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COMMENTARY FROM NEW ORLEANS MAGAZINE’S ERROL LABORDE: Attention New Orleans Guys: Only One Month Left of White Suit Season

Men’s fashion is a topic that I hardly ever write about, except when circumstances require urgent notice. Guys, be aware. At the end of this week there will only be one month left for wearing your white linen suit.     By tradition the suits are worn in New Orleans from Easter to Labor Day. The season […]

COMMENTARY FROM NEW ORLEANS MAGAZINE’S ERROL LABORDE: Proposal: A Tricentennial Tower Along New Orleans’ Lakefront

Imagine a tower along the shoreline of Lake Pontchartrain standing 1100 feet high (37 feet taller than the Eiffel tower). Its sleek column is decorated with art depicting New Orleans’ past and at night it shimmers with lights celebrating the town’s vibrancy. From the top (on a clear day), viewers can see the chain of […]


Compared to the guillotine, moving to Louisiana didn’t seem to be such a bad choice. That was the plight of Count Louis Philippe Joseph de Roffignac, a native of Antouleme, France. He was born in 1766 with royal blood.His godfather and godmother were the reigning duke and duchess of Orleans. Their son would become King […]


Sixty-four years ago today a letter was on its way from Europe to New Orleans.Three days earlier, on July 4, 1944, a soldier in the American Army, camped out somewhere in France, had written to his sister:     "I’m sure you’ve heard and seen much about the invasion since D-day," the soldier – my father, […]

Planning for 2018

Imagine a tower along the shoreline of Lake Pontchartrain standing 1100 feet high (37 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower). Its sleek column is decorated with art depicting New Orleans’ past and at night it shimmers with lights celebrating the town’s vibrancy. From the top, viewers (on a clear day) can see the chain of […]

Young teachers flocking to NOLA

As New Orleans’ long-troubled public education system is being rebuilt and revitalized after Katrina, the national teacher recruiting group Teach for America is sending a bumper crop of young educators to the area to staff schools and invigorate local classrooms.  The local chapter of the national nonprofit will more than double the number of new […]

Read and Spin

Dr. Michael White is one cool guy. An alum of both Xavier and Tulane universities, he’s taught Spanish at Xavier for more than 20 years, adding African American music to his instructional repertoire in 1988. And there’s his clarinet.Blue Crescent, Dr. White’s newest release, brings about the nostalgic sounds of Louis Armstrong’s big brass jives, […]

Lionel Hampton at the Ogden

An exhibition of photographs from the illustrious life of Lionel Hampton, on view at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art through the end of this month, is a centennial celebration inviting thoughts on a storied career in jazz. Hampton, was by various reports, a force of nature, a bandleader of such relentless energy and hunger […]

Green light for a greenway

A strip of land in the heart of New Orleans that has successfully served the city as a waterway and a rail line may soon see its third function as an urban greenway – a paved bicycling and walking path potentially connecting neighborhoods and neighbors. That’s the vision that energizes the grassroots citizens group Friends […]

Restaurant Insider

This is a time of year that could be called the doldrums, at least where dining is concerned. That’s been alleviated somewhat by Tales of the Cocktail, “the most spirited event of the summer,” celebrating its 6th anniversary July 16-20. Founded by Ann Tuennerman, it’s now attended by mixologists, aficionados, liquor company representatives and press […]

Asian Occasion

Ever since Trey Yuen stood alone in a field on the Northshore serving up its Szechuan Spicy Alligator, the marriage of local ingredients with non-local techniques has been a staple of Asian restaurants around town. Trey Yuen has since been swallowed up in development’s untidy snarl but lately we’ve seen a multitude of places popping […]

ArenaBowl: Returning to Super City

When officials with the Arena Football League were in town last year for their sport’s championship game, the ArenaBowl, the action on the field at the New Orleans Arena wasn’t the only thing that captured their attention. They were also sizing up the city as a location for future championship games and what they saw […]

