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My Toughest Case: Dr. James Campo

The man who lost all his teeth

My Toughest Case: Dr. Myrna Collado

Teaching Through the Fear

My Toughest Case: Dr. Jason Alvarez

Finishing what another dentist started

Top Dentists

Our annual drill: the latest list

Mythic Space

Congo Square occupies mythic space in New Orleans. In the mid-1700s, enslaved Africans gathered on Sundays at a field between outlying plantations and the rampart, or back wall, of the French town facing the Mississippi. Africans danced in large concentric circles to rhythms of percussive music transplanted from Senegambia, and other tribal cultures as time […]

Streetcar: The Goats of Canal Street

Their names are Artie and Miles and they live on Canal Street. Research is limited on this particular topic, but I have a hunch that of all the grand streets in the world, Canal Street is the only one that has a pair of pygmy goats among its residents. Both animals are colored with splashes […]


Gulf Shores—An Insider's Seaside Getaway Less than 3.5 hours away from New Orleans are some of the most dazzling white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. There is golf, nature trails, water sports and deep-sea fishing. Florida? No. It’s a bit of a local’s secret that all of this, and more, can be found in […]

Wrap It Up

The struggle of every day life can really get to a person. The stress of your job, bills you always have to pay, a spouse or significant other – the list of worries is endless. I don’t have a spouse, but I do have a nag that hangs around me always – my autoimmune disease. […]

Tropical Dreams

Summertime, and thoughts of sybaritic pleasures turn to tropical islands, replete with refreshing beverages constructed from exotic ingredients. But since those journeys are not available to all, nor can one head to the Caribbean with any frequency, how fortunate for us that we have such destinations within arm’s reach. The entire fabric of New Orleans […]

Creole Tomatoes and Sweet Basil

If you like fresh fruits and vegetables, June is your month. You name it, it’s in season. At our house, we’ve gone to containers for both flowers and vegetables so, needless to say, our vegetable-growing days are waning. But, at their peak right now are four tomato plants and two giant basil plants. Put these […]

Restaurant Insider: News from the Kitchen

Saba Chef Alon Shaya’s first restaurant under his Pomegranate Hospitality company, Saba, has opened in the space most recently occupied by Kenton’s. The menu at Saba will be familiar to anyone who dined at the chef’s former restaurant, Shaya, but look for a more casual brunch and a more family friendly atmosphere overall. Saba, 5757 […]

Table Talk: Gautreau's

One of the finest restaurants in New Orleans is also one of the most discrete. A spot-zoned jewel hidden in a residential neighborhood steps from Newman School, since 1983 Gautreau’s has spun out a roster of Food & Wine Magazine and James Beard-award winning chefs. Gautreau’s identity is closely associated with its proprietor Patrick Singley, […]

Top Female Achievers

Each year we profile a selection of extraordinary women from across our community that continue to make a difference. What is most difficult is not so much finding worthy contenders, but narrowing the list. As always, we feel enriched by those who have been selected and encouraged by knowing there are so many others to consider.

Off the Chain

New Orleans has long gone to the dogs. We celebrate our four-legged friends with parades, canine Carnival fashion shows, weenie dog races at the Fairgrounds and a very familiar blue canine can be seen in art and sculptures all over town. Here’s our top picks for doggone treats, snacks and to-go-cups that reward people and […]

Built from Scratch

Gina Khatib, originally from Fort Lauderdale, first lived in New Orleans while attending Loyola University. After graduation, she also taught in local schools before leaving to pursue her masters in early childhood education. Sammy Khatib, a native of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, relocated to Washington, D.C. for his medical residency.  After meeting in Washington, the couple […]

Pets on the Field

Our cover story this month is about pet friendly places. That brings to mind a certain type of pet that exists because of its uncanny human-like qualities, the mascot. In the early days of the Saints franchise there was actually a real St. Bernard dog on a leash that was in attendance at all the […]

