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ERROL LABORDE: 7 Reasons to be patient until October

We have all been in those “what do you think?” conversations as we search for answers about our future. When asked, I have lately said something like, “let’s give it to October. There should be some encouraging signs by then.” I really believe that, but to keep myself convinced of my own argument I have […]

JULIA STREET: A monthly pursuit of answers to eternal questions

Dear Julia, I enjoy your informative articles in New Orleans Magazine. My husband and I have wondered about a rooftop fixture on many shotgun houses around the Uptown area. It is located at the ridgeline of the roof (usually slate roofs). Hubby thinks they resemble a rooster. I see no special shape, as most of […]


Pralines, described simply as “dainty and delightful confections” in the 1901 Picayune Creole Cookbook, are a staple local sweet combining two Louisiana products: Pecans and sugar. The familiar candy appears at the ends of buffet lines at receptions, is still occasionally sold from baskets by vendors, pops up next to the cash register in shops, […]

LOCAL COLOR: The saga of Mary Riley

“… and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin It is said that politics produces strange bedfellows; no more so than in the prisons of the world, where the guards, sooner or later, become the guarded […]

HEALTH: Swell Times, thyroid swelling can be a sign of something worse

My hair was getting thinner, and my nails were splitting. I was not happy,” says Dell Jordan, a nurse who managed two hospital nursing units and the joint-replacement program at Memorial Medical Center until she retired about a year ago. “For the first time ever, I would wake up at night and be unable to […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Shrimp and Corn Stew

Before pollution, or the knowledge of it, small river shrimp were highly prized and were a main ingredient in smothered corn and other vegetable dishes. Corn and shrimp are common partners today. This shrimp stew can be eaten by itself or over rice, if desired. CORN AND SHRIMP STEW 1 pound shrimp 6 ears fresh […]


June 26 Anderson Cooper book signing at Barnes and Nobel, Metairie. June 26 Chase Bank to host Managing FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar at the Hotel Intercontinental, 444 St. Charles Avenue from 1:45pm to 5:00pm. For more information call (504) 623-7411 or email Ashley.m.allen@chase.com. June 27 Borders Books on Veterans Blvd. will host an […]

MUSIC: Diaspora Blues

Catching up with the past Every year in June, several score musicians leave the city for the European concert tour, playing the circuit of festivals from Scandinavia to Nice, France. This diaspora had no great significance in the Old World, pre-Katrina, because the talent pool kept pumping players to bridge the gap for the clubs […]


Every year in June, several score musicians leave the city for the European concert tour, playing the circuit of festivals from Scandinavia to Nice, France. This diaspora had no great significance in the Old World, pre-Katrina, because the talent pool kept pumping players to bridge the gap for the clubs here. Now, as the first […]

MODINE: Oysters and Oreos, dieting is so complicated

My mother-in-law can’t fit in her shower no more, so she decides to go on a diet. Now, I got to explain. It ain’t a normal shower she can’t fit in. It is a FEMA trailer shower, which is understandable. Half the people in Chalmette can’t fit into their FEMA showers. That’s why they got […]


June used to conjure happy images: vacations, snowballs, watermelon, the Gulf Coast, crawfish on the Lakefront, summer bliss. This year, however, the month will be greeted with horror. Now that we are all more sensitive to the arrival of hurricane season and have stories to tell, we will be far more nervous about each tropical […]


In this 10th anniversary of the series, we have a compelling lens through which to view buildings. As in all other aspects of our existence, things divide into pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. Several of this year’s notable projects were completed and occupied before the storm. One, the new Wall Residential College at Tulane, opened August 27, […]

ERROL LABORDE: Imagine that – politics and assessors

Well I am shocked. Last week two state legislators, one the son, the other the brother of incumbent Orleans parish assessors accused the governor of playing politics. The charge came in response to Governor Blanco supposedly resorting to deal making in exchange for support of creating a constitutional amendment. If passed by voters, the amendment […]


June 19 Clean-Up of the Warehouse/Arts District, CBD and FQ. Volunteers & Members from the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, Hotel Lodging Association, Restaurant Association, Downtown Development District, French Quarter Business Association and the Lt Governor’s office will roll up their sleeves and get ready for up coming conventions and visitors. If you would […]


Must of us know Arthur Hardy as an authority on New Orleans Mardi Gras and publisher of “Arthur Hardy’s Mardi Gras Guide”, but Arthur’s love for the city does not stop at Mardi Gras. He is now on the board of the New Orleans charter school, Warren Easton. Hear Arthur explain how the board plans […]


TURTLE SOUP 2 pounds turtle meat* Salt Freshly ground pepper 1 stick butter, divided 2 1/2 quarts (10 cups) strong beef broth, preferably made from beef or veal bones, or canned 8 tablespoons flour 1 large onion, chopped 1 large bell pepper, chopped 2 large stalks celery, chopped 3 large cloves garlic, minced 2 bay […]

5 to 9 – The best of weekend wear for men, from hats to shoes.