PERSONA: Ella Brennan

If a restaurant is like a circus, then Ella Brennan, co-owner of Commander’s Palace, is the ringmaster minus the top hat and actual whip. (Though a few chefs and cooks who have passed through her kitchen may disagree about what constitutes a whip – perhaps a meaningful look?) Years ago, before Commander’s Palace’s current renovation, […]

Julia Street

Dear Julia and Poydras,When I was a young girl visiting the city with my parents about 70 years ago, my mother mentioned a restaurant located across the street from City Park that was one of her long ago favorites.Since my mother left New Orleans in 1915 to move to Ohio and marry my father, also […]


A Sweet EssenceLL Cool J, Patti Labelle, Keyshia Cole, Rihanna, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige and dozens of other fabulously famous musicians and performers will flock to the city and take the main stage at the annual Essence Festival, July 4-6. Essence Festival will also host a variety of dynamic speakers at its Empowerment Seminars. […]

Tennessee’s Brother

When the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival was first being planned, a literary scholar advised the fledgling festival’s board not to invite the playwright’s brother to the event. “He’s as crazy as a loon,” the scholar proclaimed. Fortunately, loons are able to fly and Williams’ brother began coming to the festival on his own. The […]

Manuel Curry

“We have a very, very, very dangerous job. We have to do all that we can to keep our citizens safe, as well as ourselves.” – NOPD Superintendent, Warren Riley, following the death of Officer Nicola Cotton who was shot while trying to apprehend a suspected rapist, January 28, 2008 They make good-natured jokes about […]

Developing Images

From studio portraits to news events, the black artists who worked with cameras here captured all aspects of life and in the process left a legacy of both artistic output and personal determination. Their work is remarkable in many ways. Steven Maklansky, director of curatorial services at the Louisiana State Museum, notes that, “among all […]

Modern Times

Grandmothers got it rough. We don’t say this to our kids, of course. We just go off and mutter to other grandmothers. “Our kids,” we say to each other, “survived to be adults without poking their eyeballs out from running with a stick or getting taken to the hospital with holes in their underwear or […]

Last Call

Punch and Judy A “Tales of the Cocktail” Winner Our annual trek through New Orleans’ summer climatological conditions (Darn that global warming – it used to be so pleasant around here in July) has lately been made more bearable by the ever-expanding Tales of the Cocktail celebration, now an annual fixture on the July calendar. This […]

Etc. Editorial

Napoleon at home in New Orleans “Treasures of Napoleon” gives visitors the opportunity to gain an understanding of Napoleon Bonaparte’s personal as well as political life. “The exhibition includes extraordinary artifacts that trace [his] life,” says Brian Adkisson, director of marketing and public relations for the Louisiana State Museum. The collection of 400-plus artifacts include […]

NOLA by the Numbers

181Year Louisiana became the 18th state (April 30). 1/2Stick of butter in Brennan’s “Bananas Foster” recipe. 3,580Lime wedges used during Tales of the Cocktail 2007. 1990Year the Louisiana Iris, Iris Giganticaerulea, became Louisiana’s official wildflower. 599,000,000Hunting-related expenditures in Louisiana in 2003 (most recent year data is available). 175,000,000Wildlife-watching expenditures in Louisiana in 2003 (most recent […]

Dining Editorial

  La Petite Grocery’s cool summer menu Executive Chef Justin Devillier says his restaurant, La Petite Grocery, serves “technique-oriented American cuisine” with a mix of Southern and French influences. According to the chef, the casually elegant establishment which serves drinks, lunch and dinner, appeals to a wide range of clientele. It is also a place […]

30˚90˚ Calendar

Through July 11. “Standing with Papa Legba: The Intersections of Contemporary Haitian Art;” The George and Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art. Information, 586-7432. Through August 1. “Inspiration Show” exhibition; Jazz & Heritage Gallery. Information, 558-6100, www.jazzandheritage.org. July 1. An Evening with Tom Jones; House of Blues. Information, 310-4999, www.hob.com/venues/clubvenues/neworleans. July 1-Aug. 31. “COOLinary […]

