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Faking it

The business of counterfeiting

When jazz met bluegrass

Were it not for my believing that something really special was about to happen, I wouldn’t have been at Preservation Hall on this particular Sunday evening. I am guilty of being one of those people who has dismissed the Hall as a place for tourists wanting to hear a jazz band plod trough the Dixieland […]

Variations on a Theme

Finally, we know that the common belief about elderly dogs and new tricks isn’t true. Even if you’re bound to old traditions, you can give them a modern twist. Take the Mint Julep, and in the middle of a New Orleans summer doesn’t that sound like a refreshing idea? The point is that ingenuity and […]

NOLA by the Numbers

35,000Approximate number of library items held by the Historic New Orleans Collection. 5Acres occupied by The Sydney and Walda Besthoff sculpture garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art. 60Height, measured in feet, of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. 80,000Approximate number of herpetile (reptiles and amphibian) specimens held by the Tulane Museum of Natural […]


Passion and whimsyWhat began as a hobby in college has blossomed into a full-blown career for Sarah Ashley Longshore, proprietor of Longshore Studio Gallery on Magazine Street. “I am a completely self-taught artist,” she says. “Before I graduated I had my first one-woman show, and it just so happened that the gallerist was the president […]

Dining Features

Schiro’s, a Marigny mainstayA fixture in the Marigny, Schiro’s has been in business for more than 100 years. It’s a café, bar, Laundromat, bed-and-breakfast and it also sells groceries, beer and wine. The food served is mainly indigenous to New Orleans as well as India. Manager Zak Rahman says Schiro’s has a café atmosphere, with […]

Linen: "The fabric of Summer"

As we are all sweatily aware, New Orleans gets hot in the summer. Not just hot, but humid, funky, why-do-we-live-here swamp hot. In that kind of heat, clothes are a key element in the months-long battle to keep cool. That is why linen, an apt choice of fabric for such muggy summers, has become a […]

10 Top Female Achievers

Our Annual Pursuit of Some of the Area’s Best

Special rooms

A peek into some great kitchens and baths

Christopher Cazenave

Life is a bowl of gelato

A railroading town

“Riding on the City of New Orleans / Illinois Central Monday morning rail.”“The City of New Orleans” by Steve Goodman, 1970 Arlo Guthrie’s 1972 version of that song caught the public fancy as a memorial to the great days of train travel. The song is based on fact. The Illinois Central Railroad, which called itself […]

Lynn Foy

Finding a better way

Hold on!

Homeowners, take heart: patience may pay off

Doing it right

The New Orleans Arena at 10


Ochsner Endocrinologist Dr. Lawrence Blonde has been awarded the Louisiana Laureate Award for his accomplished career in medicine. The award, issued by the American College of Physicians, honors Dr. Blonde’s contributions to medicine, which include extensive diabetes research and scholarly articles on the subject. Blonde has served as Associate Internal Medicine Program Director since 1978. […]

Influenza in Louisiana

Grading the performers

Mapping the political landscape

While the field of candidates vying to be the next mayor of New Orleans is still taking shape, a study gives some unique insight to the political landscape they will need to negotiate. The study was sponsored by Tulane University and Democracy Corps, a research group founded by political strategist and Tulane professor James Carville, […]

Read and Spin

Trumpeter and vocalist Jeremy Davenport brings St. Louis swing down to Basin Street with his newest release, We’ll Dance ’Til Dawn. The album is a mix of standards, such as the sprightly rendition of “The Lady is a Tramp,” and Davenport’s own compositions. One of Davenport’s originals is the lighthearted “Mr. New Orleans,” a duet […]

Glen David Andrews and the public square

Citizenship in the holy city of New Orleans is a tough proposition even on days without politicians acting as termites to our fragile state of race relations. You ask: Why call this outback of democracy a “holy city?” I answer: The City Where Jazz Began is a cultural mecca. That’s why the story of jazz […]

Early Super Bowl dividends

News that New Orleans will host the Super Bowl in 2013 set the hearts of local football fans aflutter with the possibility that the Saints might finally be in that number, and at home no less. But while the Saints’ own chances of such success three seasons from now are impossible to gauge, the decision […]

Restaurant Insider

New Orleans owes its existence almost as much to Spain as France, and in the last decade or so that’s been reflected in the dining scene. One example is Restaurant Madrid (300 Harrison Ave.), which has moved from its former location on Roosevelt Boulevard in Kenner to Lakeview. Chef Juan Hernandez’s new space was a […]

The gilded age

Back in the day, several top restaurants in New Orleans were the prominently featured crown jewels of sumptuous downtown hotels; places I tend to recollect within the context of special occasions as a child – the old Fairmont at Christmas, for example when the lobby was decked out with seasonal displays. Now with the resurrection […]

Cool dishes for a hot summer

Cooking with the seasons has always been an interest of mine. Maybe it’s because I grew up with an extra lot behind my backyard where my father planted every vegetable the southern climate would allow. And what he didn’t grow, my mother added along the yard’s fences. We had eggplants, butterbeans, turnips, tomatoes, greens, carrots, […]

Preparing for Cuban connections

If New Orleans is indeed the northernmost port of the Caribbean, then the next stop on the way south is Cuba. The U.S. trade embargo has severely limited commercial and cultural exchange between New Orleans and its Caribbean neighbor for close to 50 years, but that proximity is now spurring early preparations for potential business […]

Olivier Brochenin Le Consul Général de France

Living in New Orleans – and throughout south and central Louisiana – we’re surrounded by reminders of our French legacy. Vieux Carré. Streets named Fontainebleau, Bienville and Iberville (the last two are also names of parishes in the state). Cajun and Creole music and food. The fleur-de-lis, well, everywhere. (Interesting fact: According to the 2000 census, there […]


Our top picks of the month’s events

How to smell good

So I read in the newspaper that old people smell. Thanks a lot. This article claims as soon as you hit 40, you start emitting an aroma of old age because of something called “noneal,” which comes from “fatty acids breaking down in the skin.” The only way to avoid this is to “spritz on […]

Julia Street


Summer Bridal Show – June 14, 5-8 PM