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Aisle do’s for children by TARA MCLELLAN ou can pick your clothes. You can pick your friends’ clothes. But can you pick your friends’ kids’ clothes? When you’re the bride, the answer is yes, or at least most of the time. From beachy casual to formal elegance, brides now have a wide selection for their […]

Dressing to Suite

What today’s mother of the bride is wearing by KARA NELSON I’ll admit it. When I’m at a wedding, my focus is naturally narrow. I want to see the bride. I want to see her gown, her veil, her hair, her bouquet and her expression as she walks down the aisle. Yet for all of […]


How small-town cops and a senior sleuth ignored the experts and caught the Baton Rouge serial killer by CHUCK HUSTMYRE On April 19, 1998, Zachary, La., police detective David McDavid was playing in a softball tournament in New Iberia when he got a call about the disappearance – and likely murder – of Randi Mebruer. […]


by ERROL LABORDE As the bus made its way to Naples, one of the world’s least powerful military forces was about to visit one of its most potent weapons, and Lindy Boggs was involved. Stories are now surfacing about some of the behind-the-scenes events during the former New Orleans congresswoman’s tenure as what is properly […]


Places to go, people to see, things to do by HILLARY GOLDEN Make the Connection Photographs taken by different artists, at different times and in various countries – but which still have a unifying concept or subject – assume new meaning when viewed individually and with other photographs. The New Orleans Museum of Art’s exhibit […]


Our country’s national parks by CHRISTINE RICHARD The National Park System preserves approximately 83.6 million acres of U.S. land, so families can have the all-American summer vacation (think Griswolds). Here are some highlights of our park system. Bubbling earth In Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, the first park in the system, encompasses more than 2 million […]


Best new architecture – our annual picks by John P. Klingman Over the last year there have been relatively few construction cranes in evidence in the New Orleans area, heralding locations of major new buildings. However, upon closer scrutiny we have found seven exemplary projects – four institutional structures and three new residences. Perhaps their […]


Funeral for a Friend by JASON BERRY The Dirty Dozen revolutionized brass-band music in the early 1980s with an infusion of bebop and jump blues rhythms that took the old down-home sound to new thresholds. Veteran saxophonists Roger Lewis and Kevin Harris, trumpeters Gregory Davis and Efrem Towns (who also plays fluegelhorn), and Kirk Joseph […]


by BROBSON LUTZ, M.D. My toes appreciate a good summer vacation. After I get a tan going, my toes and feet look better. In the summer I am not on my feet like during the school year,” says Betsy Kaye Byrd, a teacher at Holy Name of Jesus School. Summer treasures include bathing suits, snowballs […]


The city’s premier drinking locations by Katie Block Forgive me for not wanting to talk about hops, barley or malt. I’m not a beer brewer, but I’ll toss back a few now and then without much care as to what’s in it. However, I understand that one man’s beer is another man’s water, and the […]

The Music and the Night

Choosing a band that’s right for your reception by KARA NELSON hen my best friend got married in the New Hampshire countryside a couple of years ago, it was a lavish affair by any standards. Never mind that there was a private lake on the groom’s family’s estate or that they’d cut down several trees […]


A big to-do list by TARA MCLELLAN Take it from me, bridal registries are very important. When my husband and I returned from our honeymoon, we found our tiny apartment filled with small gift boxes. “Great,” we thought, “plates and silverware for our new home!” We were excited to dig into our gifts – that […]

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