Book Reviews

Buildings of New Orleans by Karen Kingsley and Lake Douglas University of Virginia Press “Building of New Orleans” is a unique, in-depth guidebook that encourages New Orleanians to be a tourist in their own hometown, and beyond. Written by Tulane University Professor Emerita Karen Kingsley and Lake Douglas, Associate Dean for Research and Development LSU’s […]

Chamber Pop…

Belle and Sebastian For more than 20 years the Glaswegian chamber pop ensemble Belle and Sebastian have been making enchanting music. Unfortunately for New Orleanians, their visits to our region have been limited. Fortunately, they are bucking that trend with a show at the Civic on the 11th. Belle and Sebastian are one of those […]

Dog Days

I’ve always defined myself as a dog person. For most of my life, I’ve had a dog. When a friend asked me, more than 15 years ago, what I’d do if I found myself at age 40 unmarried and childless, I sort of shrugged and said, “Get a dog?” And yet here I am, getting […]

Hog Wild

I am buckling my seatbelt on this airplane. I glance up, and I notice the passenger in the aisle seat two rows ahead is a pig. I ain’t trying to be mean. Everybody has a bad day once in a while. But this is an actual pig. I elbow my mother-in-law Ms. Larda and tilt […]

Highrise Hijinks

Anyone who knows me knows I have an unsettling familiarity with and unbridled enthusiasm for profanity. And lately, I have been letting it fly. I have been dropping G-bombs like there’s no tomorrow. Because, who knows: Maybe there won’t be. I drop the G word into random conversations with strangers. I’ve ruined more than one […]

Rhythm and Voice

African music left a lasting imprint on the New Orleans sound, and was certainly heard here in the past. In 1819, Benjamin Latrobe, architect of the United States Capitol and designer of New Orleans’ first waterworks, walked down St. Peter Street on his way to Bayou St. John and found dancers, “five or six hundred […]

Scott Cowen Speaks Out

Scott Cowen turned over Tulane University’s presidency to another four years ago, but he never gave up pondering problems facing leaders of higher education. He launched a second book recently entitled “Winnebagos on Wednesdays: How Visionary Leadership Can Transform Higher Education,” and he also writes articles about education leadership for a variety of publications. Recognized […]

Our Dwindling Coast

A sense of inevitability imbues the tensions between one of Louisiana’s largest industries and advocates for some of the state’s most precious resources. In the days when the oil and gas business was starting up, concerns over its impact on marshlands and waterways were not top of mind for most people. But over time, as […]

Sheba Turk

Many New Orleanians wouldn’t think of starting each day without a strong cup of coffee and the morning news with WWL-TV and Sheba Turk. Born and raised in New Orleans’ Seventh Ward, Turk forged a path from girl next door to successful career woman, empowering and mentoring others along the way. In her new autobiography […]

Lee Friedlander in Louisiana

Lee Friedlander has been visiting Louisiana longer than most of us have been alive. So while he isn’t native to this land, his perspective is certainly unique. Well known for a style of photography that includes reflections, obstructions and other elements that create visual puzzles, Lee Friedlander in Louisiana — exhibiting at NOMA through August […]


New Orleans Oyster Festival As summer’s stifling heat fast approaches, festival season is drawing to a close. But fear not, there are still a few good fest options in June, including the New Orleans Oyster Festival at Woldenberg Riverfront Park on June 2-3. Aside from great oysters for attendees to sample, there will be live […]

Julia Street with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia, On a recent visit to Audubon Park, I happened upon a curved cement bench near the sea lion pool. It dates from the 1930s and is dedicated “In memory of Harry Louis Falk, whose wholehearted devotion to Audubon Park brought beauty and leisure to many.” I have never heard of Mr. Falk and […]

A Mayor's Parting Words

During his final days in office, Mayor Mitch Landrieu met with several news organizations to discuss his tenure as mayor. Though the interviews covered a broad range of topics, Landrieu, in one interview in particular, as reported by Katherine Sayre for Nola.com/The Times-Picayune, made two statements that stood out to us; one because we strongly […]

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