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The Trouble With Zombies

The more you tell people that you’re not crazy, the crazier you sound. Which is probably why I’ll never be able to convince my sister-in-law Gloriosa that I ain’t taken leave of my senses. I blame it on the vampires and the zombies. It could have happened to anybody. What happened was, I went to […]

The Wrath of Everest

D.A.'s son has peak experience and survives to tell about it

Rooting for the BEST


Cocktails to Mix

Whether you’re living in or visiting New Orleans, the cocktail scene here is an amazing adventure. But there are a few critical things to pay attention to as you embrace the city’s cocktail culture. First thing to mention is the importance of using fresh ingredients. It simply makes a far superior cocktail. Next, you want […]

Spices Every New Orleanian Should Have

We asked some local professionals to share some ideas from their fields. Here they are. Our way of adding spice to the conversations, speaking of which… In the kitchen at Galatoire’s Restaurant, we focus on quality product and fine cooking techniques. Using the principles of legendary chef Auguste Escoffier as a mentor, less is more […]



Channeling Satchmo

Are you Errol?” the man sitting at a table next to the sidewalk side of Café Du Monde asked me. With him were three Vietnamese  documentary filmmakers. “Yes,” I answered. “How could you tell?” “You looked like you were looking for someone,” he answered. Indeed I was. In fact, I was looking for a man […]

Brides Say No to The Cake and Yes to Mini Desserts

Palate New Orleans, 8220 Willow St., 864-2990, PalateNewOrleans.com Palate New Orleans, catering events big and small, is often at the forefront of new gastronomic trends, so it’s no surprise that they’re talking about a growing number of brides eschewing the traditional wedding (and maybe groom’s) cake for lots of mini desserts. Sometimes, old family recipes […]

Anyone for a Cuppa?

CC’s Coffee House, multiple local locations, CCsCommunityCoffeeHouse.com Perhaps it has something to do with the Olympics being held in London this year, or maybe it’s because we’re all looking for something light and refreshing to drink; either way, CC’s Coffee House is having a big teatime moment with a new line of specialty teas. There […]

Summer In the Swamp

The stillness of a night lit only by a crescent moon has made many an interloper doubt his courage and sanity. The slow movement of the black water pushes the pirogue, but not in any particular direction – or maybe in all directions. Broad-winged owls seem to melt into the ill-defined outlines of hanging moss. […]

Creole Tomato Time

Something to relish

New Places, Old Spaces, Familiar Faces

Remember when we had that unseasonably cool weather in April? Remember that? It is all over now, my friends. We will be sticky and sweaty until October, if not longer. Fortunately, we can assuage our worries by dining out. Here are a few places you might consider: When Chiba (8312 Oak St.) opened not long […]

Pizzas, Authentic and Daring

Quality pies anyway you slice it

A Penthouse Above “The Avenue”

Lucy Mitchell’s inspired hideaway

A City of Great Voices

New Orleans has been home to many stellar opera singers

Gestational Sloth


What Mt. Etna Gave the World

Because of the wind, our tour guide announced, we wouldn’t be able to take a cable car up Mount Etna. I was glad. As apprehensive as I was about this trek up the Sicilian volcano, Italy’s largest, I especiallywas especially not looking forward to dangling inside a basket built for four. Not that the bus […]

Art At the Abbey

Lyn Taylor’s vision

Aurora Nealand

On the clouds of Sidney Bechet

Stops for Pops

Father’s Day – things to do, places to go



Peter Fos

When the announcement was made last December that University of New Orleans had a new president, Dr. Peter Fos, it was like a big hurdle had been jumped. After 18 months without permanent leadership (though there was an acting chancellor/interim president), now the serious business of supporting and transforming the university could get started. With […]

All In the Game

Entrepreneur works to capitalize on play

Happening App

History surrounds us in New Orleans. For people who use smartphone apps, there’s a new tool that helps reveal some of the details that might be just around the corner. The app is called It Happened Here, and it was introduced this spring by the Washington, D.C.-based company Mobile Surroundings. The tool detects a user’s […]


• Dr. R. Adam Noel, associate professor of pediatrics at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, is a pediatric GI specialist who practices at Children’s Hospital and has been on a mission to warn parents of the danger of swallowing dangerous magnet beads that can be found in children’s toys. Dr. Noel began collecting cases […]

Unfinished Sentences

 “Forgiveness will be extremely difficult … as long as you all continue to lie.”         – Danziger Bridge survivor Lance Madison to convicted former New Orleans policemen Kenneth R. Bowen, Robert Gisevius, Robert Faulcon, Anthony Villavaso and Arthur “Archie” Kaufman, U.S. District Court, April 4, 2012.      n the morning of April 4, Lance […]

Fishing for Confidence

It isn’t unusual for Louisiana dishes to come with their own stories, maybe about who came up with the recipes or how they got their names. When those dishes call for seafood, however, some of the main ingredients can now tell stories of their own. That is because a new program called Gulf Seafood Trace […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot


What to Call the Hornets

When the city’s first NBA franchise was mercilessly yanked from here and sent to Utah, our bitterness was intensified by the decision that the relocated team would keep not only the New Orleans squad’s Mardi Gras-themed colors, but also the team’s name. Thus, in the greatest incongruity in the history of sports, a team domiciled […]


Memorializing Clay Shaw RE: “What To Do With The World Trade Center,” Speaking Out column. April 2012 issue. In response to your timely editorial “What To Do With The World Trade Center,” it would be the start of righting a terrible injustice to have the repurposed building (or park or plaza, if that’s its fate) […]

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