I have turns into a discussion of food, drinks, dining, cookbooks, restaurants and chefs; this isn’t shocking given that I write about those things for a living, but it is intense. As always there are new spots and brilliant dishes to try, but there are New Orleans-inspired food blogs to check out, […]

ERROL LABORDE: 5 Worst calamities in New Orleans History

Lets not lose sight of the fact that most of the time, and for most of its history, New Orleans has been a great place to live. But, like any place, there have been some bad times too. Here are my picks of the worst. 5.UNION OCCUPATION/ RECONSTRUCTION. It could have been worse. We could […]

NEW ORLEANS HOME: Uncork Mimi and Martin Peake’s home; it’s a cellar’s market.

Imagine a private wine cellar with 5,000 bottles of wine in a magnificent space that would be the envy of the finest restaurant in New Orleans. This wine cellar may be the crown jewel in the Chateau Estates home of Marian “Mimi” and Martin Peake. There is nothing ordinary about their home. From the entry, […]

HEALTH: Snowball headaches, what they are and ways to get rid of them

Sometimes when I bite directly into a snowball, I get this intense stabbing pain. It feels as though all my brain material and juices freeze,” says Kara Mihlon, a junior studying civil engineering at LSU in Baton Rouge. “The pain starts in my forehead and quickly moves past my ears to the back of the […]

STREETCAR: Nagin’s Second Term, the first few days

On the day after his reelection, Mayor Ray Nagin spoke to a group at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church in the Treme neighborhood. According to a report in The Times-Picayune, Nagin said, “he hoped businesses would join him in creating a ‘new paradigm’ and would stay, ‘but if they don’t, I’ll send them a postcard.’” […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Pain Perdu, Discovering lost bread

I love New Orleans. It seems like I love it more since Katrina. All the things we hold dear are more important than before, when we took them for granted. Yesterday, I bought my grandson a bubblegum flavored snowball because blue is his favorite color. That led me to tell him how only children in […]

TABLE TALK – L’Expérience Française

Most Americans celebrate only one day in July. On the fourth, they open a can of cheap beer to toast the defeat of King George. In New Orleans, our allegiances aren’t so narrow. Few houses fly Old Glory, but the city’s flag can be found on nearly every block. The rest of the country thanks […]

LIAR, LIAR – How to tell who’s doing it

Julie and Pat are two attractive New Orleans women. They plan to meet for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. When they meet at the restaurant, Julie is surprised to see her friend wearing a particularly ugly and unflattering dress. But before she can say anything, Pat’s face lights up, and she asks, “How do […]

CHRONICLES OF RECENT HISTORY: Algiers, perhaps the best kept secret in Orleans Parish.

I think Algiers is the best kept secret in Orleans Parish,” confides Second City Court Judge Mary “KK” Norman. Her 30 years of living in Algiers certainly backs her opinion and her fellow “Algerines” agree. Begun as an early location for plantations, by the 1800s, Algiers had developed a ship building industry with drydocks along […]

Lin Emery

Graceful, flowing and modern, “Wave,” the sculpture situated in front of the New Orleans Museum of Art, is a an apt reflection of its maker: Lin Emery. Working as a kinetic sculptor since the 1960s, throughout her career Emery has broken new ground for women artists, and in particular, for those who produce large-scale sculpture […]


Despite the fact that she dedicated more than 16 years to caring for her mother, Janice Zazulak still feels a lot of guilt. Zazulak, a practice manager for a group of physicians in Metairie, began looking after her mom when her father died in 1990. At first, her mother was well enough to live in […]

MARQUEE: places to go, people to see, things to do

The Curtain Calls Theater lights are shining brightly this month with plays and musicals to suit all tastes. • Tulane Summer Lyric is staging two musicals: “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Pippin.” “Bye Bye Birdie,” July 6 to 9, is about a rock singer who takes a trip to a small Ohio town to meet his […]


TOP TEN PRESIDENTS WHO INFLUENCED NEW ORLEANS This being the week for celebrating Independence, here is my thoroughly subjective list of the Top Ten Presidents who have had the most impact on New Orleans. For the sake of cheap drama I present them in ascending order from ten to one- so no peeking. HONORABLE MENTION. […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Veal Sweetbreads

This week’s recipe comes from our sister publication St. Charles Avenue Magazine. You can pick up your copy at over 300 locations around town or subscribe for home delivery for only $17 a year by calling (504) 828-1380. Iris Chef Ian Schnoebelen creates a savory summer menu. Visit them at 8115 Jeannette St., 862-5848. Appetizer: […]

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