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The Best New Restaurants in New Orleans

Usually over lunch, sandwiches brought to the office, our food writers and members of the editorial staff gather to determine the year’s group of best new restaurants in New Orleans. Such a conversation could easily stretch into dinner because there are always so many to consider. The scene is lively with new faces and new […]

Investigating the Hair Blowout Trend

I had been curious about the blowout trend for a while. Salons have been opening all over the country offering a professional blow dry session, instead of a full haircut; there are no scissors involved. When I heard that yet another blowout salon was opening near New Orleans, I decided I needed to try it. […]


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013

More Than Just Brunch

The party never stops in New Orleans, even for breakfast.

Three New Eateries To Try in New Orleans

Thrive Foods got off to an inauspicious start earlier this year. The business, a partnership between chef Rob Faust and Peter Menge, right, provides prepared food for pick-up at the Laurel Street Bakery, with other locations to be announced. Thrive’s first day would have been April 8, but just after cooking the food for customers […]

Quick From the Grill

Fast recipes for warm days

Cocktail Recipe: ‘‘Tales’’ Is Very Cool

The headline tells the truth, but it isn’t something you expect to find in July in New Orleans. Staying cool in that month in this place is a challenge of the highest order. But the annual Tales of the Cocktail is a very cool festival. Now in its 11th year, Tales is considered the No. […]


Grace your Day Gracious Bakery + Cafe, 1000 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway, Suite 100, 301-3709, GraciousBakery.com To the new Gracious Bakery + Cafe, Megan Forman brings years of experience in great kitchens such as Payard in New York City and Bayona and Sucré locally. Forman, named a Rising Pastry Chef by StarChefs.com, ensures the bread […]


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013


New Orleans’ Best New Restaurants 2013

Why So Many New Restaurants in New Orleans?

Someone recently asked me why there are so many new restaurants in New Orleans. The simple answer is to confess that I don’t know, but why let ignorance stand in the way? Since this is our Best New Restaurants issue, here are some guesses. 1) People are eating out more. Especially in households where all […]

Learning from Terrilynn Monette

The police diver has changed into dry clothes; his hair is still wet. A few hours earlier, Slidell policeman Mark Michaud found the apparent remains of Terrilynn Monette inside her car at the bottom of Bayou St. John, ending a three-month search for the missing New Orleans schoolteacher. Michaud now wades into a crowd of […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


Something New in Tremé

A national nonprofit developer of real estate for arts organizations is moving ahead with an ambitious plan to transform a long-blighted Tremé school property into a center of arts and culture for its neighborhood. Artspace, which is based in Minneapolis, intends to redevelop the old Andrew J. Bell Middle School campus into a multi-faceted arts […]

Going Deep

Marine firms ride waves of demand from Big Oil, military

Salmonella: A Heated Discussion

Salmonella: The mere mention of the four-syllable word strikes fear in diners and restaurant owners worldwide. Many different bacteria and viruses can cause foodborne illness, but Salmonella is the classic. Contaminated fresh eggs used for making hollandaise sauce once caused a large outbreak in one of our most famous Creole eateries. Years later in 2001, […]


As the saying goes, there’s an app for that: LSU Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) audiologists say smartphone apps are effective in monitoring noise levels to protect one’s hearing. Annette Hurley, assistant professor of audiology at LSUHSC, and Eric Arriaga, a third-year doctor of audiology student, recommend the use of sound-measuring apps in the current issue […]

Assessing a New Orleans Inspector

It took years for New Orleans to appoint its first Inspector General, a position charged with rooting out fraud and waste in city government. But when it came time for the board that oversees this office to weigh in on its chief, Ed Quatrevaux, members quickly validated his performance. The city’s Ethics Review Board voted […]

Finding Terrilynn Monette

I happened to be standing in front of the family of Terrilynn Monette when her car was pulled out of Bayou St. John Sat., June 8. Since the popular grade school teacher disappeared last March after a night of celebrating a teacher of the year recognition, her absence had become a cause. Search parties had […]

Adding Up New Orleans’ Cultural Economy

The idea of New Orleans culture is central to the identity and experience of this city, though tallying what makes up that culture and measuring its precise impact on residents’ lives is open to interpretation. City Hall, however, has recently made its own stab at assessing just how much New Orleans culture is worth in […]

Read & Spin

HEALTH You might find it funny that a New Orleanian would write a book about cutting back on sugar, but that’s what dermatologist and Tulane University clinical associate professor Patricia Farris has done with The Sugar Detox. Farris and co-author Brooke Alpert, celebrity nutritionist and founder of B Nutritious, make the case for the health […]

John Preble and His Whimsical Abita Springs Museum

The faded red gasoline pump stuck in some Pleistocene age at “34 cents a gallon” should be the first tipoff that things may be somewhat amiss inside this building a stone’s throw from the circle at Abita Springs. There is a “Twilight Zone” aura about this entire setting that’s obvious before you even get out […]

When Bathing Suits Are Too Small

Ever notice how over the years, bathing suits have gotten smaller? This would make sense if people had gotten smaller, too. But most people have expanded. So we got to stretch less and less bathing suit over more and more skin, which means there is a lot of sunburning going on. It is bad enough […]

Sister Act: Answering the Sibling Question

The sibling question is such a hard one for me to successfully answer, and I get asked it all the time. Everyone does. It is a typical “get to know you” question, ostensibly harmless: “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” I ask it myself of other people frequently. When I was young and both […]

A Hotel Called Pontchartrain

The grand hostelry of the Garden District still calls up happy recollections.

Summer Bridal Show – June 14, 5-8 PM