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New Orleans Magazine March 2005

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Good Friday

Good Friday used to be a more solemn day in New Orleans, so solemn that the movie listings in the newspaper would announce that local theaters were closed for the day. But Good Friday has also had a split personality – a somber religious day, but also the first day of a spring holiday weekend. […]


It’s not just for the birds I once came home from a St. Patrick’s Day parade weighted down with vegetables, an occurrence that as far as I know is exclusive to New Orleans. Hurled from the floats into my waving arms were cabbages, bell peppers, carrots, potatoes and an onion or two. Instead of tossing […]

Purple Pros

A century ago, a new drugstore opened. It was just what the doctor ordered “The thing I hear the most about is the ice cream,” Sydney Besthoff III admits. n This month marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Katz & Besthoff Drugstore chain. Even after the stores were sold in 1997, the […]

Sizzling! Three Great Kitchens

KEVIN KELLY WHERE Central Business District GOAL Kevin Kelly says he wanted a kitchen that would have a feeling of warmth, such as in a plantation kitchen like the one at his Houmas House Plantation and Gardens in Darrow. When Kelly bought an 1832 home in the Central Business District of New Orleans, it was […]

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