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New Orleans Magazine June 2009

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Who's spending where?

Retailers take the pulse of the local economy

A Voodoo Glossary

When the New Orleans Saints organization sought a name for its arena football team in 2002, an online poll of residents came up with “New Orleans VooDoo.” The choice isn’t surprising; Voodoo, a religion brought to the city by African slaves hundreds of years ago, has so permeated the city that references to it have […]

Cheap dates

A benefit of living in a cultural preservationist city like New Orleans is that there are many organizations that work to keep cultural activities alive and accessible. Here is a list comprising some of New Orleans’ summer fêtes. Many activities are free of charge, but those that aren’t cost less than $10! Ongoing Events Thursdays […]

Best of Design

Our Annual Survey of the Most Innovative New Architecture

The Gumbo of Vodou

Manbo Sallie Ann Glassman's Story

Voodoo to do

A spirited look at its meaning and practitioners

Pops and progeny

Few words carry more pride with them than “This is my son.” Lucky indeed is the boy whose father mixes love and discipline in equal measure. A boy usually appreciates his father most when he becomes one. Then he joins that society of men called “Dad,” who quietly dedicate their lives to taking care of their families. Here is a look at some local fathers and the sons who take a lot of pride in one another.

Herbsaint – a New Orleans invention

After absinthe was made illegal, just before World War I, which was followed by Prohibition, then the Great Depression, then the repeal of Prohibition; finally there was a moment that seemed to be a perfect time for a legal anise-flavored liquor. Up stepped a couple of New Orleans boys, J.M. Legendre and Reginald Parker, who […]

NOLA by the Numbers

49Games won by LSU’s Baseball Team in the 2007-’08 season. 14Number of New Orleans Hornets players, 2008-’09 season. 28:6Wins to losses of the 2008 C-USA Champion Tulane Volleyball team. 1979-82Years Leonard Marshall played defensive end for LSU. 2025The year until which the Saints have agreed to play in Louisiana. 1985Year  Louisiana native Karl “The Mailman” […]


Beaches of BlissFifteen beach communities comprise the Beaches of South Walton, a convenient vacation spot for New Orleanians. Just west of Panama City, Fla., the Beaches of South Walton offer homes and accommodations – condos, quaint cottages, bed-and-breakfasts and rental homes – for the array of guests. Resort communities, including Sandestin, WaterColor and Seaside present […]

Dining Features

Satisfying hunger at House of BluesWhile House of Blues is certainly known more for the variety of concerts that take place therein, music-lovers can also now indulge in fine cuisine. Mark Roberts, who’s a marketer for the Decatur Street location, says that the food is “Southern-inspired cuisine” by executive chef Irving Karas. This encompasses a […]

Eight days a week

A drink special per day, plus one

Page turner

Elements of a plantation and a London pied-à-terre are combined in Ruth and Michael Burke’s French Quarter home.

A couple of clowns

 “A clown is like aspirin, only he works twice as fast!”– Groucho Marx After spending a few minutes with Richard and Sally Simoneaux, you come away with the feeling that New Orleans’ only husband-and-wife clown team has front-row viewing seats on the human condition. Richard is a retired auto technician, whose “real” job is as […]

Tuition and TOPS

The debate continues

The Language of storms

4 ways to redefine the hurricane season

James Perdigao

The confession doesn’t always end the mystery

Health beat

Last year, the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation and Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu partnered in starting a health care program to help cultural (music, film, literary and historic preservation, and culinary, performing and visual arts) workers access affordable medical care. Through the Louisiana Cultural Economy Healthcare Initiative, cultural workers can visit a participating doctor or dentist […]

Katrina vs. the heart

To the list of unwelcome and long-lingering Hurricane Katrina legacies, researchers from Tulane University School of Medicine have added another that hits particularly close to home: heart attacks. Tulane medical researchers have documented a threefold increase in the number of people suffering heart attacks in the metro area in the years after Katrina compared to […]

Read and Spin

This band started out at as the “love-child” of two couples, Michael Stephens and Aubre Bauer, and Brittney Maddox and John Martin. The group added an electric bass (Jordan West) and drums (Jeremy Hayes) to the mix and the double-couple became the Peekers, who just released their sophomore album, Life in the Air. The album […]

One more time

The title of the CD to my left  this morning is quite a run-on, but in the interest of accuracy here goes: Preservation Hall Jazz Band: New Orleans Preservations, Volume 1. If you don’t have enough preservation in your cultural food chain, this one delivers a feast. This is a superb recording of old songs […]

Rebuilding the Latin American link

Thanks to new flight services set to begin next month, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport will once again be international, or rather “internacional.” AeroMexico, the largest airline in Mexico, plans to start a new route between New Orleans and the company’s hub in Mexico City, with six nonstop flights per week and continuing […]

Restaurant Insider

New Orleans hasn’t, until fairly recently, been the kind of place where you’d find “mixologists” behind the bar of your local watering hole. But now there are a couple of relatively new local joints where you can find inventive drinks prepared with care, and food to match. CURE (4905 Freret St.) is the most recent […]

Exploring Esplanade

Each year at Jazz Fest I’m reminded again of the beauty of Faubourg St. John. The logistical park-n-walk demands of the Fest allow me to view the neighborhood at a snail’s pace, rather than through a car window, and the experience is always rewarding. So this year after the Fest I took some time to […]

Doing the blue

I don’t know who planted the first blueberry bush in Louisiana, but I sure would like to thank him. When I was growing up we had strawberries and wild blackberries but never blueberries unless they came in a can. And then, they were the tiny ones that I’m pretty sure were grown somewhere in New […]

Liberty’s Kitchen reconciled

There is more than coffee, breakfast and lunch going on at Liberty’s Kitchen, a new café located near the Orleans Parish Criminal Courthouse in Mid-City. The restaurant and caterer is also a nonprofit aimed at helping teens and young adults get their lives on track. Liberty’s Kitchen uses a combination of hands-on food service training, […]


Our top picks of the month’s events

The Gunches Florida vacation

My mother-in-law says the Gunches are taking an X-vacation this year. I got to think about that. X-rated? X-treme? That don’t sound like the Gunches. No, she says – X-tended family – her sons Lurch and Leech; her and her daughters Gloriosa and Larva; and their kids; and me, the widow of her son Lout […]

Julia Street

A monthly pursuit of answers eternal questions

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