“Nerban” Night Out

Cruising the information superhighway at the start of this piece (looking for a hipper way to say “hipster,” actually), I stumbled upon slang resource UrbanDictionary.com and a term I’d never heard before: nerban, /n∂r-b∂n / (adj.), defined as, “Of or pertaining to urban-nerd culture.” Transfixed, I read on.  Nerban youth characteristics include, the definition continued, […]

What Women Want

Andrea’s Restaurant/Capri Blue Piano BarJoin Chef Andrea for his Grand Opening of Andrea’s “Capri Blue” Piano Bar. Capri Blue offers a Bar Menu, with items like Lobster Ravioli, Pizza, and “Capri Blue” and Chocolate Martinis. Every woman wants to spend her summer sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying 3 appetizers all for a […]

Summer Escapes

W hen the torpor of hot summer days threatens to take over, take off on a summer adventure. Recline on the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast, go back in time through historical venues or become an explorer of New Orleans hidden treasures. There’s so much to see and do one can almost forget […]

More than Skin Deep

Whether for health or beauty alone, advances in dermatology and plastic surgery produce more natural results, less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times. These doctors, clinics and centers perform cosmetic and medical procedures. Dr. Eric Finley is a fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeon who specializes in Mohs Micrographic Surgery, a specialized technique for removing skin cancer. Patients […]

New Orleans’ Top Female Achievers

Dr. Kathleen Sullivan SchiaviObstetrician/gynecologist practicing at East Jefferson General Hospital When Dr. Kathleen Sullivan Schiavi performs a hysterectomy, she’s often accompanied in the operating room by a robot – a high-tech daVinci Surgical Robot that simulates human movements. The doctor operates the robot from a console and the robot performs the actual surgery. All of […]

6 Degrees of Renovation

ANDREA THORNTONRiver Ridge Above: Pat Neal of Classic Cupboards designed the kitchen cabinets and countertops, and supplied the appliances, while Tommy St. Amant of St. Amant Homebuilders installed the kitchen and Mary Lou Fewell of Interior Motives provided the inspiration for the floors and window treatments. Above, right: Andrea Thornton with two of favorite kitchen […]

Pulling Pork

Unlike their fellow southerners, New Orleanians have never been known for barbecue. Even the art of cochon de lait, a Cajun-style pig barbecue, isn’t practiced much in the metropolitan area – for obvious reasons: You have to dig a hole in the ground for the fire and build a rack to hold the pig. Most […]


A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates an alarmingly low number of people know the warning signs of an impending stroke. CDC researchers analyzed data from 2005, from a survey of 71,000 adults, and found only 16.4 percent of those surveyed knew all five physical signs on an oncoming stroke. Most […]

Proposal: A Katrina Olympics

This summer could be one of the worst for crime in recent memory. The 1,430 cops on the rebuilding New Orleans Police Department are no match for an estimated 50,000 juveniles in Orleans Parish, including thousands who have returned to the city since Katrina – without adult supervision. However, if we follow the creative examples […]

Mr. Music’s Amazing Grace

It is the last day of classes at McMain Secondary School and Clyde Lawrence, Orleans Parish’s Middle School Teacher of the Year, sits at his desk and sings. Head thrown back, eyes closed, he sings “Amazing Grace,” without accompaniment. A dozen students listen without surprise. After all, singing is life itself to Lawrence. The very […]

Sun Worship

Based strictly on its climate, New Orleans would seem to have it made in the shade when it comes to solar power. Basking in some of the most intense sunshine of any city in the U.S., and logging more sunny days per year than most locales, the city seems a good candidate to become a […]

Summer Bridal Show – June 14, 5-8 PM