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The Girliest Girl

Adventures in Overscheduling

Newman-Dailey sweetens a taste of Destin

The sugar-white sandy beaches of Destin, Fla., are always a desirable destination. The South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival (April 25-28), which features more than 800 wines, creates yet another reason to go. So, too, does the Newman-Dailey Properties with a 10-percent discount on any stay of four nights or more from April 13 […]

Grand Hotel’s Fresh Look for Spring

The Grand Hotel in Mobile, Ala., has been a treasured spot for 166 years. This year, the hotel is reopening its signature pool the first weekend in March. It is also revealing newly renovated dining rooms in which to enjoy the award-winning wine and cuisine. The experience of being able to enjoy a romantic weekend […]

A Tradition To Dye For

If you’re ever in Effie, La., on the day before Easter, head to the Red River. There, at Ben Routh state park, you’ll see people picnicking, barbecuing and wearing decorated bonnets. If you look closely you’ll also see an endangered tradition being preserved – it’s called egg knocking. Located in Avoyelles Parish, Effie is a dot […]

A Saturday Scoot

Frolicking through New Orleans on a Vespa

Treating Stings and Burns at the Beach

“One morning in Panama City I was riding a bicycle on hard sand, hit a rut and scraped my leg,” says Johnny Wayne Walker, superintendent for an oil rig near Lafitte, La. “Later that afternoon I was in the surf. All of a sudden my leg felt funny. I looked down, and a stingray was […]

Dropping a Line: A Guide to Fishing Along the Gulf Coast

Gulf ports offer great opportunities to get away for excellent saltwater fishing opportunities.

Highway 30-A

More than a Number, It’s a Lifestyle

Debbie Does Destin

Adventures Along Okaloosa Island

Coastal Gourmet

Dining and Drinking at the Edge of the Continent

Cocktail Recipe for the Month of March

If you lived anywhere else, what does March mean? Rain, still chilly, not much going on and planning a vacation for June. In New Orleans, March means festivals, parties, parades, cabbage, fava beans, beads, green beer and good ethnic food. March is that month when we honor two great countries and their saints – St. […]

Feast of St. Patty

Stirring it up in New Orleans for the Irish

Meats and Greets

I turn 44 this month; 44 isn’t old, but as I write this I’m recuperating from a back surgery necessitated by pain so bad I was bed-ridden for several weeks. Apparently I’ve reached the age that, when I complain about this sort of thing people respond with, “Yeah, getting old sucks, doesn’t it?” Well, yes, […]

Waiting for Pope John Paul II

When you publish magazines you read a lot of copy. Every so often I read one sentence that immediately launches my thoughts in another direction. That happened when I was editing the Best New Architecture story. One of the honored new buildings, I read, was at the site on the Xavier University campus where Pope […]

WiFi Weirdness

My mother-in-law, Ms. Larda, has reached that age where she gets compliments on having her own teeth. But being old ain’t slowed her down. She still runs her own business and minds everybody else’s. However, she got no use whatsoever for modern technology. She paid extra for a cell phone that don’t do nothing but […]

Upcoming Easter Events in New Orleans

Mark your calendar for this month’s Easter happenings.

Crescent City Farmers Market Founder Going National

All over the food world, people are getting back to basics and slowing things down, with a renewed appreciation for artisanal approaches and short farm-to-table supply chains. That was the model Richard McCarthy helped rekindle as co-founder of the Crescent City Farmers Market almost 20 years ago. Today, McCarthy is advocating for these same values […]

New Tests Ahead for New Orleans Schools

Reaching for new standards

Innovative Thinking On the Elements

The potential and perils of water have directed life in New Orleans from the city’s start. But now some of the city’s innovators are working to shape a new relationship with water, one aimed at better managing the flood threat and creating new economic opportunities along the way. “Adaptation is really our only choice. If […]

Health Beat

Kim Edward LeBlanc M.D., Ph.D, Professor and Head of Family Medicine, Director of Rural Education and Professor of Orthopaedics at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine, is one of 10 recipients of the 2012 Robert Raszkowski M.D., Ph.D., ACCME Hero Award, presented by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. […]

West Bank Wildlife Refuge Takes Shape

Venture to lower coast Algiers, where hardwood forests press against the West Bank of the Mississippi River, and it’s hard to believe you’re still within the city of New Orleans. Soon, however, a large swath of that area will begin to look more like an African savannah, with giraffes, exotic herd animals and rare birds […]

Q & A with John Patrick Shanley

Author of Moonstruck and Doubt appearing at this month’s Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival

The Marquee

Our Top Picks of the Month's Events in New Orleans

Julia Street with the Poydras Parrot

The Pursuit to Answer Eternal Questions

Let’s Make the Tricentennial About the Lakefront

Have you noticed? The year 2018 isn’t as far away as it used to be. We are only five years away from the city’s tricentennial, celebrating Jean-Baptiste LeMoyne, Sieur de Bienville designating a city at the big bend in the lower Mississippi River. We know that our town will try to host the Superbowl again. […]


THE RIGHT PLANE Re: Julia Street column, December 2012 issue. Question from John Magnon of Fairhope, Ala. We enjoy reading the answers to the many questions about forgotten people, places and events that Julia is able to answer, but we have a correction: the Delgado Flash was a monoplane, not a biplane. Rich Harrison Monroe […]

Summer Bridal Show – June 14, 5-8 PM