Time off from work means liberation from constricting neckties, overly-hot suits and clunky lace-up shoes. Make the best of weekend wear with jazzy colors and prints, and a hipster hat or completely work-unfriendly watch for charm. FORE COMFORTFacing page: Keep cool and comfortable while brightening up your polo collection with one of these updated colors. […]

STREETCAR: Canal at Carrollton

Li’l Ray’s had become the center of the universe. Located on South Carrollton Avenue, just past the point where the City Park-bound bright red streetcars made the turn off Canal Street, the diner pulsated with the liveliness of the neighborhood and was even open 24 hours. A year ago this month, Mid-City was the hottest […]


Ah, June: a blessing – the start of tomato season – and a curse – the start of hurricane season. Welcome back: Chinese food returned to Carrollton Avenue about a month ago – Five Happiness is back at its “new” location and is better than ever. The Imperial Room, Five Happiness’ banquet space, is situated […]

TABLE TALK: Re-piecing the Vietnamese scene

Recently a good bowl of pho has been hard to find. The aromatic broth full of beef and rice noodles began as Vietnamese street food. As New Orleans’ Vietnamese community grew over the last three decades, pho became as common as turtle soup in the Crescent City. Poor-boys returned quickly, but “Vietnamese poor-boys,” the little […]


In an effort to support dining out, Renaissance Publishing and the Louisiana Restaurant Association are teaming up to help local restaurants. Renaissance Publishing and the Louisiana Restaurant Association are teaming up in a “Subscription for Dining” campaign. Anyone that dines out at at local full service restaurant can receive a free one year subscription to […]

ERROL LABORDE: Why God is on Nagin’s side

During his inauguration speech Ray Nagin revealed something that had his opponents known from the beginning he might have been spared any opposition. God, it turns out, was on Nagin¹s side. “This is much bigger than all of us,” Nagin said. Of his victory. “I’m not that smart. God had his hand in this.” If […]

Trendy tastes – From the traditional to the avant garde

In New Orleans, trendy wedding cakes made to look like bridal dress fabric or silk jewelry boxes, and made to taste just as complex, haven’t quite overtaken the traditional white-frosted, almond-flavored ones decorated with roses or fleur-de-lis. But area bakers say cakes that make personal and sometimes totally unconventional statements are becoming more popular. Customers […]


June 12- 13 Louisiana Factory Building Systems Symposium, Highlighting the latest technology in home building using automated factory-built housing components Baton Rouge River Center. For registration and more information, please visit www.LouisianaBuildingSystems.com. June 13 Hospitality Industry Appreciation Day at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Hall E 11:00am – 1:30pm. In preparation of the first […]


This week NewOrleansPodcasting.com’s Craig Kraemer visits with Rene Brunet the owner of the Prytania Theater, the only independently owned single screen theater remaining in New Orleans. Rene recounts the early days of movie theaters including vaudeville. He also shares his thoughts on the New Orleans recovery. Click here to listen


I thought crab cakes were an invention of the modern world until I realized we’d been making them all along. Here in Louisiana, ours were a little different; we just stuffed them into crab shells. About 10 years ago, I attended a food writers conference in Baltimore. To hear those Baltimore people talk, you would […]

ERROL LABORDE: Down with City Hall, up with a jazz park

Because of the media inflamed hysteria about the opening of hurricane season and the coverage of the mayoral inauguration, a story that might be one of the years’ most important did not get the attention it deserved. I am talking about the plan to redevelop the area in the vicinity of the Superdome into a […]


On Bill Jefferson – The Mother Teresa connection Read article Like you…I believe it. Thanks! Ha-ha! Vince Vance New Orleans Errol, you hit the nail on the head! Funny article. John Castelluccio, Jr. New Orleans Price of New Orleans magazine on news stand: $4 Time taken away from commissioned sales job to read latest issue […]

HOME: EYE-FULL TOWER – A Parisian collection and a New Orleans view

Enter the grand residence with a treetop view of Lafayette Square and beyond and you may think you are in Paris. A collection of Old Paris porcelains and grand European antiques make the eighth story condominium of Dr. Ralph Lupin seem like it could be in a fashionable part of the French city, rather than […]

ERROL LABORDE: Bill Jefferson – The Mother Teresa connection

Congressman Bill Jefferson cautions us that there are two sides to every story, and he is right. While some of the facts about the ongoing federal investigation into his business dealings admittedly look suspicious, we have been looking for that other side. Through gut hunch and intuition I think I found the real story and […]


Nagin re-takes New Orleans Basking in his runoff victory over the state’s lieutenant governor, C. Ray Nagin made his mayoral comeback official on Thursday. After repeating his oath of office during ceremonies at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, the mayor told a crowd of several hundred that it’s time to “get off your duffs” […]

PERSONA: Henry “Junior” Rodriguez

After Hurricane Katrina, the only way you could have missed St. Bernard Parish President Henry “Junior” Rodriguez on television is if you were living in an ashram in India. Though he was known locally for years through his work on the St. Bernard Parish Council, it’s only since the hurricane that the world was introduced […]

MARQUEE: places to go, people to see, things to do

Petal Pushers For thousands of years, orchids have lured men and women into obsession – with up to 35,000 species, the flower’s beauty and variety are unsurpassed; there is even one species found in the Arctic. To showcase this unique flower, the New Orleans Orchid Society is holding its annual show at Lakeside Shopping Center, […]


Blanco, Legislature target N.O. assessors Gov. Kathleen Blanco will continue pressing this week to cut the number of property assessors in Orleans Parish from seven to one. With the measure facing opposition from some quarters, Blanco is expected to personally express her support Monday when the House Ways and Means Committee takes up the bill […]


June 5-7 Symphony Book Fair at the Jewish Community Center on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Jefferson will benefit the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. For more information call 861-2004. June 6 The Jefferson Chamber and Cox Communications present: Report Card on Education: Part 2, Excellence in Education with featured speaker Dr. Diane Roussel at […]

NEW ORLEANS’ VOICES: Russell Civello and Steve Lohr

This week NewOrleansPodCasting.com Craig Kraemer talks to restaurant owner Russell Civello of Ristorante Civello, Russell’s optimism creates a vision of beauty and culinary excitement post Katrina. This uptown Italian restaurant is a wonderful addition to the revitalization of New Orleans. You can visit them at 5831 Magazine Street for Dinner Tuesday thru Saturday. Click here […]

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